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  1. Hkb82

    Todays Ride..

    Been out for the past few days and even our roads are holding up. We ride most of the time during the week but just can't not get out for the first open trails. lots of riders out but that's to be expected. Good times. If ya see me stopped trail side feel free to stop.
  2. Hkb82

    Todays Ride..

    Had a blast out in the limited snow in district 9. Hats off to those who worked so hard over the holidays in the sauble area. Trails were better then expected.
  3. Hkb82

    First opening in D9

    Yup I will be out. Way to go everybody that made it happen. And thanks for getting them open before New Years. Let's hope for a good long season. Water should be freezing up with these cold temps. -27 this am. Wow
  4. Hkb82

    Try Our Trails

    I hunted almost all private land when o was in niagara. Never did a farmer want my help or anything in return other then his property be treated with respect. i would always pop tims cards in his mail box and he was always very appreciative. Never really thought about the liability issue but I bet that's why he never wanted help. He did always joke about the meat though and unfortunately I was never able to give him any.
  5. Hkb82

    Try Our Trails

    UuI also agree that tax break would be nice but I wouldn't think that will ever happen. i think it's up to the guys riding the trails to change things. Waiting for ofsc or the government to step in will be to late. Maybe drop a tims card in the mailbox of a farmer that allows ofsc to use his property. (Thanks for letting us use your land to ride) Stop by during his or hers busy season and lend a hand. Or at the least offer. I think even just taking a min if you see them and stopping to say thanks would go along way. Hunters have been doing this for years. Helping out those that let them hunt on their land. Most farmers I don't think will take the help but sure would make them feel like we were thankful for what they do. If I was hunting on somebody property (with permission) and filled my tag you can bet I would throw some meat the farmers way. I am going now to buy some tims cards lol. The world is all rainbows and butterflies in district 9
  6. Hkb82

    Try Our Trails

    Well as for the topic I am glad to see the free weekend changed from the long weekend to earlier in the season. Maybe it will increase permit sales. Not likely. As for the land tax credits I think that would be a step in the right direction. Or at the least free trail passes. I have talked with a few land owners around me that give a lot of access to ofsc and they get nothing in return for letting us use their property. With that being said they also didnt seem to expect it either. Non bitched about taxes or anything like that. Kissing a little butt goes along way some times though lol. They really just want the small group of riders that do as they please and go where they want to go to stop and at the very least to clean up after yourself. I think the times and generations changing has something to do with loosing trails also. People are just not as they were 10-20 years ago. into the community and helping out each other. It's pretty sad but that seems to be the way I see it. People are out for themselves these days. Kinda like holding the door for someone. It was once a thing people just did out of respect for one another. Now better be ready to open it yourself or you will end up walking into it.
  7. Hkb82

    It Didn't Take Long

    I think when most people put on a float suit it actually squeezes the brain out of their head. I love fishing and snowmobiling like most on this site but wow. It always suprises me how dumb so many people are. Wanting to be the first across a lake or fish a fished out spot like cooks bay. Holy crap. People think about it. I sure won't be the first tracks to cross a lake or first to drill a hole. However I will be posting on the OC next year.
  8. Hkb82

    Warm Weekend Feb 18-20

    Yup same with us over on the Bruce. Poop and mud. With no sign of freezing temps in the days to come I think winter is over around the southern parts. Hope the north can hold on for a couple more weeks so I can get one last rip.
  9. Hkb82

    Warm Weekend Feb 18-20

    I think that is a way better idea to draw new people into the sport.
  10. Hkb82

    Warm Weekend Feb 18-20

    We should be flooding ofsc with emails and complaints. Maybe they will listen and change dates or?????? Maybe not
  11. Hkb82

    Warm Weekend Feb 18-20

    Wow clubs have still not closed these trails I was mentioning. This is just crazy. Those same trails needed to be near green before they opened them for the regular pass holders (about two weeks ago) but now they keep open. Makes zero sense to me. I actually saw a guy today roosting rocks down the side of the road today on my way to town. Best part and how you can tell he was an ahole was he had a buddy behind him. Some people are just brain dead.
  12. Hkb82

    Am I "Part of the Problem"

    Agree the warm temps and high traffic is the cause. big lug or small wouldn't make much of a difference in this weather both will chew it up. Although in general I think the bigger lugs do tear more up with the wrong person on the throttle. I think you could ride a big lug track without destroying the corners and trails but at the end of the day most just giver hell. It's all up to the rider.
  13. Hkb82

    Am I "Part of the Problem"

    Just put that pic in being a smart ass I would never want to see those things on the trails. I do like to get out on the atv in the spring and fall and for hunting is a must. Would never put anything on an ofsc other then a sled. I can see the bikes being super fun in the powder but can't see any advantage over a sled for trail riding. I am sure they will use them on the ofsc trails though to get to crown and places they can find fresh powder.
  14. Hkb82

    Am I "Part of the Problem"

    They could