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Sledding today?

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  1. Wow...if this is any indication of their plans for next year, that sucks as Grandview is where we stay for our one weekend a year in Huntsville for the last 10 years. And this is because a family member is an owner there. That will mean unless the ice is good, we will have to trailer going forward.
  2. We are heading to Huntsville area this weekend, and unfortunately I wouldn't be surprised if most of the trails in that area are closed by Sun morning. I really hope I'm wrong.
  3. Yes, its very discouraging looking at grass multiple days now, with no end in sight. On a positive note, my inlaws live up in Sault Ste Marie, and they have record amounts of snow to the point where the snowblower is maxed out because of the height of the snowbanks.
  4. I'm assuming enclosed are a little harder (less wind resistant) to pull versus open trailers?
  5. I've resewn my OEM Skidoo Cover twice already and after a 6-1/2 hr trip to the Soo for Christmas the cover looks like swiss cheese. I'm done fixing it. It looks like Amazon has non-OEM covers for less than half the price of OEM covers. Some even show they have 3 year warranties (although tough to say how well they are honoured) I'm pretty sure that will be my next move at this point....next thing to switching to an enclosed trailer.
  6. Looks good, thanks for the update Sno.
  7. Please update on trail conditions after would be appreciated. Heading up that way from London for fam day weekend. Thanks.
  8. Im from London and Up visiting my inlaws, brought my sled, id like to go for 1 ride while im up here. Just not too fond of venturing out on my own, anyone going out for a ride today that i could tag along with or maybe contact if i get into trouble? Thanks, Rob
  9. Side question? Would anyone know way 78 & 79 are red/closed? Im heading up to Huntsville this weekend and those were great trails to avoid busy/bumpy d102b.
  10. Hey Dan a few of us are coming up from London, is the loop from Soo to Searchmont and around decent riding? Im wondering why the trails still show yellow? Thanks