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  1. I will second that. I bought a used sled with jb weld on the exchangers and I rode it for 2 years before I traded it. It didn't leak a drop.
  2. St Mary's trails are closed again. Mother nature is not cooperating. I think this will be it for the season. It's supposed to be warm all next week.
  3. It's a tough go in the south for sure but I keep hoping that the weather trend will change. 2015 wasn't too bad. We would have been still good here if it wasn't for a day and half of crap. We had so much snow here in the Strathroy area that I never would have thought that we would lose all of it. It's still early in the season.
  4. A friend of mine has 22000k on a 500ss that he bought new. He's never opened up the engine. He is afraid to put pistons in it now. 2strokes can last. Luck helps too.
  5. Those horse stall mats are tough but they are HEAVY. I put those clamp tracks from princes auto down 2 feet in from each side and added 3/8 plywood to make it flat again. I found an old Bedliner in the ditch on the 401 and cut it up for runners on the ramps and used a 2 foot wide strip of rubber mat in the middle of the ramps.I made my own "superclamps".I might have 30$ in the 3 clamps I made with 1" square pipe.
  6. This is great news. The town of Powassan has taken a huge hit business wise since the hwy was opened up. As far as the 50 ft drop, I'm sure the trail will be groomed in such a way that you would have to be a complete idiot to go down the hill. There are lots of areas with similar situations. This area NEEDS this trail. There used to be a north/ South trail farther to the west out of Restoule and South. But it has been closed for years. The other north South trail has a lot of road running just north of Eagle lake.
  7. I hope you find them before the cops do.
  8. You have some very good points but I believe that the major problem is not off trail powder riding like I think you are referring to. I believe it's blasting across a field and not staying on the trail. It's simply a lack of respect and appreciation of the land owners that were kind enough to let us have a trail across their land. This new segment of riders with off trail capabilities are not necessarily the guys who are causing the problems. Any trail sled can go across a field. It's the all about me self entitled attitude that is the real problem.
  9. This freeloader weekend is going to cost the OFSC one classic permit this year. For the past two years I have bought a permit for my old 99 Polaris and have only used it on the family day weekend. Next year I will just get a free one. My kids can ride it around in the fields the other weekends next year.
  10. Went through there on Friday. They are all passable and it has been colder so I would bet that it has gotten a lot better. There were also long stretches of pristine trails too. Like grover said new riders might be challenged. Our group didn't have any problems and looked at it as part of early season riding.
  11. Why do these a-hos need to do this?They have no respect for anyone including themselves. I have problems at my cottage with trespassers too at my place in Restoule.They see our tracks and go right through my yard and squeeze by my truck as a short cut to the gas station. If I block off where we come off the lake with a dock barrel they will just kick it out of the way. You can't fix stupid I guess.
  12. I wasn't sure about the relationship. It's great that the two can work together.
  13. Trails are pretty low on snow and have lots of washouts. The clubs are doing their best but there isn't a lot to work with. The Restoule groomer was broken down on d102c yesterday East of Restoule. They need snow and cold. DON'T STOP ON THE LAKES! c105d south of Loring was a pretty tough go yesterday. A couple open Creek and swamp areas. There seemed to be more snow towards Sundridge yesterday. All the lake trails are staked but stay on the stake line. There is 2 inches of ice then 2 inches of water then 4 inches of ice under it in front of my cottage on Lake Commanda.
  14. I don't know if this is exactly the case with these particular trails but in that area and many others the trail base has been destroyed by the atv's using the same trails during the off season. Maybe there needs to be a way to get the atv clubs to establish their own trail system to preserve the established snowmobiling trail system.
  15. I just hope that they can make a reliable US built 800. Polaris hasn't been too successful. The Suzuki 800 was/is a good engine.
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