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  1. monte1214

    2020 Yamahas

    Pickering Motorsports
  2. monte1214

    2020 Yamahas

    Was at my Cat Dealer yesterday, and their price on a leftover '19 T-Cat with iAct was virtually the same as Spring Checking a '20 identical sled after all the incentives. Now....why buy a '19 when you can buy a '20 unless there's an insurance difference.
  3. monte1214

    Is the RAP Tour Almost Dead?

    Everyone has done it. Lotsa new "Loops" & "Tours" to do with Green all over the province.
  4. monte1214

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    If Cat is coming out with an 880 2 stroke with 185hp named the "Riot", then you can surely bet that Yammy will also have an 880 2 stroke with 185hp and they'll probably have a snakes name on it Same as iAct on the '19 Cats....Yammy has iQs.
  5. Is it doable in a Day? ITG says ~400kms. Just wondering what the trails like?
  6. monte1214


    My buddy and I use the SENA 20s and yeah, we've had some issues, but overall they're not bad. Whoever is leading warns of other sleds and/or groomers coming, and they're really good at announcing needed pee stops. Ha!! Battery is usually good for the day. (300kms - 9am-5pm) and Range varies. Long power lines/railbeds/open trails = good reception. Tight, Twisty, Hilly trails = hit & miss Reception.
  7. monte1214

    Port Perry Trail 109/107

    Hmmm...that Trail has been showing CLOSED on the ITG. Why were you on it?
  8. monte1214

    North Bay Staging area

  9. monte1214

    Chateau Guay or Moonlight which is Better

    The Trail out of those hotels is the worst trail I've ever been on in Ontario. Apparently they can't get a groomer down there.
  10. monte1214

    Are We Getting An App ?

    $3.99 a year for what we're getting....I'll pay it no problem. One thing they should do, is link it to your Permit and give you a Password so you can only get the App if you have a Pass. One time use only. Same guys that bitch about the $3.99 are the same guys paying $10 for Monster Stickers at the TO Show where they paid $15 to get in.....
  11. monte1214

    When will it happen?

    You drove the road and saw the rail line, or rode your sled from Kinmount to Hali?
  12. monte1214

    When will it happen?

    I think Grizzly Griff is headed to Le Cabanon this weekend??
  13. monte1214

    100 kms of trail open near St Zenon PQ

    Be sure to provide updates!! We're looking at going that way the 1st week of January.
  14. monte1214

    Tall Pines Snowmobile Club

    Imagine if everyone that was at the TO Powersports show took 1-2 days a year to volunteer??? I realize some people "can't" help for various reasona, but there's a large amount of people who "won't" help, and come time to ride, they bitch and complain about the trails.
  15. monte1214

    Cat dealer closing

    Birchpoint, Cedar Springs and the CAT Dealer in Bancroft all have closed/lost their CAT dealerships too.