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  1. Bergstom ski savers

    I just switched my shitty Tuner skis over to Cat skis and added a shim plus the Bergstroms. Night and Day difference. You can actually steer the Winder now!!!
  2. Haliburton to Gravenhurst - How Long?

    Thanks everyone. We've actually changed up our plans a bit, and won't be going that far.
  3. ITG says that it's about 130kms from the West side of Hali into Gravenhurst. I figured a couple hours at a "decent trail" speed. A local boy from Hali says it's 5+ hrs!?!? Can anyone on here confirm timeframes for this ride? Trail type - Twisty, open fields, etc?
  4. rice lake oval races kawartha conditions

    Trails were updated today on the ITG. Pretty sure it's not just Tues/Thurs anymore since the ITG has been implemented. Districts can update any day/time, and most do when there's trails opening/closing. Correct if me if I'm wrong, but I believe Tues & Thursday are the "mandatory" updates
  5. What to do ??

    $1500 isn't much of price difference in the two sleds. If no engine changes, I'd haggle for the '17 and add some Accessories. Accessories are always pricey.
  6. Abitibi Canyon

    Every sled has their good and bad.....Ha!
  7. Abitibi Canyon

    Which is why I commented.....that Doo wasn’t going 180. Just saying.
  8. Abitibi Canyon

    Back on track with the thread......best place to test the speed Barberch will be on the West side of the canyon next week. There'll be no bumps and no turns to worry about.....so I'll be golden! Ha!!
  9. End already ?

    Just my opinion here...but that's the part of the sport....trailering to different parts of the province, seeing different trails and supporting those areas. That's what it's all about. Anyone South of Haliburton should know that a trailer and travel is mandatory to truly enjoy it. Trails in the South will be a thing of the past soon. With people trespassing, riding closed trails and the weather...we're doomed down here.
  10. Abitibi Canyon

    Ya gotta love the effort Doo is putting into their Speedos....telling customers they're doing 110mph. I always wonder how fast those Doos are going when I pass them on my Sidewinder.....Ha!!
  11. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    I wouldn't be riding that trail out of the Moonlight if it was RED. When it's Green it's rough.
  12. Abitibi Canyon

    We're headed up next week, and we were also there last March. Staged out of Cochrane for 3 days of loops. (~1200kms) - Day 1 - Drive up and didn't hit the snow until around 2pm, but there was lots of "exploring" to do around Cochrane. Did the Greenwater Lookout - Day 2 - Cochrane to SRF for breakfast and fuel top up, then up the Canyon. Fill up and down the East side. - Day 3 - Cochrane to IF, then over to Timmins and their loops, then up the C to the L103 back to Cochrane. - Day 4 - Cochrane to Kap via club trails and of course the stop at Moonbeam! - Day 5 - Drive home. On the trail by 9am and back to the room by dark all 3 days. Easy to do!
  13. Saddle Bag Tour

    Oh....you'll be back. Once you ride those Northern Trails, you're hooked.
  14. Saddle Bag Tour

    300-400km days up there is nothing.
  15. sled at the dealer.

    I thought your Dealer had a spot reserved especially for that Doo of yours, you're there so much........