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  1. I was out yesterday and trail were good, lots of traffic and it is going to be a busy weekend!
  2. Hi Shawn! Hopefully some day! Are you sledding down east? Take care KC
  3. Please check the OFSC interactive trail guide as some of our trails have opened limited! We received about 8 inches of snow last night, groomer is out on the trails. Groomer is now located in its new shed thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and towns of Deep River and Laurentian Hills for their help in making this possible. Also the Deep River Park & Ride is now about 50% larger than last season!
  4. Shed is now 90% completed, just a little bit of electrical work to finish! Our dedicated volunteers have done an amazing job with this project. Here's the shed light up at night!
  5. Our dedicated volunteers have been busy & are very close in completing our groomer shed relocation! Here's a couple more pictures of their progress, hoping to have electrical completed this weekend, then just to finish up on the doors & install the garage door opener!
  6. Thanks to another NRSA off season project the OFSC Tops A re-route at Moor Lake Station using the abandoned railbed to Moor Lake hydro corridor is almost complete, just have to complete signage!
  7. The groomer & drag is parked in both winter & summer. Yes, we do repairs in there but in the winter the groomer is taken to a volunteer's heated garage overnight about 1 once every 2nd week for greasing & melting of the unit. We do have a large heater that we use when working on the groomer at the groomer shed, it seems to work good for our club. We have a sea container that is set up as a work shop and have a heater for it as well.
  8. A BIG THANK YOU to the town of Deep River (providing the location) and the town of Laurentian Hills for all their support and work in making the relocation of our groomer shed and expansion of the park & ride possible! We are so lucky to have 2 towns working for the better of snowmobiling and toursim! With base materials for the groomer shed donated & delivered by the Town of Laurentian Hill, leveling and packing, clearing of the lot completed by the Town of Deep River the groomer shed is was raised by NRSA volunteers. Below are some pictures of the activities!
  9. After almost 2500 hours of grooming over the past four winters the old tracks were starting to wear and we had an opportunity to upgrade. We will be keeping the old set for emergency backup.
  10. What better way to start the Thanksgiving weekend. The NRSA volunteer groomer team had a busy few days performing maintenance and replacing the tracks on the Prinoth Husky. Thanks for ensuring that the groomer will be ready when the snow flies.
  11. KCC


    Yes the bridge does cross part of the Ottawa River from the hydro dam near Rolphton. Years ago there was talk that the quebec club was going to put rubber on it but for some reason it did not happen. The bridge is owned by the federal government and I was lead to believe the bridge is in quebec.
  12. The NRSA would like to thank the Town of Deep River for their assistance with expanding the park and ride located in the town and providing us with a location to move our new groomer shed, Steve Everitt (Owner/operator of Everitt's Service Centre) for providing assistance with the electrical service for the shed etc., the Town of Laurentian Hills for providing gravel and base materials for the shed and the NRSA volunteers who assisted with planning this project and will be completing the shed construction in time to start the next snowmobiling season. Getting this project finished in such a timely fashion truly shows how various groups can work together for the betterment of the community, business's and sport of snowmobiling. Stay tuned for more photos as this project moves closer to completion in the near future. Below is the expanded Deep River park and ride area in the foreground with the new NRSA groomer shed location in the back. — at Town of Deep River, Ontario. Below is the entrance to the new NRSA groomer shed (left) with the entrance to the expanded Deep River park and ride/Bear's Den trail (splitting to the right). — in Town of Deep River, Ontario.
  13. And so it begins. Today the NRSA had awesome weather, scenery and of course a great turnout for the first club trail day in preparation of the 2019 season. Some trail brushing, a few obstacles cleared and upgraded but most of all plenty of good times. Thanks for all the help to today's volunteers.
  14. Another season has come to an end. As of March 29, 2018 the NRSA trails will be listed as closed for the season. Thanks to our landowners, permit buyers, visitors and mostly our hard working volunteers. Is it too early to start the countdown to 2019?