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  1. Stopping Place is almost ready for the season, only needs some firewood, bench & MORE SNOW!
  2. Volunteers have been busy getting trails ready for the upcoming season. Lots of rain this past summer caused 3 beaver dams to break over the summer but the good news is that the trail repairs have been completed! Volunteers were busy in October completing maintenance to the groomer & drag, it's ready for the upcoming season!
  3. Snowmobile Show

    Doug & I will be working the district 6 booth on Friday and throughout the weekend. So may see a few of you there!
  4. Hi Shawn, Glad to see you out on the trails using your horse power and not your ATV! Looks like you had fun! Selfie tour may return next winter! Bye for now KC
  5. Cochrane Snowmobile Museum visit ...

    Denis, Thank you for the info!
  6. Cochrane Snowmobile Museum visit ...

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, we are planning on heading up next week to see the Bear Habitat & Heritage Site and Snowmobile Museum.
  7. Chalk River Hotels.

    Bear's Den is a great spot to stay, restaurant is good and they are very supportive to our snowmobile club. We go there quite often for supper.
  8. NRSA Trails are now CLOSED for the season! The NRSA executive would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated volunteers for their hard work to ensure we had awesome trails to ride! Thanks to our landowners without you, we would not have a great trail system! Lastly, we would like to thank our permit buyers and supporters for your continuing support!
  9. All I know since I moved here 9 years ago is that there is some crown land around here, but not sure the reason.
  10. Not much we can do about the car, as it is crown land. He maybe out walking his dog or he could be working in the bush marking trees for future work. It seem only to be there some days during the work week. But soon the car will get struck coming in the bronson road and it will cost him big bucks to get it out!
  11. I saw the impala around 4:30pm this afternoon, I believe they are coming in the Bronson road then down to 131/132 function. I got the plate number and I put up some caution tape as well. No one was around the car, but noticed footprints human & dog. Shawn was the car gone when you were out for your ripe? Hope that Brenda & your baby got home safe! Bye for now KC
  12. There is about 8 trailers in the Deep River staging area this morning, just got back from town. I was out yesterday and trails were in great shape, I'm heading out with a friend on the trails shortly.
  13. PLEASE USE CAUTION ON A-TRAIL about 9 km west of Deep River & about 13 km east of Rolphton. Logging operations have began for 1.5 km, there is snow on the trail but watch out for parked & moving trucks. Below is the map showing the area affected. Logging has not began on trail 131 yet, but will be in the near future. Snow is still on the trail, as the logging company has not plowed the trail, but will be using it as well as us sledders! Will give you more updates, if and when they need to plow the trails. The map below shows the area affected, signage has been installed. Loggers are now active in both sites but their impact on the trail is minimal to date. They will be using the 131 and the A trail to access their cuts so exercise caution and be prepared to share the trail with pick up trucks in those areas.
  14. I heard tonight that they may not plow the a-trail for now, they may just drive their half tons trucks down to where they are going to cut. You may be right about just going down the 131 for that 1 km, I should have more info tomorrow. Sure was great to get out on sled ride with both of you.