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  1. Trails were in good shape, I rode the 131, 132, 134, 136 & 137, MLSC 193 and A-trail. We did get a little snow last night & today, which helped.
  2. Trails are in great shape, lots of snow and about 5 cm of fresh snow last night!
  3. KCC

    around petawawa feb 16-17 2019

    We tend to only promote businesses that support snowmobiling, but I just have never had any luck in trying to get the with Burger King & Subway on board. The route into the pines motel is about 0.8 kms of trail (narrow bridge) and then about 1km of road. There has been complaints from the neighbor in that area of sleds speeding, so please go slow, as the trail is on private land we don't want access pulled to both the Deep River Motel & Pines Motel. Here is a snap shot of the route to the pines, deep river motel is first road on the right. Glad to hear you had a great time of the trails on our area!
  4. KCC

    around petawawa feb 16-17 2019

    Glad to see you having a great time!
  5. KCC


    This season I have seem a lot of sledders blocking most of the trail when they are stopping on the trails! Instead of one behind the other. Anyone else notice this?
  6. Great turn out and time was had at the poker run! THANK YOU to all how participated! I was out today and trails are still in great shape & more snow coming on Tuesday!
  7. Today's the day of the Deep River Poker Run, trails were checked late yesterday for any large branches and downed trees, hopefully nothing big came down last night. But volunteers will be out today. Poker run signs are out on the trail, plus maps of the route are available at registration. Registration starts at 9:30 am at the Bear's Den (trail access 135) - $20 per hand, checkpoints out on the trails and should be lots of fun today! Hope to see you there! KC
  8. KCC

    NRSA - Snowmobile Poker Run

    We were out yesterday afternoon and trails were not icy, but the wind was up. Late afternoon/early evening volunteers were out checking trails, removing branches and a few downed trees. So hopefully not much came down over night. So please be careful just in case there are some branches etc on the trail. Groomer was out last night putting the finally touches on the trails as well.
  9. Despite the short spike in temperatures, North Renfrew Snowmobile Association Volunteers are hard at work preparing for next weekend's Deep River Poker run because the weekend forecast looks great! The route is approximately 108 kms. Scenic trails in mint condition make for a great ride to support our great club! Look forward to seeing you there! Registration is Saturday Feb 9 starting at 9:30 am at the Bear's Den (trail 135 access). As Checkpoint # 3 during the upcoming poker run on Saturday Feb 9 the NRSA Stopping place is sure to be a busy location. Of course Dougie and his crew will be serving up his famous dogs.
  10. Hope you can join us for our 2nd Annual NRSA Snowmobile Poker Run, our event is part of the Deep River Winter Carnival Weekend! Registration: Bear's Den - 33177 Hwy 17 Deep River from 9:30 till noon. Return to the Bear's Den by 4:30 pm and draw your poker hand ($20 per poker hand). Checkpoints on the trail which one will included Dougie's Dog and lots of family fun! Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd cash prizes and lots of goodies for door prizes. Contact Karen 613-586-1951 or karencrain@sympatico.ca for more details. Check out of our facebook page or www.nrsa.ca for more info as well!
  11. I was out yesterday and trail were good, lots of traffic and it is going to be a busy weekend!
  12. Hi Shawn! Hopefully some day! Are you sledding down east? Take care KC
  13. Please check the OFSC interactive trail guide as some of our trails have opened limited! We received about 8 inches of snow last night, groomer is out on the trails. Groomer is now located in its new shed thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and towns of Deep River and Laurentian Hills for their help in making this possible. Also the Deep River Park & Ride is now about 50% larger than last season!
  14. Shed is now 90% completed, just a little bit of electrical work to finish! Our dedicated volunteers have done an amazing job with this project. Here's the shed light up at night!