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  1. Passed 3rd reading. Requires Royal Assent before it can become law.
  2. Calling for + temps with chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday. Lets hope not. It's thin enough already. Calling for a decent amount of snow next week though.
  3. Needed more than 15 cm's in Gravenhurst in areas where we were down to bare rock and grass. Looks like a nice forcast during next week though. Fingers crossed!
  4. Something has changed. We are in February and still trying to get more of the system open. As I understand, generally when start up begins and trails start going available or Ltd availability, the ITG is updated frequently. Once trails are available, things settle down, and the ITG is updated for the most part twice per week when things are running normal - - - - as hoped. OF course, if trail conditions / weather go for a slide, you may see frequent updates that show trail status changing. Remember - - - - it is just a guide.
  5. In some areas you have QEII Parklands, Conservation areas, Torrance & Kashe Barrens, Provincially designated wetlands, etc, where it doesn't matter how much money you have, you will not get permission, to infill a water crossing. If some are thinking bridges, it is possible with a lot of red tape to cut through. However, 20K does not build much of a bridge crossing if it is engineered and designed to hold a Industrial Groomer. 20K = approx. 10ft X 20Ft engineered steel bridge.
  6. Some more Snowcrest trails checked out this morning and are now LTD on the Interactive guide.
  7. My comment was for awareness. NOT pleading to the OFSC.
  8. It appears The District Standardization Policy and Procedures to Standardize District operations, being developed are for NON Incorporated Clubs (check it out). It was mentioned at OFSC that the preference is that Clubs remove their Incorporation. How many clubs are willing to give up their Incorporation? Time was spent at AGM 2015 about the benefits of not being Incorporated as a "Club", but NO TIME was spent presenting the negatives / concerns. SO, where is the HELP from OFSC Barrie for Clubs that wish to stay incorporated? A one way street is being paved with no options.
  9. The BOG can NOT change the MOTS that was "passed in principle ONLY" "as presented" at OFSC AGM 2015. This is why we wanted the motion OFSC / BOG was presenting at AGM ammended, to say that MOTS had to come back to AGM 2016 for the club delegates to vote on. IF we had NOT put in the ammendment, then YES the BOG could have approved any changes.
  10. EVERYONE! Remember this EVERY time you read or post! MOTS was "passed in principle ONLY" "as presented" at OFSC AGM 2015. I have already heard that there have been changes to what we (the voting delegates with the voting authority) passed at OFSC AGM 2015. Keep a copy of the original MOTS documents with you as a reference. If history repeats, it will not matter WHAT we passed. Somehow what we pass at times gets changed mid stream without OUR (voting delegates) authority. We have all seen examples of this over the last few years. We are continuously reminded WE (voting delegates) make the decisions, so lets make sure this is the case!
  11. More on the Snow was "passed in principle" ONLY at OFSC AGM 2015. It has to come back to the floor at OFSC AGM 2016 to be voted on. However it seems that some powers that be, are taking for granted that it will pass, and plowing ahead anyways. I don't think they were given the authority to make that decision. It should be the decision of the delegates at AGM 2016. If you have other ideas, now is the time to start preparing and sharing.
  12. Saturday January 30th, 2016 Walkers Point Community Centre—Walker’s Point Rd. $8.00 per person (all you can eat) Pancakes, Sausages, Hot and Cold Beverages. 10 am. to 1 pm. This is a VERY important fundraising social for Snowcrest Riders. Our volunteers are trying really hard to get C101D and trail 12 that leads to the Community Ctr, open for next weekend. In the event that we can't, we hope to have a great turn out of support by those who will arrive by car. Stay tuned, because it is looking promising at this point to have these trails at least limited if mother nature helps next week.
  13. Wait to groom? What? More on the Snow does not cover float charges to get another groomer to the area.
  14. Snowcrest trails in the Sparrow Lk area will not be available for awhile yet. Definately not this weekend. Sorry.
  15. Orillia has been packing the west side of their trail system. Old rail beds. Anything with water (swamps etc) will likely be an issue.