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E208 Question

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@Bigfish Not sure if you can answer this but you seem to be aware of things in Northumberland County. Last winter E208 was closed easting of Hastings even though snow conditions west of Hastings on the railbed were fine. I never did hear what the reason for the closure was. I see it is red tonight, is that due to snow levels or to keep riders out of the health unit? Trail is yellow west of the swing bridge.

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E208 was closed last year by EOTA, as they claimed a number of small bridges between Hastings and Campbellford were unsafe.


Those bridges were replaced and the multiuse trail was reopened.

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Thanks, I had heard a bridge issue, but wasn't sure. I see on the ITG that it has gone yellow thru Campbellford. It's probably been 15 years since we've ridden thru there (I have ridden as far east at the Campbellford Crappy Tire in recent winters. I just remember getting across the river & canal (behind Drummond GM?) isn't the easiest. Also I can't imagine the road running to get back on the railbed...

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