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Logging Operation - TOPS A-TRAIL

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PLEASE USE CAUTION ON A-TRAIL about 9 km west of Deep River & about 13 km east of Rolphton. Logging operations have began for 1.5 km, there is snow on the trail but watch out for parked & moving trucks. Below is the map showing the area affected. Logging has not began on trail 131 yet, but will be in the near future. Snow is still on the trail, as the logging company has not plowed the trail, but will be using it as well as us sledders! Will give you more updates, if and when they need to plow the trails.  The map below shows the area affected, signage has been installed. 


Loggers are now active in both sites but their impact on the trail is minimal to date. They will be using the 131 and the A trail to access their cuts so exercise caution and be prepared to share the trail with pick up trucks in those areas.


NRSA - Logging Use.jpg

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