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    Wasn't open for food or gas this year. Guess that's done. Too bad.

    Tekvest or variants

    I bought one this year and it turned out I needed it. Bad karma. Anyway, get the arm guards too. I only wish I wore more armor. When I first put it on it was a bit bulky but I never noticed it once while riding and it helped support my back too.

    2020 Sneak Peak tour cancelled...

    Wait until they announce they are closing all remaining trails for the rest of the season...

    Another Bancroft Area Fatality

    Dint think I've ever seen anyone riding it, only crossing under the bridge or over to the sword. Not easy to get onto anywhere in town.

    Your last ride this April

    Nice job Blake. I need your number. Thought about going up there to poke around, I knew there was still some trail left. Usually its Quebec for some last miles at this time of year but I've rode those trails east of NB too the odd year. I wrapped it up on the 14th, trails were still perfect in certain places.

    Cochrane Update..


    Cochrane Update..

    I'm in my way up now.

    Trail Signage KM marking?

    I seem to be one of the few who feel this way but yes, I would gladly pay significantly more for a permit to support a better system. I pay it in fuel anyway, travelling to Quebec to get consistently groomed trails. I am not part of a snowmobile club, I know I should be, but I ride where conditions are best from week to week and have lost interest in my local trails. I also resent the entitlement club members project. Thank you for your hard work, I know without it we'd have nothing. Whether we participate in the club or not, we all contribute, at least financially, and I'd rather pay and ride every moment I can. Right now we get exactly what we pay for. I spend more on everything else in any given weekend. Have you bought a ski pass lately and seen what they provide in return? It's a business that figured out what is required to provide the system they advertise and charge appropriately. But it's also owned privately. Thanks for the process clarification on the signage, it sounds like a real challenge, lots of bureaucracy, and excuses. A volunteer system just can't be accountable enough and without compensation someones best effort is all that can be expected. All I want is groomed trails, every day it is possible. I would pay for that.

    Trail Signage KM marking?

    The ITG. It's been in place for several years, we all use it to determine mileage amongst other things. Failing that, and where trails haven't changed, there is a long history of trail maps with distances indicated between markers. Many of these distance signs are at major intersections where a marker once was on a map. If you are going to put in the work to go out and post it wouldn't ask yourself if the sign was complete and if not find a way to get the required information? I'm not saying it's easy in all cases, but when its done correctly and completely it's a big help. Why was distance not addressed in the standard since it is often indicated?
  10. DOOBEE

    Trail Signage KM marking?

    Another poorly managed aspect of the OFSC. Having a trail system is a great privilege but running it as a volunteer network provides a lot of excuses for things not done or not done right. An incorrect sign is worse than none at all. I don't buy the retired folk can't figure it out story. If they used their own tools they could map it on their ITG like every other user of the system does. I call it negligence. Is there a trail signage standard for all clubs to follow? Do the clubs get audited?
  11. Love the helmet toss.
  12. DOOBEE

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    I think so. He said the sign there shows 55k to Foleyet. I told him there would be a pack of blizzards coming that way. I figured Chapleau was your night stop given the time he saw you. Last time I stayed there you could ride to Missanabie.
  13. DOOBEE

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    My brother and cousin saw you guys late this afternoon 55k outside Folyet. Think they were stopped taking a break. 503kms Wawa to Timmins.
  14. DOOBEE

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    Just the usual snowmobiling adventure. Pat was a big help getting me a room and finding a ride. Dville is a tough location to get out of right away.
  15. DOOBEE

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    Well I didn't make it to Dubreuilville yesterday. Blew my 1200 about 15kms north of town, spent the night at the Magpie, got a ride with my sled back to Timmins at 7am this morning, and just got home now. Trails were spectacular whole I was out. Looked great from the highway today.