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  1. hey my buddy has got a long weekend starting tonight. where would one go for some decent riding ( hate running bare roads) with this warm weather etc. is barrys bay a good spot to rack some mileage on. or does he go to liskeard and run from there. north bay out of the question im sure it will be packed enough.........thanks for any info
  2. there is a spare belt on the 10th concession if u need to ride my friend, cheers
  3. looks familiar.........10th concession .....
  4. agree, he's been doping lots this year
  5. hey eric hows things up that way right now, plan to ride lukcnow up tomorrow, maybe kincardine port elgin way
  6. any worries about overheating or is there some fresh ontop? hoping to ride from lucknow tomorrow
  7. where do I launch Friday? hows listowel etc...….what about walkerton/owen sound
  8. if you want to save a bit of cash go up to smooth rock, fill and then only 70k to base camp. or go long way up, throw half a tank it and hit smoothies in smooth rock for lunch. New Liskeard to Cochrane is doable in a day depending how fast you are.
  9. hey guys selling a 2016 blizzard 600 e-tec. mint shape with 2-up seat attachment included(maybe used once) 1950km on it ready to go. Asking $10k. I am located between sarnia and London but can meet
  10. is this area a good spot to launch from every day, like is there some good loops, or more of a launch spot for saddlebagging. never been to Quebec and Cochrane is getting old , like the open fields, and fast wide bush trails
  11. seen you two on your way to canyon sunday!!!! she's a fast rider on a zx! get her into a rev and she might pass that kitty of yours!!!LOL good to hear you had a good run. you're right once you go, you're hooked.
  12. under the 3'' crust yes. powder to play in.......no
  13. heard its not bad from KL area, bare roads val gagne near ford dealer, but nothing crazy. if you don't mind staying in truck I would just hammer to Cochrane. we rode to kap and did a local loop Saturday trails were mint. back to smooth rock up canyon down to Cochrane sunday she was MINT.
  14. ice hut even choses only deep fried stuff after 730/8, even after 10 sledders walk through the door!
  15. anyone up there now? heard 2cm of powder last night!! headed up tomorrow.
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