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  1. why don't you mind your own business...
  2. yammydoo

    north toronto auction in Innisfil saturday for

    there ended up being few deals.....and it was a waste of time...especially for the ATVs , you could get a better deal on kijiji
  3. there were around 40 skidoo 550 fan 2ups for auction,,they were used OPP sleds....,lots of buyers.....unfortunately...there was a shill bumping up the prices for every sled...bidding at 2200 and he would turn to the auctioneer and quietly say 3500.....most people did not hear him but up went the price...he did this for sled after sled.....of course he never bought a sled.....beware of this racket.....
  4. yammydoo


    they are nothing but a pain....
  5. yammydoo

    Port Severn

    Midland to bausoleil island was staked....but not to penetang
  6. yammydoo

    Port Severn

    there was an accident by beusiloee island...guy rolled his sled on glare ice...broke ribs....we got emergency services over form honey harbour
  7. yammydoo

    Port Severn

    six mile is not staked ye but we went up it because the trails are not good.........the trails are very rough down to big chute and this was before the rain yesterday......not enough snow
  8. yammydoo

    Port Severn

    actually I hear 6 mile is not safe at moment.....and not staked.....so avoid
  9. yammydoo

    Port Severn

    I can take 6 mile lake but much pefer the C trail through the provincial park.....
  10. yammydoo

    Port Severn

    Baxter is a great club with great trails....get us open from Gibson lake to Honey harbor.....will make my weekend
  11. yammydoo

    Most memorable ride?

  12. yammydoo

    Giant's Tomb Ride

    20 of us were there Saturday from Gibson lake....it was an awesome sight to see
  13. yammydoo

    st onge sled sales

    st onges is a great dealership..I only get parts from them for my sled....royal screws up everytime