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  1. mczed38

    Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    Info sent in.
  2. mczed38

    The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    Added. Could you please check the Cloyne one. The Google street view is from 2012...no subway or shell.
  3. mczed38

    The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    Added. Thanks.
  4. mczed38


    Shows green to me now. Says last update at 2017-01-29 20:37:11
  5. mczed38

    Replacing a young driver's permit

    Story has a happy ending. Thanks for your quick response guys. """" We have great news! We found the snowmobile license on the floor, behind my son's desk - after a 4 hour clean of his bedroom! Teenagers! Thank you to you, and the community at large. The license is now in my safe hands ! Many thanks and have a pleasant evening. Kindest regards """"
  6. mczed38

    Replacing a young driver's permit

    Good stuff. I'm on it. Thanks.
  7. Got a note from a parent whose young person took their training with our club. They have misplaced the license. What's the procedure for replacement? Is there another document they can use in the meantime until license replacement is obtained? I've notified our instructor and district admin and await response, but time is a factor in this case. Advice is appreciated greatly.
  8. mczed38

    Try our trails marketing

    For those of you with Clubhouse access there are numbers posted to justify the continuation of the program. And perhaps they are valid. I will be pulling numbers for our club this evening from PTS. But to actively promote the ability to ride our trails free of charge when members waited until the snow was flying in December to buy FULL PRICE permits only to see their machines parked for nearly a month now is simply a no go for me. Perhaps a less than enthusiastic response by clubs this season in promotion efforts will give notice to the Federation that the idea is in need of reconsideration.
  9. mczed38

    Try our trails marketing

    I got notification of Try our Trails promotional material being available to clubs now. But I'm a bit torn on deploying it. Permit buyers are taking a beating this season, and promoting trails with questionable bases or limited conditions to holders of a free permit seems like a smack in the face of our club $upporters. If the trails are only available in pockets of the province like they have been so far I'd rather see the idea shelved for this season and IF there are decent trails to be ridden on Family Day leave them for the permit buyers.
  10. mczed38

    The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    I dunno...does this help? It's kinda vague..
  11. mczed38

    The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    I'm confused in Apsely too. Is it the lot at the community center(bottom of pic) or the arena(top of pic) that is to be used?
  12. mczed38

    The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    Revrnd has been a big help but I'm having a sonofagunofa time to get the Bancroft railway station nailed down. Can someone look at this pic and tell me if I'm even close? Is it that big paved lot? Somehow I doubt it. I've staged out of the Sword or at Ray's place north of town, never staged in town so I'm flying blind on this one.
  13. mczed38

    The Best Link Ever (for trailer parking)

    Yeah the Park and Ride map is my baby. Some of you have already provided some new spots which I've updated. Thanks for that! I try to just use locations that I find on club websites, Fb pages or personal experience. I'm a trailer-sledder so parking is a big deal for us no matter where we ride. Sometimes when I see the masses of rigs at the Tiviotdale truckstop I wonder if I've done the right thing lol. Keep the info coming please.
  14. mczed38

    Polaris Mirrors?? Or Aftermarket??

    Polaris mirrors here on an Axys. Along with Polaris handguards. Separately they're great. As a pair not so much. Handguards render the mirrors useless.
  15. mczed38

    Ramp to load Snowmobile in Pickup Truck

    So several hauls with the ramp and some lessons learned: 1) a tri fold ramp, long track sled on a short bed truck, and a bed protector such as mine is a ticket to no fun when off loading. Fix is in the works to mod the tri fold to prevent it from re-folding whilst trying to get it positioned for off load solo. 2) Load into in a narrow bed such as the Avalanche or a step side truck can be tricky. Case in point when I load out of the garage into the Avy with it backed up the driveway. Just the angle of the driveway to the street causes the buttend of the truck to ride higher hence increasing the angle of approach. This will cause my skis to run on top of the Avy gutters and aforementioned no fun times will ensue. Only fix I have for the home load is to make my way to the street hoping not to etch the driveway with carbides too much. 3) I will be adding spring loaded side guides to help keep the skis on the rails. Overall this is still the most affordable option for my situation and waaaaaaaay easier than hauling the 19ft Neo around when solo riding. I'll refrain from posting any more pics to this thread. Well maybe one more.