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  1. 10 hours ago, Strong Farmer said:

    Yeah not really many cons to getting a 137. Mine seems to eat sliders abit faster then previous model I had. Some of it is extra weight of four stroke and deeper lug track. Time for scratchers next season and maybe duponts too. 
    riders seem to like 129’s. I think they sre a good compromise if you ride allot in south central ontario, in twisty type trails. 

    I rode gravenhurst this year on a 137 and had no issues

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  2. Got both of mine done, loaded in the trailer heading to camp for storage Wednesday.

    My routine.

    Grease what can be greased.

    Spray ball joints with rust proofing spray.

    Drain fuel and run dry.

    Remove belt, disconnect battery.

    Put covers on ( yes in an enclosed trailer).

    Take them to camp for summer storage.

    I wanted to do all the drive and skid bearings before storage but my dealer is closed, going to have to wait till fall I guess.

  3. 10 hours ago, PISTON LAKE CRUISER said:

    Off topic but I find it funny that different areas of Ontario have different dialect. In northern Ontario they are pickets and in our area we call them stakes.

    Up here we also call the lake stakes, down south field markers.

  4. 53 minutes ago, Gadgetman said:

    I like it. I'll wait until my business travel resumes to the US and get one, as it solves the issue with sled 2 not seeing me on cloudy or snowy days. But, the vest still slows down the on-coming traffic like a ships anchor..

    After seeing the one on nunz's helmet I bought one as well.

    Very bright up out of the snow dust.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Baylaker said:

    Well, I just couldn’t resist one last ride. The guys and I went up to Sudbury last Friday, we stayed at the valley inn. Rode to rockys for dinner and put on about 120-130km Friday night. Trails were amazing! 73526076-864D-45B3-A7A5-ED810ECDF12C.thumb.jpeg.f5654017e38910d5034193e237622dc8.jpeg

    started the next morning off at 7:30 and headed south. Trails were very good for majority of our ride. None of us had ridden towards Killarney, Espanola etc. so we decided to try it out. Beautiful scenery especially crossing over to manitoulin on the lake. Couldn’t believe how flat that lake trail was. F58247AB-B9BC-4FC0-AA62-B9EB58BB6839.thumb.jpeg.906ed6389561a1bc397eaf2845fa89c6.jpeg


    The black viper needed a belt replacement crossing the lake trail so we decided to line em up and take a picture.27546579-A23D-468B-A441-7B18A14298B6.thumb.jpeg.35f111caa47abeb5674abc7662eb9a0c.jpeg


    stopped in Killarney for fuel, which seems to be a very nice area.


    Then stopped in Espanola for some food. Was very good, but can’t remember the name of the place. Didn’t look like much from the outside, but inside was very nice!C80121E6-AA52-4BD6-951F-971815F178A6.thumb.jpeg.bba9075533eb55caaf8e85b98e44d7b8.jpeg

    that was our snow dust trail leaving that morning, -17 but warmed up quick.


    came across OH crap HILL

    Here is our route for Saturday. We did 479kms Saturday. Was a very nice ride and a great way to finish off the season! 




    I did pretty much the same ride Saturday

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  6. 213 miles today.

    Sudbury to killarney to little current to whitefish falls to espanola back to sudbury.

    Never rode the big water before, very cool.

    90% of the trails where 10/10 the rest 8/10.

    One ride off my bucket list

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Nunz said:

    Well it was hard keeping my secret for so long after being in Minnesota with a bunch of fellow ambassadors in January including CRZ aka Jason, it was a great time and for anyone looking at the new Matryx it is an incredible machine they have built, The new 650 Patriot motor is very strong and will surprising quite a few people for next year. Well done Polaris and if anyone has any questions feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to answer any questions.

    Here is a couple of pics from my time at the event in January and one from the dealer show in Dallas.


    88416935_827468951106070_39317680767180489039337_10156592416067434_6546519625079Image may contain: snow, tree, outdoor and nature

    You have gotten taller since I saw you last !!

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