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  1. Cold Guards worked excellent for me, your hands go in and out easy
  2. had a great breakfast at the legion this morning, Adams cooking was great as usual they are open until 10pm on Friday night, and 9pm on Saturday night, they will stay open later if there are still people coming in
  3. the same thing is happening now with the Grumpy Veteran signs, they have gone missing, guess someone is afraid of competition, very sad when this crap goes on
  4. Silversands/Whiskey Jacks is reopened, the people running the restruant are nice people, gas and liqueur will be available shortly Breakfast was good
  5. I noticed last weekend it looked ready to reopen, probably new owners
  6. that place is probably the losing investment to offset the other investments that make money, edgewater and the bush company, actually all 3 suck, lol
  7. buy a girdle to save the $$ on a new suit, lmao!!!!
  8. well this totally blows, the skillet boys are going out of business, gonna miss their good food
  9. ScottyD

    2013/2014 pics

    various pics from this season
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