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  1. vectordevil

    2017 Sneak Peek- March 18 and 19th

    i snochecked a 2017 Yamaha sidewinder RTX LE 129 TURBO !!!!!! its going to be a long wait till the fall.......
  2. vectordevil

    Abnormal track wear

    I cant believe guys are telling you to ride with the track like that....really.....
  3. vectordevil

    Asseltine's or McGregor's?

    I have bought 4 yamahas from mgregors sportsline and have been treated very well,and had great service and after the sneak peak in barrie tomorrow will probly be buying a new sidewinder from them as well.....
  4. vectordevil

    new yamaha has been leaked !!!

    the pics are all over facebook and have been leaked out late last night the new sled will have a factory turbo.....if I could post pics I would I have them on my phone...awesome
  5. vectordevil

    New funny Story/Article!!!! Check it out guys

    thanks for the info luc !!!!!! great read man,thanks for all you do bring on the snow
  6. vectordevil


    i recieved both mags plus my ofsc trail map !!!!!
  7. vectordevil

    2016 New Sled Thread

    i have a brand new 2016 viper LTX LE sitting in the crate ....she will be home in a week or 2 !!!!!!!!!
  8. thanks luc !!!! awesome link and thanks for all you do....hope you have a great season
  9. vectordevil

    who snowchecked this spring

    That's what my new ride will be !!!! Can't wait till fall when she comes !!!!
  10. vectordevil

    who snowchecked this spring

  11. vectordevil

    who snowchecked this spring

    This is what I snow checked !!!! 2016 SR VIPER LTX LE !!!!
  12. vectordevil

    2016 Sneak Peak Show

    I'm hoping someone takes lots of nice pictures and then we can see them closer !!! Lol ... Too bad about cat not being there !!! One of the local cat dealers in the area told me it's because cat is sending a few sleds to each dealer and car wants people to accualy go see one at their dealer ???? Lol
  13. If it happened on an ofsc prescribed trail an incident form has to be filled out including all relevant information: GPS coorinints time trail number as well as signage yes it should have been done within a day or so !!!! Very important because if there is a lawsuit or anything like that the club needs all the info oh yes it's all about lawsuits !!!! I hope she is recovering and things are ok
  14. vectordevil

    Yamaha Owners where do you buy?

    Mcgregors Sportsline in bobcaygeon as well !!!! Great guys to deal with great service as well as the number 1 in sales in Ontario (I believe they are) Bought 4 sleds from them so far and they always get me what I need from sleds to accessories !!! Most of the people from our snowmobile club buy their sleds there too !!!!