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  1. Has anyone tried the North adventure inn this season ? if so what are your thoughts , pricing food etc. Heading that way next week and thought about giving them another chance
  2. We will be headed from Hearst towards Cochrane on Friday 3 skidoo's (2 1200 renegades and a 600 e tech) And 2 Yamaha's one red one black
  3. Might go up the c trail or the 143 not sure yet but will be heading back down from Cochrane on Saturday via the 108 to A then down the A trail . Our plan right now is just what you said 195 to 185 to 186
  4. We would prefer not to go the 191 because it is another river dodnt want to go out on the lake if possible but if the other river crossing closes we will have no choice. Again more worried about the ride back on Saturday
  5. Starting from the econolodge in new liskeard
  6. I did see that post on facebook which is why I'm asking about it. Curious of the actual conditions on 191 since it's another riverbed ? as well as hoping to get a more up-to-date report on the river crossing so I know which way to go. PLEASE keep the updates coming. THANKS in advance
  7. Heard the riverbed is closed leaving New Liskeard. How is the A107 Q {green) and the 191 (yellow} going north ? We can go the 185 to 186 to the A trail if the river crossing stays open. More worried about the return trip Saturday though. Someone PLEASE keep me updated !! Don't know if we'll be able to check the map on the way down
  8. Supposed to come up for a 4 day ride starting in New Liskeard going up through Timmns Cochrane and to Hearst. Is this going to be doable ? I see alot of the area went yellow, A little worried. The forcast is a little warm during the day but cold at night. Hoping to be able to make this last run. Fingers crossed
  9. Nunz my son and I rode with you up in mattawa 2 years ago when the track on my yamaha started to blow apart and I headed back
  10. We have but are always willing to try new loops. Planning on the mattawa loop one day. Open to suggestions for others though. Thanks
  11. Wanted cedar gables but they were all booked so I Booked the dinner bell
  12. Curious about a couple things on the D trail near North Bay. 1st is the section from Mr Gs to trout lake maintained or groomed at all any more ? I see its yellow on the map and the cutoff to Travelodge is red . NB is convenient but I can't stand that section even though it's short. Second question about the D trail is south of Nosbonsing being closed. Is that a permanent closure or is it a temporary issue and reopening in the near future ? Thanks
  13. ZR Sledhead , Let us know how the trails are I plan on going up Next Wednesday the 7th possibly alone if no one else can go with me
  14. Is revrnd's site down ? when I try to go to it I get an add trying to sell the domain name ???
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