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  1. 1 hour ago, Candubrain said:

    Just seen so many Cdn companies purchased by American firms, then they slowly demise as the profitable sections get moved to the US leaving the rest behind.   Then the parent company says the Cdn branch isn't profitable and they are closing them down.


    This being a retail store, I doubt it will follow the trends of a manufacturing business, but who knows.    Look how crappy Tim Hortons has become now that they have been sold several times.....now owned by a Brazilian firm I think.


    All they are is distribution/retail - not much you can really strip down other than change up the companies you do business with and control mark-up and where that goes.


  2. I used to wonder why anyone would let internet chatter and/or a differing of opinions let them get so wound up to the point they would need to leave.


    But.....,I did vacate a site I frequented daily for several years a little over a year ago and have never looked at it again. I am glad I did - it was good for me, so I guess I can better understand now why some may choose to do what they do. 


    In any event, I enjoy the members here and most importantly - really appreciate the valuable sledding information I get from here, see pictures of people out riding, or just talk about sledding ( since I don't get to ride much ) - that is the passion part and the reason I come here.


    Glad those that are here are still here.




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  3. 11 minutes ago, UsedtoSkidoo said:

    sprucedale/kearney is open. DYSC has threatened to open up a few trails if they have snow. 


    Ill be up there same time with my son if your riding

    My son and I will be riding saturday - going home saturday night.

    willing to trailer to a drop spot to get some trail riding in.


  4. Anyone been up that way over the weekend?

    If so, how was it.

    Heading up friday - have only time to ride saturday and back home saturday night. Looks like feeder/connector trails from our door are not ready - so thinking of trailering to Sprucedale area - getting on the Seguin and doing that loop up and around Sand Lake.


    Alternative is Baysville area


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  5. On 1/27/2023 at 9:13 PM, tricky said:

    Got back home today after a mini three night/two day trip out of Mattawa Golf and Ski. Our group of 6, for the most part, lucked out with the weather and the grooming schedules. Wednesday, we rode 290 km from Golf and Ski eastward via the A trail to Deep River for an early Timmi's lunch, and then back via the 130 series local North Renfrew and 190 series Missing Link trails. Most of the trail we rode had been groomed Monday or Tuesday, and even those that hadn't (the 'dead end" 137 and 136), were tolerable. That day's riding is about as good as it gets in Ontario. Every time I take a new person on that ride, they are super impressed with the scenery, and trail quality and variety. 

    Thursday, we did the same 240 km route that gtowe referred to above, but in the opposite direction. From Golf and Ski, we went thru Mattawa via the A trail and A112A, unfortunately still via the downtown road bridge, then northwest toward North Bay on A112A, to the A trail, south on the A with a detour in/out on BF201 to the Dinner Bell for a delicious lunch. After lunch we carried on back to the A trail, south/east back to our hosts. The trails were in very good shape with 3-6" of fresh snow on top of mostly very smooth base. Sled traffic was minimal both days. Sadly we saw a broken down groomer on the A trail about 15 km west of Golf and Ski. With the colder weather this coming week, the slush should freeze on the Mattawa River, allowing that crossing to open. The hospitality for three nights was excellent at a modest price, which may be important to some, as the fuel prices for both sleds and trucks are still too high. If you haven't ridden this area recently, make the effort to go there.  

    Last trip I did with my father was based out of there. Great spot.

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  6. 20 minutes ago, skidooboy said:

    The complaining, infighting,  and difference of opinion on the trails, clubs, districts,  ofsc, govt, and covid handling, treatment, protocols, vax status, and conspiracy theory, mis, disinformation beliefs, really changed our site, friends, families,  and world dynamics. It is sad really but, part of the information at a glance age. Welcome to our future, unfortunately. Ski



    Everyone just sticks to their circles now and that's it.

    Divide in everyday life has never been greater.


    You can be a great person with a difference of opinion.

    Just be  good person - surround yourself with people who you enjoy and can make you laugh and that's the ticket.






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  7. 1 hour ago, stoney said:

    Ya, nice little section that is Yellow - plus up by Kearney too!


    I thought I saw a post about Tall Pines staking a lake too - not on the trail map though.

    I know it is a painful slow start, but I do not think it is that far off from last year.

    Hoping to get out next saturday - another week of set-up and hopefully good weather should help things.


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  8. 37 minutes ago, MotoEh said:

    Thanks for the advice guys. Apparently sportsman has a set meal time that's why I was thinking of making the shorter day first, and really doesn't matter when we make it back to the cottage on day 3 as long as we make it lol. 



    Right, forgot about that.

    And if you miss dinner, you are SOL.


  9. On 1/17/2023 at 6:47 PM, stoney said:

    Oh my, you don’t hear that happening very often considering how easy it can be. 

    Extra oil, spare belt, gloves, tools etc, it was an annoyance - now I take my bag off and bring it in with me and set it with my bucket.


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  10. On 1/14/2023 at 8:31 PM, extreme600 said:

    He is correct. Trout Lake and Talon are not safe at all. Lake Nosbonsing is good

    Brother in-law lives on Nosbonsing, says okay out there - he's riding it and fishing on it

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  11. From a marketing standpoint - it made sense.

    Did it really cost much? doubtful.

    Did it gain much? we will never know the answers - but those that need to, do - my guess is it had very little impact if any.


    Can't cast blame on trying something new, it was for the right reasons and with 100% good intentions.


    Some ideas work, some don't - what works in one place - does not always work in others. 


    is what it is


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  12. 1 hour ago, tricky said:



    So, at 72, I have run into another reason to quit snowmobiling. I am an "active sledder" with no wish to quit, but my wife wants me to quit to be "safe". In fairness to her, I have had a few mishaps, and my friends never like drawing straws to tell her what hospital I am in. 

    I have a smart 'phone', only because it was handed 'up' by my son. I use it as an emergency phone. An 'app', to me, is still something to eat before the main meal is served. I hope that I can die without ever becoming a facebooker, but acknowledge that this gets tougher every week. I have a few GPS units, but haven't used one for sledding. I access the ITG from my home computer before I leave home to avoid riding on "closed" (red) trails. If signs are no longer used to identify suddenly closed trails, I will inevitably end up trespassing.

    I realize that the "trespassing" being discussed here is different from my potential scenario, but am majorly uncomfortable with the idea that I may have to quit sledding because I choose to not embrace communications technology. An unanticipated dilemma for sure!!! 

    Good you haven't quit - and don't quit. Snowmobiling is safe. Nothing is without any risk.


    My parents still print off mapquest paperwork if they are travelling somewhere new lol

    I love it :)


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  13. 56 minutes ago, Blackstar said:


    What ScottyR said.

    As I club we were told to stop posting trail conditions on our Facebook page. You will find just about all clubs will now put up a post saying "Refer to the ITG" or watch the ITG for updates.

    Ah, well that is a little different from what I was thinking then.

    Pretty sure our club always says refer to the ITG for status updates- but are kind enough to post pics of the work they do etc. - which is what I really enjoy to view.

    As long as they aren't trying to shut down images and updates of all the great work these clubs do - then I'm good with the "refer" - but I very much enjoy seeing what all is going on behind the scenes - and those doing it should be proud to showcase it.




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  14. 6 minutes ago, ecarnell said:

    Absolutely AAA trails today .
    So glad we changed up some plans.

    sorry can’t post any pics.

    Another 24 hrs up here then heading home.

    Won’t be much more riding January for us - heading west to Revelstoke to ride in two weeks. Sorry no pics will be available.


    have a great and safe season.



    Great to hear - ride safe - POST PICS!



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