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  1. WeBeSleddin

    April snow!

    Whoever rides today, be careful out there...and enjoy!
  2. WeBeSleddin

    90% of Muskoka Trails Closed :(

    It has been really warm... And big rain is the killer.That being said, if you know the right roads/trails you can certainly go for a nice little ride if it snows 5cm. I'd stick to closed for winter road allowances - public property and little chance for water hazards - and stay off the lakes at this point unless you are really sure.
  3. WeBeSleddin

    90% of Muskoka Trails Closed :(

    Tuesday is looking good for a last ride Blake. -8 overnight and calling for 5cm of snow and 0 degrees during the day. If correct, and the warm temps and rain in the next few days doesn't kill everything, should be able to go for a nice road/trail ride somewhere within an hour of Gravenhurst. Wish I could join you, gotta work Tuesday. If you get out. Let us know how it goes.
  4. WeBeSleddin

    90% of Muskoka Trails Closed :(

    Fun thing about this time of year is you can ride the cat and the aspencade on the same day.
  5. WeBeSleddin

    90% of Muskoka Trails Closed :(

    Did a day of lake running in muskoka Wednesday. 9 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Also popped onto a few trails to take a look at how they had held up through the warm weather and rain over the previous 10 days. Trails I was on were still 98% snow covered, a few 1 foot long smooth bedrock outcroppings - 2 sections of exposed ground about 5 feet long in the whole ride. not great for the carbides but I need a new set next year anyways. Way better than march road running that's for sure. Was able to ride 10-15km on the trail before we hit a water hazard which could have been crossed, but decided to turn around and ride back. Hit a second trails and conditions were similar. Trail was smooth, covered in an inch of corn snow on top of the base. Had an auger with me and drilled through base to see its depth. Still well over a 1.5 feet of base. Lakes were showing a little slush/water at the shoreline on south facing exposures, ok on the north side. Also not great where runoff hits the lakes. Have to keep a keen eye and know where u are going. Drilled a couple of test holes before we started our ride on the lakes. 23" of ice, white on top 2/3, 1/3 hard blue ice. Ice surface was hard with a couple inches of granular on top. A few 4" deep slush sections. Was good for us as it was -4 Tuesday night and only got warm afternoon. Don't think the ice is going away until may this year. Stopped a ton and soaked in the early April rays. Had an awesome day!
  6. WeBeSleddin

    How far did you go this season?

    Are you crossing at a regular vehicle crossing or a sled only crossing? I understand at some crossings they are unmanned and there is a phone you are supposed to use to call customs. Anyone had that experience? Think it would be very strange.
  7. WeBeSleddin

    How far did you go this season?

    What are the border crossing like?
  8. WeBeSleddin

    Lake Muskoka rosseau joe conditions

    How are the big three holding up? What about the smaller lakes in and around muskoka?
  9. WeBeSleddin

    Ice out predictions 2014

    On second thought.. Who needs ice?
  10. WeBeSleddin

    Ice out predictions 2014

    I was speaking to a friend who was out on cooks bay lake simcoe Saturday. They measured 23" of ice through an auger hole. It looks like it might be a record setting ice out this year in most areas. There is very little information on "ice out" in ontario. Algonquin has the most info posted: http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/news/ice-out.php Would be interesting to know current ice conditions and snowpack depth around the province, ice out history if known, and predictions for ice out dates for this year.
  11. WeBeSleddin

    orillia trails

    Thanks a ton for a great year of sledding . And for the update.
  12. WeBeSleddin

    90% of Muskoka Trails Closed :(

    Was out today, heading out next Tuesday or Wednesday. Not telling where. Trails are finally starting to see typical spring like conditions in some areas. Trails were smooth, a couple bare spots in south facing areas. Didn't see any water hazards in my 70km ride. Ride safe and enjoy!
  13. WeBeSleddin

    90% of Muskoka Trails Closed :(

    Lol! You can use the volume buttons on the side to snap photos and start/stop video. Looking forward to hearing where you are riding tomorrow. Enjoy!
  14. WeBeSleddin

    90% of Muskoka Trails Closed :(

    One more thing... Blake, when shooting your videos with your iPhone, turn it sideways (landscape mode) so that the video will be the same dimensions as a TV screen or computer. 16x9. Just a suggestion as I want the maple syrup making video to be as Hollywood as possible.
  15. WeBeSleddin

    90% of Muskoka Trails Closed :(

    Great Report Blake. Glad to hear that the trails are still holding up well. Seeing only one water hazard in 60 miles of April riding in Muskoka is pretty amazing! I would expect that the conditions would be the same throughout most of Muskoka. There are always hazards on the trail (even in the mid season) and if you don't ride carefully, you can certainly get hurt. Its one of the inherent risks of the sport. With regards to the excuse that all of the trails have been closed for liability reasons, don't know if I buy that one as we all sign our lives away to the OFSC regarding liability when purchasing our permits, and every time we enter the trail system and pass an OFSC warning sign. It is Great to hear that the Orillia/Barrie clubs still have some open trails! I guess their liability is different down south in simcoe... yeah that's it. Oh, and Canadoo, I clearly started this post because I don't believe the trails should be closed so early when there is s**t heaps of snow and ice on the trails and lakes. Also started it because I was fishing for someone else to shoulder the responsibility for my actions. Thanks for taking the bait. Long Live Sledding in April!