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  1. 22 hours ago, IQ TURBO said:

    I bought  a brand new klim suit this year..:D:icon_dance-cpatch:

    Bought my Wife a FXR Suit about 4 years ago, it was my first time buying an FXR product...... I said will give it a try, I was told they where good so I was happy that the wife was getting a new real snowmobile style snow suit.    First year we are ice fishing in the far bush on a remote lake, the temperature is going down, my  wife Zips up her jacket up all the ways then the Zipper let go... tried and tried to get it work... nope, gave her my sweater and made sure the velcro was well sealed on the flap and we headed back home on the sled.    She don't FXR anymore... I don't blame her


  2. On ‎2017‎-‎09‎-‎07 at 10:10 PM, matt17 said:

    If you notice the article is from last year.  They did complete the brushing last winter but by the time it was done we never got the snow required to cover the cut brush to get the trail open.  Not sure what the plan is for this year.  Would assume (but we all know what that means) that it will reopening this year since the brushing has been done.  

    Then the brush re-grew this summer lol     The brush has been bad the last 2 to 3 years, perfect weather for it to grow.

  3. 1 hour ago, manotickmike said:

    It would be interesting to hear follow up on Klim gear. It was recognised as top o' the pile for dirt bike gear. Even the 2014 leftovers are 3x what new stuff costs from other manufacturers.

    I have some Yamaha branded  Klim Sled gloves from "before" and a dirt bike helmet I literally cherish. Excellent gear. 

    TNF (The North Face) was the best of gear before they sold the name, now it's just another brand. Same with Sun Ice and Wetskins, for a couple of examples. 

    I know a couple guys that work for KLIM and they are hardcore riders in every powersports, I follow them on Instagram, facebook and see where they go and ride in all types of weather conditions.  They put the gear to the test, the make it the way they want it to be.  We where siting at the dinner table talking about the products and they where telling us how it was manufactured and the testing they did to make sure is was the best.   I've owned many snowmobile gear over the years and my KLIM gear keeps me dry after a day on the trail riding or cutting brush and trees, I get back home and the inside is dry.... even when I'm in a rush and put a hoodie and sweat pants under..... lol     I know bad choice to layer lol   

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  4. 11 hours ago, Denis007 said:

    Headed out to Hornepayne area for our first ride of the season. Sled hauler is great, does the job just fine. 3 sleds fit comfortably with plenty of room around them.


    Did some logging roads on both sides of the highway, got onto the not yet groomed trail, got to play for a while. Surprisingly there were no other sleds around..... 












    81 km ride, break in is now down to 23% ....  almost had some company in the form of IQTurbo but he chickened out.... prolly still in tears after I texted him the pics ...

    Hahhaha Cool,  too much rocks down here for us to go out.


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  5. 11 hours ago, matt17 said:

    Looking good.  How much snow was there up there.  I may make my way up there either this week or next weekend.  Need to figure out the routing of the trail up at the north end as logging is supposed to be done.  

    I was told by some guys that there was over a foot of snow near the Kaby river this week on our side.   I was told that there was over 2 feet in the Longlac area.    Thinking of maybe using the new road into the Kaby river from the Warm-up shack up to the river for this year.  Will check it out and see.  The road is so big it would make for a nice trail.


  6. Klim did a photo shoot in Northern Ontario a few winters ago with Ontario Tourism,  I was in the Photo Shoot.    They love snowmobiling in Ontario. That's why you see many pictures with KLIM Gear.   I love the product myself.  I also Love my Klim Gloves.    


    Hello everyone,

     I know it has been posted already but I taught I would start a new post as there was an update in regards with the OFSC website and the other post was very long.  I personally know some good people working there and they are doing their very best to resolve this situation, they could not come up with any updates sooner as they where working on getting the extension with the MTO  (changes have to be approved by MTO) and working on the problem, now they got the ok from the MTO they have news to give us.   let's  help them out by not going on the site and wait and let's cut them some slack they sure need some positive vibes. This will be over soon and the snow will be here and we will be riding and be laughing about this later on " The BIG Permit crash of 2017/2018" lol So if you did not know or see the news update here it is.


    " Good news – the Ministry of Transportation has approved an extension of the PreNov1 deadline. The time frame to buy your early permit (PreNov1 pricing) will be extended the same amount of time as the system was down and permits were not available online.
    We will communicate the new deadline date for buying the early permit as soon as the system is back up and running.
    Please share this message and stay in touch with your inbox and the OFSC website and Facebook page for the latest updates. We’d like to ask for your cooperation in not accessing the system until we advise it is online and available for your permit purchase.
    We are working diligently to get the issue rectified and get the system back online."



    Keep on Grooming!!!!!!   :)

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  8. 1 hour ago, Old Sledder said:

    Well over 400 comments on  Facebook. Most of it negative, too bad it's the bad issues that cause some of the highest amount of pub for our sport. 

    I know it's sad.   So much negativity.    Today I replied to a post on facebook,  It was to give information to everyone that had commented, it was a good normal reply almost like what a PR guy would do for a company and this dude goes nuts on me.  I was like WTF?    

  9. 18 minutes ago, revrnd said:

    Congrats Luc on the award. I'm pretty sure you were on the old Trail Conditions message board back in the late 90s answering questions about the trails around 'Doobieville' as some called it. Been following your 'adventures' ever since.

    Too bad some people don't like what you have to say sometimes.

    Yes I was on the early days of trailconditions.com    that was a long time ago.   Thanks revrnd :)

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  10. Hey Guys,  For those of you that ride in the Dubreuilville area you know about our gas situation.  The Owner of the Magpie relay was not happy with the situation as it affected his customers and the residents.   For those that know Pat if there is a problem he will find a way to fix it.   He's in the Process of buying the old gas Station and will be upgrading it.   There will be 24hr Gas and you will be able to Pay with Credit cards and Debit.   No more of all those complicated things we had to do after hours and the only able to put 40 at a time after hours.   This is great news for the Snowmobilers for the new season.

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  11. 4 hours ago, schmied said:

    Agree that if it's free, it's a no brainer.  I believe that what has people upset is the way it was presented to us. 

    They had a countdown, said it was "an exciting announcement...you won't want to miss this"

    They hype didn't live up to the reveal.  If you follow OFSC on Facebook, you'll see that they announce

    partnerships and deals on there all the time.  None of those with the fan fair this Zoomer contest had.

    I think if they'd just announced it, nobody would be upset. 

    To be honest I was a bit bummed when I heard what it was lol,   I was thinking something BIG....   God I'm glad I'm not 45+     I don't qualify for it lol

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  12. 3 hours ago, sledjunk said:

    That would be very welcome.  Always enjoy hearing your stories and opinions. :right_on: 


    Thanks Dave :)


    2 hours ago, dweese said:


    Keep up with the videos and we'll share them... Maybe we can make you a YouTube star and you can give up on work and just make snowmobiling related videos for a living. ;)



    That would be my dream doing that full time... have the equipment support and have help, I would go around and visit clubs and go out on the trails and do groomer work, trail work and document it, share with everyone what each and every clubs challenges they face every season, Spend the good times and the hard times.    Talk to people on the trails but in our own view of things,,, be different.  When I started oh boy was I told not to do this, filming everything, \posting about everything and doing live updates and saying like it is not sugar coating it, I stuck to my guns and said NO,  I was speaking as "The Groomer Guy" and not a club.    like dweese said by sharing them it helps.

    43 minutes ago, Bryan XC700 said:

    Congrats Luc..well deserved!

    Thanks Brian :)

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  13. If it's FREE Why not?   If the OFSC can get an article for free in every Magazine in Canada.... go for it, the more our Sport get's out there the better.  I'm often on CBC radio talking about Snowmobiling in the mornings, People will say  "The young don't listen to CBC radio... that will not get new blood"  It might not but it get's us in the news in a positive way and not because one guy wrapped his sled around a tree or sank in the bottom of the lake and died.   It's getting our Sport in the public in a positive way.   :)

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  14. I will be able to tell you how the TROOPER performs this winter as that's what our club is getting... no more Farm Tractor for us, I hope we will not regret our decision...lol   25 years of our club grooming with those.   If you wanted the Husky you had to pay 50 grand to get it.   One good thing with the Trooper is you don't have that Enviro crap that the Husky has. you dont have to add that Piss, Def and get those "Regen" codes.   A plus side is the big cab to store some gear and bring a work crew.

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  15. OMG guys..... quit the complaining and whining.   Any Publicity is good,   I'm sure the OFSC was approached by Zoomer with the idea and the OFSC agreed to go along..... what wrong with that? for #uck's sake for once it's not Trump.. or something that is always in the news or magazine covers.   I know we need to attract the young and I'm all for that but let's not forget the people that have been at it for a long time, the ones before us that have ben doing the work.  Anything is good to get our Sport out there, maybe there's somebody sitting in a doctor's office reading this Mag and looking for a change in his life and wants to try something new and sees an article about snowmobiling.


    Let's keep an open mind and stop going ape shit every time someone types the four letters OFSC.   



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  16. They Where at the AGM, that's where it was heading.     We are seing them get more flats now because many groomers now have old worn tires, also we learned that you have to clean out all the snow after every trip or ice will form and the small tires will rub on the ice.    they are good machines,

  17. Thank you guys,  it's funny because I was getting emails and phone calls asking if I was going to this year's OFSC AGM and I told them I could not go with the store very busy and we are short of staff.   I was then told that I had won the award and it was for all of Canada, a National award...    I was speechless..... Wow ok....  I still cant go tho lol  So I made a youtube video for them to play at the AGM for everyone to see.    I guess my next award will be the Snowmobiling/Grooming Hall of fame one day Hahahahha!!!!!


    Thank you all for following my stuff, We are getting a new groomer so this winter should be fun and lots of videos, I got 2 GoPros and I found myself a Digital Camcorder for better videos, I will be able to zoom and carry it with me all the time as it's small and compact.  


    I will try to come on here more often to chat with you guys.

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  18. On ‎2017‎-‎09‎-‎24 at 8:54 AM, ZR SLEDHEAD said:

    Kudos on your award Groomer Guy.

    Thank you

    On ‎2017‎-‎09‎-‎24 at 9:00 AM, Viperules700 said:

    Kudo's  on the award. Hopefully a new groomer comes soon. :) 

    Thanks you.    I'm happy to say that we are getting a new groomer,  a Prinoth Trooper.  :)


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  19. On ‎2017‎-‎09‎-‎24 at 8:03 AM, 02Sled said:

    I miss reading some of the things he posted about his experiences. I would love to see a regular article from him in the magazine but with his busy schedule that would likely be way too much to ask.

    I like doing those article but it's time consuming,  I will try to do some more.   I try to be original and not do them like you typically read... the cookie cutter, same old article styles.  I like to add some humor, sometimes be more bold lol   

  20. On ‎2017‎-‎09‎-‎22 at 2:03 PM, jedanr said:

    On a recent roadtrip from Midland to Thunder Bay I took a 35 km side trip off the Trans-Canada into Dubreuilville.  Travelled down the newly paved winding highway about as smooth as when Luc grooms his trails. 

    I was on mission to find the great groomer guy just to say hello and thank him for being such a great ambassador to our sport. I found his groomer parked outside and went looking for him at his store. His daughter said that it was his day off and we chatted a little. They were very proud of the award of excellence he received from the OFSC and rightly so. 

    I have never personally met Luc but i wanted to stop by  and let him know what great work he is doing for snowmobiling. Luc and others like him with their dedication and steadfast determination have given us the best snowmobile trails in the world. 

    Hey Jedanr,  sorry to have missed you when you came in to town.  The Only day that I was not working bummer I always like meeting snowmobiler friends.   You will have to come up this winter for a ride.    Thank you for the kind words.  :)

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