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  1. 44 minutes ago, slomo said:

    I am always worried about insurance concerns if travelling this road - as I recall, it is not a provincially maintained road. (although there are calls for the province to assume it) ??

    I'm a mom and pop establishment* kind of guy myself, but treat yourself to something different once in a while....I think you'd like northern New Brunswick. You should always have a Plan B.


    *Did have an experience this  year though where the parting words from the office were "don't steal the towels". Not a word of a lie. If the motel did not have a restaurant next door and direct access to the trail, we would have been out of there....so much for principles I guess.....although we did discover the password for their fast internet as opposed to the slow one provided for guests....laptop needed a few updates....not the Windy Lake Motel...really like that place...

    As for insurance, it's no different then us going on the old logging roads for a ride with our trucks,  you are covered, the Gov pays for the maintenance of Sultan road, they give money to the logging company to maintain it and its open to the public. lot's of trafic on that road.


  2. 12 hours ago, Micar said:

    Just the usual FB BS....Thats why I come on here for the good unbiased info. I think they were placing Wawa in with KL....

    Will you be @ the store on Saturday? 

    Whats the best way to do the loop from Wawa to Dub? We are leaving Wawa Saturday AM and I was thinking of looping thru Dub before heading back to HH. 


    Yup, people assuming things on facebook.  So many people trying to stir stuff and have no clue how the system works.    I'm not working Saturday, I'm might be riding as I have a chance to use a Sidewinder BTX for day, going to see what this beast is all about.  :)


    I would start in Wawa and take the D trail north to Dubreuilville then take D trail west  (White River/ Marathon) direction and hit Dub 5 trail on the Magpie Reservoir down to Steep Hill Dam and trail to D trail back to Wawa.   That's a great loop.  if you want to extend the trip you can do what I said but you take trail 7 but turn left on trail 6 (Old rail bed) and take that back to the town of Hawk Junction and get on the D trail back to Wawa from there.    Or lol if you want to make a loop but head right away to HH  From Steep hill Dam take trail 7 down to D trail intersection, make a left on The D trail, then go to intersection of D and trail 5,  go down trail 5 and you will hook up with D trail south to HH.  

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  3. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎01 at 7:48 PM, catinental couch said:

    I agree northstar. That is the way me and my wife went to Wawa on our shortened northern loop trip. As Luc suggested, it takes a lot of time off the truck ride.

    Sultan road is my road of choice in the winter, keep your side in the twisty section and drive slower, it the other parts of the road where it's more strait it's Hammer down,  I use my GPS to help me see the upcoming sharp curves.  

  4. 17 hours ago, Micar said:

    Riding Searchmont to Wawa to Dubrieville to Halfway to Searchmont beginning Friday. 

    What's the realtime Intel on trails around Wawa, there's a few posts on facebag about terrible trails because of a broken groomer and no $$.

    Thanks Micar.

    Wawa should be heading south on the D trail any day now. We have a district Grooming conference call tonight so I will know more.   Broken groomers they where fixed and running, as for no money... I dont know where you read that because they are paid for every hour they groom and our District help their own, we dont let clubs run out of money.

  5. 17 hours ago, skidooboy said:

    contact russ jones at top secret boondocking (in charge of wawa grooming as well). or call gord jones at jones powersports. they will have updated info for trail conditions. ski


    Gord is not in the Club anymore and is out of the loop, to busy with the shop, he gets his info like us on facebook.

  6. 16 hours ago, matt17 said:


    I believe that Luc also groomed the D trail as far as Hawk Junction last weekend to help the Wawa club out with their trails.  

    Yup, did it Friday night, I ended up taking me 13 hours and I was up 30 hours because I was up Friday morning at 4:00am for work, and I'm also sick....  but got er done :)

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  7. 34 minutes ago, 02Sled said:

    Is Green Lake frozen over enough that I can go ice fishing safely yet. Let me know by Wednesday since I need to plan what I'm doing on the weekend. :D Sorry couldn't resist.

    Hahahah  I do get stuff like that.   Snowmobiler on the Phone "What will the trail conditions be in 3 weeks from now"? What I want to say  "Huh... The $#ck should I know 3 weeks from now?.   What I end up saying : They will be Groomed if the groomer is not broken down"   (Asking about early Feb conditions.) Snowmobiler "We are a group coming up and want to make sure that when we come up in 3 weeks the trails are nice, do you expect cold weather and snow?"  What I want to say "I'm not a weather Man, there are apps for that"   What I end up saying " Well there is snow in the forecast and the cold is going to stick around but we never know it changes often."    Snowmobiler  "How far is Dubreuilville? how many hours from where I live and how do I get there?"  What I want to say "Are you f-ing serious? are you too lazy to look it up yourself? have you just woken up from a 20 year coma and havent hear about the Internets lol and don't know how to use Google?  WTF?  What I end up saying  "I looked it up online on Google maps and you are 12 hours away, you take hwy 400 and then take hwy 17 to SSM and then go north of Wawa, it's all easy"


    After all of that I still love my followers....  :)



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  8. On ‎2017‎-‎12‎-‎05 at 3:30 PM, 02Sled said:

    I would be really reluctant to give out private phone numbers... it would be opening the door to every crackpot any time of day or night. Kid yourself not... there are lots of them. You get lots of people that take exception to the rules and do really dumb things like shoot up signs on snowmobile trails. Are these the crackpots you want having someone's private number, doing a reverse lookup and now having their address.

    Yes, just Imagine having the Private numbers available to everyone,  I'm just Luc the Groomer Guy and I use to get many calls at home,  (Changed Number about 7 years ago)  people asking how the trails would be in 2 weeks when they are coming for a trip... calling at 9 or 10 at night with my kids in bed.   People call the store and expect me to stay on the line while serving customers, I don't mind the people calling me and have one or 2 questions but some would hold me on for like 20 minutes or more going into small detailed questions.   I rather get e-mails.   I have a guy that calls me up every spring time to ask if the Ice is gone on "Green lake" the lake in town because he has a camp there and wants to know when the ice is gone so he can come fishing, he's an American so he lives far  he can call every few weeks until the ice is gone, when I tell him I don't know how's the ice on that lake is because I haven't been out there in weeks I can hear his tone change on the phone and he sounds annoyed.    Told him once I had better things to do. 

  9. 9 hours ago, Yukon Cornelious said:


    Rather me type out and then get flamed by those who know better. Here is some reading for you.


    The part that is written in regards to membership is in the ofsc bylaws.  Clubs are the Membership, not the average Joe Permit buyer. 


    Not for Profit 


    Financial Statement

    Present to the Members at the annual meeting as part of the annual report, the financial statement of the Corporation approved by the Board together with the report of the auditor or of the person who has conducted the review engagement, as the case may be.





    Personally calling the Barrie office to lobby your complaints won't go far. They only take directions from the Board of Governors and the Executive committee.  You are best to contact your District Governor..


    Thanks Paul...... time to back-up and slowly walk away from this tread. lol 

  10. 8 hours ago, AC+YA said:


    Saw the Soo Club has had some volunteers working on a D201F washout.   Hoping this was the bad spot of the past 2 seasons.   I don’t remember any other 2 culvert washout on the Domtar Road (D201F).  Hoping this is the fix for the season. 

    Lots of work involved here.  A great job to help keep the Elliot Lake to Wawa connection open for all sledders.  Thank you!





    Looks like a new one to me.

  11. 5 minutes ago, 02Sled said:

    Exactly... communication. They are very short sighted with their communication though. Whoever they are listening to is leading them astray on communications. Facebook is a tool however lots of people don't use Facebook. Especially our core demographic. They have a regular email that goes out with information. Unfortunately it tends to be links to Craig Nicholson articles which I tend to not be interested in. I would read the poorest quality report from you before I would read his very best report. They have a webpage. They have that email distribution list that can rather than just the monthly newsletter can be used for urgent bulletins.


    During the permit sales website problem there was far too little communication. Over the duration I got I believe one email distribution telling me that they believe it is fixed and people with last names beginning in A, B or C please try it.


    When I spoke to the OFSC reps at the show in October I asked why the new ITG doesn't work on Internet Explorer. They told me that NOBODY uses that anymore. According to the OFSC "expert" EVERYONE uses Firefox. Poor misguided fools...


    I liken it to my friends son in his first year of university calling his dad to say the new high end Windows laptop he just got to use for school needs to be replaced with a Mac. He is studying for a business degree. When asked why he told his dad that according to two of his professors NOBODY uses Windows in business anymore. Mac is the way to go and they will need it to function in their classes. More misguided fools.

    "would read the poorest quality report from you"    Hey now!!!! lol      I know what you mean.   

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  12. 33 minutes ago, 02Sled said:

    I like what you are saying Luc... the challenge is that there is too much secrecy or appearance of secrecy of what they are doing. What is needed to curtail the negativity is more, much more transparency of what they are doing, why they are doing it and what their progress is.


    Giving people accurate information dispels imaginative theories.


    I.e. the ITG. I am one of the first to say the new ITG is a huge step backwards from what we had and it is. In the business world their current approach would not work. You launch something new as a replacement it had better be as good as what was there before or better with further enhancements coming. You don't launch something that takes 20 steps backwards and say nothing. They could do so much more to address concerns than to just say it's a work in progress. Much more.

    I'm told the BOG is very big on that now "Transparency"  that directions to the STAFF is to be transparent,  I don't think The "OFSC" did it on purpose, sometimes you assume people know, forget to tell what is going on.   Things are changing and they realize it, one example there was lot's of complaints, comments of the OFSC official facebook page, as soon as they started talking to people explaining the people calmed down and where more understanding.  

  13. All I can say is give the new changes a chance......     I don't  know why but there is many people on this website that have a big hate for the OFSC or Ontario... for Gods sake we are from Ontario.   When things are good we don't hear about it, seems many are just watching for the OFSC to do something to analyze it, dissect it and only take the what they think is bad.   If somebody has something good to say or defends the OFSC he then get's shit on.   I've seen at the OFSC AGM people trying to find something to complain, to pick a fight, stand up to the Mic and bitch, some it's the only thing they do when they get up is bitch, complain... when I use to go it was the joke as we knew as soon as those individuals would get up what they would say.     Anyways I've seen the positive changes in the last 3 years, we are getting there, is it perfect? Hell no but they are working on things and getting better.  We have a good group of Governors representing the whole province at the table, they are taking the decisions and giving directions to the OFSC staff for us clubs.     


    Let's all enjoy or awesome sport, the snow will be here.... (I hope lol) soon and we will be riding.  Join a club and help out.

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  14. We are getting our new Groomer tomorrow, wish we had more snow to try it out.   We where looking at the Soucy Track, We where afraid that it would have a hard time in our power line and also the weight of the unit.   We decided to go with a OEM machine the Prinoth Troop, if we wanted the Huskie Model we had to fork out $50,000.    Other then our first groomer in 1978 was a Bombi, this will be our first true Snowmobile groomer, it's going to be a big change, 22 years on a converted tractor to this.   I've do have seat time in Br's, Tuckers and others.

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  15. On ‎2017‎-‎11‎-‎30 at 6:46 AM, gsx6 said:

    LOL. I guess I’ll have to read discriptions before I post. 

    Extremely disappointed that wasn’t from this year. Still a cool video though 

    I also wish it was this year buddy.  Getting our new groomer tomorrow and I can't even try it out.

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  16. So far what I see..... I would fill that in with snow and some trees.   I filled in way bigger then that, some of you guys saw the big hole on the 100miles loop lol   They have 2 culvert in the hole... bonus.     Maybe it's worst then it looks,   They are a good club I'm sure they tried everything possible.


  17. 9 minutes ago, Yukon Cornelious said:

    On our return trip back from your place, Bud panicked and got bucked off his sled. Luckily no injuries or damage to the machine.


    Personally I was ok with it, but they have to think about all the different skill levels of the ridership passing through. I know plenty of retirees who love going up your way, that I am sure will have challenges now with age and confidence..

    Yes that's it, we have to think about everyone riding.

  18. Hey guys, for those that know me from way back will remember this, for the new people on here you will know who is this french guy that I heard of a few times.... what's up with that. lol Well here's a cool story that was made about how we started promoting snowmobiling in Dubreuilville Ontario in the 90's.    I taught some of you would like to read as in the story it says how I got to meet some of you.  not naming names but how we did it...


    It's been a cool ride, I enjoy doing this and most of all meeting nice people like all of you.   here's to many many more years!!!!


    Article Link  Click here to see it.

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  19. 14 hours ago, tricky said:

    As our group of four approached this washout area in the second week of March, we met and talked with 3 riders on two sleds heading to Aubrey Falls. One of their sleds, front end demolished, was left in the bush a few hundred meters east of the washout. They had crossed the water and the throttle cable on one sled froze holding the throttle wide open. The sled hit a significant sized tree on the south side of the trail about four feet in the air. The rider was lucky to escape serious injury. The threesome were heading to Aubrey/Black Creek hoping to find a toboggan that they could use to retrieve the damaged sled.

    Two of us in our group had crossed thru the washout a month earlier, and were prepared to do it again, but the other two had concerns for their sleds and health.


    That is when we started investigating the pond/stream on the north side of the trail bed. It was difficult, with only an 8 inch folding saw, to create a trail from the east side that would swing wide enough to the north to avoid the area of moving water/thin ice close to the culverts, but we did it. With a log, we tried to break the ice out on the pond until we found an area where we couldn't. We decided that was good enough launching spot to run westerly across the ice to a gently sloped natural clearing where we could get off the pond and back onto the groomed trail. We created a bypass that was safe for sleds at that time, and after we all crossed, I headed back to start marking our "Trail". Before I placed a second marker I realized that I should not mark our bypass, because the ice conditions might deteriorate in days or even hours. When we returned to Elliot Lake a couple of days later, it was obvious that more sledders had used our bypass, but I have no idea how long it remained viable.


    It is a shame that some solution can't be found to keep that section of D201F open and groomed. Again, that is easily said sitting here in the snowless south.

    I will still use the trail and assume that a go around or thru can be managed. There is too much good sledding to the west and north to give up.

    Thanks for making that detour.   Please let them know about your concerns, I told them last year and they laughed when I said people where having a hard time crossing in the water.   I would do it and many others would but there is people that can not do things like that.   I don't want to have water splash on me when it's -20C and having to ride to the next place to get warmed up,

  20. At the last district meeting it was said that the trail would stay the same, no repairs to the washout due to what Dan said.   They will do the same re-route on the pond.    I've told them again that people can not ride in that water as some sleds belts slip and also you get wet and there is still a ways to go to get dry.  oh and let's not forget the rock in the creek.    Not everyone can or will run in that open water and they have to understand that.

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