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  1. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎22 at 9:22 PM, matt17 said:

    I had meant to stop and hang some flagging tape there on my return trip on Saturday but my sled starting acting up about 30 km south of the river so I forgot and just wanted to get home (discovered a clogged fuel pump and 2 bad plugs once I got home).  Having said that there are good sight lines and a "slow" sign coming into the corner at the top of the hill on the South side.  While not ideal it is something that a "safe and prudent rider" operating according to the posted limit would have no difficulty navigating.  


    I have marked the spot with my GPS and will be putting in some weeping tile next fall as this is always a problem and is actually much more dangerous for the groomer than for sleds.  

    Yeah I was just thinking of that, must be slippery for the groomer of that.  could slide off to the opposite side of the logging road and get stuck.   That's was the only thing from Hwy 11 to the kaby river... not bad at all.   We hardly noticed it.... going at.... 50kms lol last week lol 

  2. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎22 at 12:18 PM, Viperules700 said:

    Just came thru from dub to hornepayne. There is a nasty section of trail that has frozen over flow that takes up whole width of trail. It is pure ice. It sits 21 km's south of town on main trail. I had no flagging tape, so be careful thru there. Beaver chewed a bunch of trees and one across the trail too. I moved it off into the bush. Other then that trails are excellent. 

    I think I know where you are talking about, that's along the Plowed logging road on the Hornepayne side right, It's quite the think ice flow,  the good thing it's on strait part and not in a curve.  

  3. 2 minutes ago, tricky said:

    Luc, the well coordinated grooming effort really has resulted in a vastly improved product. Thank you and the other key District 13 partners. I have been home for a little over two days, and still can't get over how great last week was. Merci!

    If only people knew, next we are going to work on a signage.   It's fun to work with such a great team of club in D-13, such a great bunch or clubs.

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  4. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎21 at 8:27 PM, Yamatario said:

    Another great day, Cochrane to Chapleau. Trails still awesome. Staying at Moose Horn Lodge. I think we found our new favourite place. From Timmins to Chapleau we passed 2 sleds.IMG_20180321_1756421.jpg.b311d7fbf1db3711ee7ccb65ef89c6b9.jpgIMG_20180321_1633384.jpg.e4cb5f16b6125976e0704f808593e539.jpg5ab2f7f614379_IMG_20180321_1544320(1).jpg.dd32eec7169cec726fabe90555f44bbe.jpgIMG_20180321_1543450.jpg.572b9231c1fddba70ed464f0a3b49ee5.jpgIMG_20180321_1801416-panorama.jpg.e4fac5ad76aa6c5bccec5d9bf3bf862d.jpgIMG_20180321_1912522.jpg.04f89df304af74aa6357a54db188ef01.jpgIMG_20180321_1933512.jpg.646b1a3c4d08d847f3eba3aeebb6beac.jpg



    Did they make you undress in the door at Moose Horne Lodge?  lol  I head funny stories last weekend.  head it was a nice place.

  5. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎22 at 4:54 PM, Chandos_rob said:

    Also heading up north tomorrow, but don't have a real plan.  Same boat as Audrey,  riding partners can't make it but I can't not go.  So, heading to cottage in Apsley tomorrow am, grabbing trailer and thinking of heading up to either to timmins or kap.  Like to do a loop timmins , kap, dub, chapleau, timmins or something like that, or may just go to ride to kap and meet up with sledjunk and other oc crew and do a couple day rides and maybe do a overnighter down to dub or ?




    Nice ride Plan.    See yah in Dubreuilville.


  6. 2 hours ago, Canuck said:

    Pretty much the same in the Northwest corridor of Ontario. First day..passed 3 riders ( 300 kms). Next day ..not sure if we saw anyone on the way out to Longlac.  One group of 3 on the way back eastward the next day. More as you approached Hornpayne and D'ville ( sole rider, smaller groups). 


    Fun part was actually joining up with some oc'rs on a ride from Dubreuville to White River day 4 ( incredible trails for this time of year). 


    Waste high snow in D'ville area. Pulled a couple of sleds out after (failed) attempts at turning around ...too funny.


    Long days and trailside lunches make spring sledding special. Come hungry, my friends. Definitely plan for trailside snacks. Not the usual Feb " are we there yet". 



    Trails stop snack are good when you are around lol   Good sausage.  Nice and warm days, lot's of snow.  it was good times, let's plan for next year.


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  7. On ‎2017‎-‎02‎-‎20 at 6:04 PM, Gadgetman said:

    A bit of a tough question to answer - in line with "Honey does my butt look big in these slacks.." Answer depends on several other considerations.

    I've been doing up north (from Ottawa the last 16 years) almost every year in a week long trip. The trails are great when the weather cooperates as the clubs up there have retires to groom often and the businesses know how much money sledders drop per night. I've traillered to Cochrane Thursday night, ride Friday up East side, down to Smooth Rock and out to Kap or Hearst. Next day back to Cochrane (no Canyon - one 450-500KM day is enough), next day a morning ride and then trailer home. Like already said, everyone should do the loop once, with the East side the best and the West side called Piston ally (the last 2 stroke I owned popped about 45KM south of Fraserdale - very long day and night for me.)

    You don't mention how many days, how many riders or the age (typical distance in a given day).

    Looking at the Ottawa trails around me, they are going fast, so up north may be your only option.  I have years worth of trip data I can share, (safe harbor statement - gas stops change all the time).

    We use to stage out of KL, but now stage out of NL when heading up to Cochrane and Hearst.



    You should head west passed Hearst and down to Hornepayne and to my trails, you wont be disappointed.

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  8. On ‎2017‎-‎02‎-‎22 at 5:03 PM, redsled22 said:

    dont waste your time northern new brunswick is the cats ass there now trails are table top 900 miles in three days .DONT NEED TO SAY ANY MORE .northern ont is over rated

    I think it's time for you to come back and see the trails up north again.  :)


  9. 13 hours ago, Viperules700 said:

    Just came back luke and trails were great. Still mid winter condition, no icey sections yet. 

    I now eh, it's unreal how the conditions are.  Still full on wither here and snow on the way.

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  10. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎23 at 10:20 PM, Yamatario said:

    We did Gaspe this year  and just finished this week 1500km loop from Searchmont over Dub to Cochrane, down to Chapleau and back to Searchmont. We have to say the trails were far better in Ontario than Gaspe. The trail grooming is suffering in Gaspe but getting better and better in northern Ontario.


    Sweet, thank you for the positive comments, wait in the next few years, our district is implementing many new things, with the new groomers and the BIG communications amongst clubs we are able to coordinate our grooming.   More good thing to come in the next few years.   Hope to see you guys again in our area next year. 

  11. On ‎3‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 7:23 AM, redsled22 said:

    many times even met many years ago. the scenery alone in the gaspe is second to none. i no u never been there. ive rode all over ont and que nothing is nicer than the east coast  

    I've never been there to Gaspe,? That's where my family is from lol  My Parents where born in that area and I still have lot's of family. I go visit there on vacation.   You haven't been on our trail in the last 5 years or so.

  12. Trails are still like this and snow on the way, some warm up for a few days but then next week it gets cold again and more snow in the forecast.   We have come a long way in District 13 "ASPA"  Algoma Snow Plan Affiliation.   We have weekly groomer coordinator conference calls every Tuesday, Form December to April, We talk about what's going on in each club, we try to coordinate the grooming on the same trails, We let each other know where we are heading out grooming, if a club needs help we will go out to groom portions of their trails.  We are a big family and we work great as a team.  Next year will be even better as we implement more stuff to make it even better.


    Glad you had a great time on our trails.  Yes make sure to put Dubreuilville to Marathon on your ride list.   I hope I can make it there before the season is over.



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  13. 9 hours ago, yamirider said:

    Tricky, we rode from WAWA to Marathon on Friday.  The trails are in great shape and table top flat.  The trail from White River to Marathon is amazing.  Some great views and scenery.  Have a fun and safe ride.

    I did Dubreuilville to White River on Sunday with Canuk, wish we had had the time to go Marathon.

  14. Here is what  rider posted on here about our area.     This season I was in the gaspe peninsula for a week and have to say I enjoyed  sledding more from Halfway Haven to Marathon last week more.  


    Our trails are sweet, it top shape and we have lot's of snow and the long term forecast is looking good.

  15. It's all good, the Yellow in Chapleau is nothing, I thing because there was some logging or something, Yellow in our area is Green for many places, he have too much of high standards, I was just saying that in a conference call the other night.  Wawa just groomed all their trails, all good.

  16. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎13 at 11:28 AM, skidooboy said:

    the owners of the Husky fuel station, the continental motel, and the white river motel are snowmobile friendly, and are helping support this re-established link. the petrocan/a&w (in white river) does not... food for thought.


    Craig, and his crew from marathon, and the couple that run H&C family lodge at hammer lake (great food, and great people) are INSTRUMENTAL IN KEEPING THIS LINK OPEN. H&C is approx. half way between dubreuilville and white river, PLEASE STOP IN, AND HAVE A BREAK, drink a coffee, have a burger (huge portions, and GREAT PRICES). support those that support us!!! they are RIGHT ON THE TRAIL.


    also in thinking about supporting those that support us. plan on stopping, staying, or spending some time, money in the two towns that did this for US... Marathon, and Dubreuilville. those two communities deserve some of our overnight lodging, and more than stopping for fuel. stage out of dub, ride over planning on staying the night in marathon, drop your bags and go explore the north superior experience, for the rest of the day. then ride back to Dub and stay at the Relais Magpie, and eat at the LOL resto/pub, the next. lots of options for basing out of Dubreuilville, Wawa area.


    hard to beat the region for people, views, memories low traffic, and smooth trails. Ski




    Hey and go buy chips and Pop at the Quickee-Mart hahahahaha,  you are so right Eric, thats the way people can help, by riding the trail and showing activity on will open up more trails and loops.  

  17. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎13 at 11:09 AM, Crawdaddy said:

    Seeing all those old trail signs last week made me do a bit of digging. I'm sure if Marathon see's more ridership it could spur interest in opening the trail further west or north to Manitouwedge. By the looks of the sponsored map it seems that Manitouwedge was a bit of sledding hot spot a few years ago.

    D 16 Trail map.pdf

    D16 east trail guide.pdf

    You are right, Keep on riding and talking about the area, show interest and make your voice heard and things will come, there can be trails added.  We just need to show interest from riders, I wish the trail west from marathon would re open it's amazing that way.   Send Comments to our district Facebook page   Algoma Snow Plan Afiliation   ASPA or on the Web site.   this is how you can help out from Home. Spread the word. 

  18. On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎13 at 10:57 AM, northstar said:

    Rode this trail last week and have to say it was one of the best trails I have been on this season ,  scenery was good , trail was mixed with rolling hills (some steep but not crazy)   wide logging roads fast sections, and some nice bush sections . There was a bit of traffic met 7 sleds heading to Marathon and 12 sleds the next day on the way back. It is too bad that the trails closed past Marathon and to Manitouwadge , maybe if enough people travelled the north west it might open up some of the trails.  This season I was in the gaspe peninsula for a week and have to say I enjoyed  sledding more from Halfway Haven to Marathon last week more.  

    Wow, thanks for your comments Northstar, Makes us feel good hearing that,  I've been telling people this, they blast Ontario and say Quebec is better or Cochrane but they never been in our area.    We have a good mix of trails, no boring stuff.  Wait till you guys come back next year it will be even better in D-13,  Makes plans to come up next season.    Oh and yes if more people are coming to ride to marathon that will greatly help to have the West trail open and a trail to manitouwadge.   Please keep on coming and tell us you like the area.  that's the way you can help make a difference.

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