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  1. 5 hours ago, scottyr said:

    Over the years, my I have to admit, my dad has been pretty good to me.   To the point, it could be considered spoiling your kid.   I always drove a brand new truck growing up and when we were in business together, our business always paid for my sleds, seadoos, dirt bikes etc.... He never really questioned much.   My dad and I have put 1000s of miles sledding around northern Ontario since the mid 90s and our last trip together was probably 15 years ago.   He has had lots of sleds but the last sled that he has ridden for a full season was back in 2011.    Normally he goes south for the winter but the 'Rona is keeping him in Ontario this winter.   I thought that a nice way of repaying him for everything he has done over the years is to take him sledding this winter.    I picked up this lightly used 2020 Indy 850 for him and we are planning some good rides this winter.    Its permitted, insured and ready to rip.   He always looked after me when I was growing up and I am pretty fortunate to be in the position where I can return the favour now.   I am looking forward to this winter probably more than the last 10 years.   


    Right on,  good for you.   I lost my Dad last April..... not easy cherish every moment whit him.    If you guys are in my area this winter look me up  (Dubreuilville)   

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  2. I was sad to hear that Dave did not make it, Wow I was expecting to see him pull up at the store with his sled this winter.   I met Dave early online in the mid 2000's,  I had the chance to meet a group of riders from the forum around 2007- 2008 I think when I was at a conference in Stratford, we had a good time that evening, he was with his son, Canuck was there also with us.  We hit it off right away, he was funny and always had a smile.  When he would come riding in Dubreuilville he would stay a few days, he was always doing something with lights, gadgets on his sled, GPS's and stuff lol, the tech guy on snow.    For a while he was given a new nickname because of a trailer mishap he had on the hwy. lol     here's a quote I found that he posted recently in November that shows how he was.   "


    "While I love snowmobiling, most of the pleasure comes from the socializing with others over lunch / dinner and a few drinks after the ride. ."



    RIP Dave, you will be missed buddy.   :(

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  3. On 2/4/2020 at 1:12 AM, revrnd said:

    This year we're staging in Cochrane (hitting the snow on the 29th) & doing the loop in the opposite direction. I'm peeling off @ Timmins for Cochrane while the rest of the gang ride for 2 more days of riding thru KL, Gowganda & Timmins.20200204_010036-1.thumb.jpg.15ed5b18fd75c799b61e0c909bc5924e.jpg

    Not sure of my route back to Cochrane. It's been a few years since I've ridden TOP C up to SRF,  so I may post something on OC or Faceplant a day or 2 before to see if anyone is running that way & 'tag' along w/ them.


    Seeing as how the guys enjoyed my travelogue last season, I post a few pics daily & report our journey.


    I just hope that the 'speed demons' will have left some snow on TOP A & I don't have to invest in a pair of Rouskis...


    P.S.: Just remembered that this winter is the 20th anniversary of my 1st trip up north. A week of riding starting in Capreol.


    Capreol - Elliot Lake

    Elliot Lake - Chapleau

    Chapleau - Hornepayne

    Hornepayne - Kap'

    Kap' - Iroquois Falls

    Iroquois Falls - New Liskeard

    New Liskeard - Capreol 


    I think it was around 1300 miles on a '98 MXZ 500.



    Yiur trip is longer as you have to use Dub 1 (D108A) now, not changed on the map as the trail is not on that side  It's 13kms more then the other way. lol


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  4. 12 hours ago, Canuck said:

    Oh.. I heard the beginning...safety brake kicks in when you opened window on BR...feel like you guys need hockey helmets from the1960's...


    Sorry about the leaf blue ... 


    Be safe, Luc.


    6 hours ago, SlowTouringGuy said:

    Great Podcasts !   Entertaining and informative.   

    Brings back memories of the very first ones you tried with Rick. You’ve always been ahead of the curve !



    Hahahaha yeah, I would of needed that.  


    OMG, I forgot about that with Rick......wow......   Rick you need to find that again...... lol

  5. 1 hour ago, 1049 said:

    Listen to it last night enjoyed it  keep them coming!!

    Thanks, having a good time doing this. :)

    57 minutes ago, Canuck said:

    Thanks Luc. This will be great in-car, long trip listening. 

    Can't wait to hear what you think,  Let's make some plans to go on a trip this winter, I'm up for a trip back to longlac and Geralton. 

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  6. On 11/6/2019 at 2:25 PM, Muskoka1 said:

    Hey Luc-how much snow up your way?

    We got over a foot now, lot's in the forecast on the way and usually, we get lots of lake effect snow that they have not forecasted...... so looks like an early one this year.

  7. On 10/31/2019 at 11:30 AM, Yukon Cornelious said:

    Our friend The Groomer Guy Luc Levesque and his partner Mike Medaglia are hosting an all new Podcast...


    Have a listen and please share to het the word out. 



    The Groomer Guy PodCast Episode 2 -


    Lisa Stackhouse from the OFSC talks to us about Trail Permits !!


    In this episode we talk to Lisa Stackhouse Director, Marketing, Communications & Partnerships from the OFSC about;

    Purchasing your OFSC Trail Permit by November 1st @ 11:59:59PM and save !!

    Trail Permits before you have your VIN  and how to purchase 


    The Interactive Trail Guide

    The Go Snowmobiling App

    Why you should stay on the trail! 


    Click the link below to take you to the PodCast web page. 




    Thanks Paul.     Nobody comented I guess they did not listen lol  

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  8. On 10/13/2019 at 9:41 PM, Wildbill said:

       Finally new owners with some pride. This once proud landmark may well have a future again! The new owner Anu has invited the club to base our groomers and fuel tanks there again as well as having given us the full use of the shop for service. 


     Our family went there for dinner tonight and it was quite good the restaurant and bar are both freshly painted and very clean. They are understaffed as they will have to attract a whole new team as the old owner had run it right into the ground. Over all I am impressed and optimistic. 

    That's great news Bill, last time I was there with the old owners the place was not too inviting, they had pluming problem, water was brown, could not give a bath to my 2 girls.   I had been there with the owner before and it was night and day... glad new ownership now.   

  9. 3 minutes ago, Nunz said:

    Glad to see you back on here Luc, you should post a link to your Podcasts!! I'm sure the guys would like to hear them.

    Thanks, it's been a while, I usually show up here every start of a new season to catch up with my friends on here.   I was not sure if anyone had posted on here.    I dont have much experience post files and links on here anymore it's been a while. lol

  10. I was told by our Club President that we needed this to get a Driver abstract..... Anyone else heard this or this only my district asking for this?   Since I steeped down from club president I'm not always in the loop for district stuff..... live is good now.... I can do trail work and do signs... it's what I like :)

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