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Trail conditions

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Just wondering why the trails around and south of Parry Sound are yellow ? Are the lakes getting bad or is it a groomer problem? 

We are taking Bill's suggestion and are heading to Tapatoo on Thurs. and are looking forward to some easy riding cuz we'er old and need to feel safe !

Any body ride the lakes to the south of Tapatoo ? Do we have any alternatives to riding them in order to explore that area ?


Any help is appreciated .


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I saw a post somewhere of a deep washout on the Seguin I believe. This time of year conditions can change quickly.

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Thanks 02 , We saw that a short while ago; it's a big one !  Gone now ! 

Four of us just came back from riding the Sequin and found every thing in tip top shape  The northern portion of C where the hydro contractors are working is very hit and miss for snow on the trail .One section of about 100m is all mud !  Stay spaced out and go one at a time or go straight to the car wash !

We took the club trail back to Parry Sound and enjoyed that too .

Thanks to Wild Bill for suggesting the Tappattoo ! We really enjoyed our stay there and will go back !

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