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  1. Snow Rider

    District 7 trail conditions update

    I agree. Left first thing and rode from Gravenhurst to Baysville and back. Took in 44 and 3 as part of the journey. All trails were were freshly groomed after a busy Family Day weekend. Quite an endeavour and really well done. Very much appreciated.
  2. Snow Rider

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    I hope I didn’t sound critical of the groomer operators and other volunteers. I know they are all working hard and their efforts are appreciated.
  3. Snow Rider

    Port Sydney conditions

    So my take away is that I need to get my butt out of bed and hit the trails early.
  4. Snow Rider

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    It was green today. The section from 17 to Bala was terrible. Mogul city. Hopefully a groomer hits it soon or again if it was done recently.
  5. Snow Rider

    Trail 44

    Thanks for the report. Hope to give it a try in the next few days.
  6. Snow Rider

    Port Sydney conditions

    I’m going to keep this handy when musing about getting a trailer. Good on you, Blake.
  7. Snow Rider

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    At least you guys have trailers. My money for this season went into buying the sled and getting some important maintenance done. Definitely hoping to to buy a trailer for next year. Seems a necessary item these days.
  8. Snow Rider

    Trail 44

    Thanks, Steve. I saw that the D opened to Kashe Lake from Gravenhurst so hopefully more trails will be able to open this week with the snow.
  9. Snow Rider

    Trail 44

    Hi. Does anyone know if Trail 44 is close to being ready? It would be nice to head to Baysville sometime soon from the Bracebridge area.
  10. Snow Rider

    New guy

    Hi. Just joined and looking forward to being part of the community. Bought a used sled this year after being without one for a while.