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  1. Roweboat70

    first ride of yr,lunch at iron skillet

    Blake G.... Actually the OFSC trail goes right to the Iron Skillet in Collingwood. Everyone goes to the gas station right across the street for fuel.... We go a couple of times each winter on the sled and at least once a month on the bike.
  2. Roweboat70

    loud pipes

    White Dragon.... lol...I must be the exception....I have a 2014 Electra Glide Ultra Limited.... your right Harley touring bikes are quiet, but I still have the stock pipes on...I put on about 13k kms a year. I cant image doing a long trip with loud exhaust..... day trips maybe, but not a 5 day trip. Your right the majority of bikes dont leave the dealership with the stock pipes on !! They pay 30k+ for a bike and then spend another 1k+ on aftermarket pipes. I have a friend with a CVO and if he is within 50ft of me, I cant hear my bike..crazy
  3. Roweboat70

    Shelburne to Dundalk trails suck !

    gpshddan, just to add to what others have covered. I understand the frustration and I think the OFSC and the clubs could do a better job of communicating the issues, the science behind grooming, the funding model, what volunteers really have to deal with, the interactive map colors (it has nothing to do with how rough the trail is, etc). It will help some understand and others will just continue to bitch. Constructive feedback is ok and more volunteers can always help clubs. I live near Dundalk and this year due to the snow around Markdale, Feversham, etc there has been way more sled traffic then normal. As Faceman said, my home club (Mount Forest) is in D9 and we are adhering to a 2 pass per week schedule. Also as folks point out... groomers break down, groomer ops get called to work, have family issues, etc. I sometimes ride the shelburne trails and find them for the most part are ok, this year has been tough everywhere with low and poor snow conditions combined with lots of wind. Just to show you how bad the base is for most trails...I was doing STOP patrol on the 'C' trail near Elmvale on Sunday and watched the groomer go by and about 15 sleds later (20mins) a group pulled up and asked if the groomers were out. On that trail on a busy Saturday we will see 500+ sleds.My suggestion get out early in the day, beat the traffic and thank the volunteers for everything they do. They want good trails also and take pride in trying to do a good job, why else would they do it.... its not for the money
  4. No worries Cat800ltd, we just get complaints from the township .... we are trying to get better signage put up for the other parking area.
  5. Guys, please do not park at the arena. Park at the fairgrounds across from the esso
  6. Roweboat70


    Sledjunk.... I don't know if there is a increased OPP presence on the trails this year, but its not related to the STOP program. STOP trainees can still go out with their OPP co-coordinators or other sworn in STOP officers. IMO The delay in the STOP trainees being sworn in is really 2 issues. 1 the change in all the OFSC committees slowed down decisions and admin tasks around STOP and 2. a OPP administrative delay in processing the STOP trainees applications, then caused the security clearances to lapse before they could be sworn in. Can't be sworn in without a valid security clearance. SNAFU. I understand the OFSC and OPP are meeting next week to see if they can speed things up.
  7. Roweboat70


    Guys, let me give you a perspective from someone that is part of STOP. I can only speak about how my group operates. 99% of the time, we are doing a 20 second check. We typically point at everything we are checking for.. 1. Trail Permit, 2. Registration #'s, 3. Val tag or license sticker, 4. Helmet strap if visable, give them the thumbs up and tell them to ride safe and to continue on. Sometimes the guys have already shut their machines off and are getting their stuff out and we are telling them to keep moving. On a typical day, we might see 200-250 sleds, of those we might check the paperwork of 10%, and even if we check paperwork, if they have it handy, I can do it in 1 minute. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes we will go to a 2nd level check, 1. Drivers licence, 2. Ownership, 3, Insurance. You would be surprised at the number of times that their drivers license is suspended, no insurance, ownership still in the previous owners name. Just on Sunday, we recovered a stolen sled, never would have known unless we asked for his paperwork. I'm a sledder and put on 4000-5000kms a year and I completely agree there needs to be better co-ordination between Police, OFSC trail patrol and STOP, so that checkpoints are spreadout. The challenge is that during the course of a day and 225kms, I can sled thru 3 OFSC districts, 4 OPP regions and 7 club areas. My experience so far has been that most sledders will take the time to tell us they appreciate us being out there, many sledders take the time to have a smoke break or ask us questions about the trails, or just shoot the breeze for 5-10mins, even after we have waved them through. We have zero tolorence for no trail permit and can's or modified exhausts. All the STOP guys and OPP that I work with are sledders and they want everyone to enjoy a safe day out on the trails, not delay you or hassle you. Once again thats the group that I work with... you run into all types out there.
  8. Roweboat70

    4 sledders charged in Sudbury Area

    Was doing STOP patol today and was going to issue a PON for no trail permit and determined that the sled was stolen last Feb. Notified the OPP and they came and laid the appropriate charges and loaded the sled on a flatbed. Felt pretty good to recover a stolen sled. Some of the more serious charges start with just a check for license, registration and insurance.
  9. Want to get out in the fresh air and help get the trails ready for a great sled season? Everyone is welcome, the more help there is the quicker it will get done ! Please forward this message to anyone you think would like to help out. Snow is in the forecast and your trails need a little bushing maintenance; some more than others. We are planning Trail Maintenance parties for: Sunday, November 23 Sunday, November 30 ...and would appreciate your participation in any or all of those days if your schedule permits. Meet at the Mount Forest A&W at 9:00am, if you want to grab breakfast. We will departure from Mount Forest A&W at 10:00am For the excursion, wear/bring: Boots, work gloves, warm clothing Water - keep hydrated Lunch or Snacks Join us, enjoy the fellowship, tell terrible stories and tall tales about your sledding adventures, and be part of opening the trails for another great sledding season in Mount Forest! If you have any questions, send a email to: mountforestdrifters@bell.net
  10. Roweboat70

    south western On riders,,,,conditions??

    Dundalk, Osprey, Creemore, Singhampton, all groomed today. Get here quick.... calling for +5 and rain on friday and +1 with light snow Saturday.
  11. Roweboat70

    Owen Sound trails

    Thanks Vooodoo !!!!
  12. Roweboat70

    Owen Sound trails

    After Wednesday warm spell, anyone know how the trails around Allenford, Port Elgin, Tara, Chatsworth are ? Hoping to get one last ride in on Saturday or Sunday.
  13. Roweboat70

    Palmerston Trail

    The trail goes right by it. Right near intersection 513.
  14. Roweboat70

    Best Western in Walkerton

    Anyone sledded to the Best Western in Walkerton ??? how did you get there ? South on Bruce Rd 19 from the trail ?