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  1. crackher

    Enter to Win a 2013 TNT MXZ 1200 Ski-Doo

    See you boys there...looking forward to it and it looks like the weather is going to be great!!!We are planning to arrive Friday late afternoon as well
  2. nunz, I'll be there Great Event, Great People, Snowcrest helps a lot and PET Crew does so much to put this all together. Over the year I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people...this year should be no different
  3. booked the hotel rooms today...Way to go Viper on the awesome hotel rates...guys you are not going to get a hotel like this place anywhere for these rates...especially during the sledding season..I mean the amenities are awesome the breakfast is perfect what more could you ask..just book 'em early cause they sell out
  4. crackher

    Why are trails not open?

    LOL!! This one make the most sense....He also tells winter when it is ALLOWED to snow
  5. Registered....and WB your right...no better cause to raise for imo. see you all there
  6. crackher

    Riding from K.L. to Kap tomorrow

    thanks folks.. off to bed early start tomorrow morning... If anyone see's a black '06 mach ZX, '98 SX and a '11 gade that well be us say hi.. I dont have any OC stickers though
  7. Hey not sure of any particular trails or sight seeing things or lookouts... But What should I be trying to fit in along my journey from Kirkland Lake to Kapuscasing..WE LEAVE TOMORROW Morning We may go to hearst, or timmmins on the way back, but looking for some great photo opprotunities here..
  8. crackher

    Kirkland Lake trails will be stellar

    awesome..we are so looking forward to this trip.. So Here is the plan (let me know if so any pitfalls) P.S. none of us have ever sledded up north Arrive in Kirkland Lake Wednesday evening to pick up my cousins sled (he is renting a sled there) The plan is to ride to Matheson and fuel up there, and then ride into a friends cottage on Pain killer lake (spend the night there) Ride out in the morning and fuel again in Matheson and ride to Cochrane for a bite to eat (then decide if we spend the night in Cochrane so we can run the canyon loop, or ride onward to Kap) Questions, 1) what time is the fuel in matheson open until in the evening 2) between kirkland lake and Kap are there any problem spots for fuel (I have a '06 Mach and riding with a '02 SX 600 and the rental is a 4tec) Anything else you think I should know (for a northern noob) Thanks
  9. crackher

    Kirkland Lake trails will be stellar

    Hey ultra we r heading up on the 6 or 7th of march. We r planning to ride to kap. Can u lend a hand with what we should expect, neither of us r northern riders. Planning on leaving k.lake in the late evening and staying in matheson at a friends place and then riding north how long will it take to ride to cochrane and then in to kap from matheson
  10. If everything works out ill be there for the ride see you guys there
  11. crackher

    Snow forecasted for xmas week

    Hey fred anything in hali yet, what about the forest
  12. crackher

    Friday Storm

    Looking good
  13. Ya, but for some I am sure that is a "calculated risk" they are willing to accept. especially if their insurance is greater than 5000.00 a year. I think it should be more but hey...I got smoked by a drunk driver years back and he had no license, no insurance and a court order against him...I guess what I am saying is that since you cannot legislate stupidity there will always be the 13 whatever % that do what they want when they want, how they want
  14. crackher

    groomer guy pissed at trail closure

    what a pile....of steaming dog....