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  1. Krusty

    Lake exit at baysville

    If you look at the map above, the exit is directly across from the "k" in "Muskoka" on opposite shore.. not on the shore where Muskoka is written. When you get off the lake turn left on the road & follow road about 1.5 kms...cross Bruenell road and about 300 meters down the road you will see the trail on the left that takes you directly to the gas station in Baysville. Follow the tracks, lots of ice but ice gets thin very fast towards the narrows so STAY CLEAR and stay to the right when approaching exit. There are a couple of pressure cracks on the way down the lake so keep your eyes open. If you get back on the lake at this end make sure you are at the same cottage... the road bends and twists a couple of times and its easy to end up down a road that you dont want.
  2. Krusty

    Permit Pricing Not Fair

    The group I ride with have often said it would be cool to be able to buy multi-province permit at a reduced rate. If you think about it if you did live somewhere that 2 provinces were close if you could afford to buy 1 permit but couldn't or didn't want to buy 2 pemits you would have to make a choice each year.I know thats why we don't ride Quebec anymore, with all the great trails we have in Ontario as nice as it would be, just can't justify spending an extra 300? a Quebec permit costs. We have often said a great trip would be to ride from Quebec City, Gaspe Bay Peninsula, New Brunswick and back to Quebec City........but that would be 3 different permits to buy. Don't get me wrong I am a firm believer in you gotta pay to play but if for example you had a multi-province permit that was a bit of a deal how many people would take advantage? Think about it, you have all the people who live near boarders who ultimatly will cheat a litte bit as it is now (lets be realistic)...... and you have guys like I ride with..........who would love to ride new areas (everything is connected anyway) would buy this type of permit. Pay the regular price of a permit for the province you live in then, for say $75.00 add a province! That way for the boarder guys its only $75 extra to be legit in both provinces and guys like me it would drawn back to Quebec/New Brunswick. Odds are you would likley do the vast majority of your riding in your home province anyway (the permit you pay reg price for) but have the option of additional variety in trails in other provinces. This way the province that was getting cheated gets the $75 and if you wanted to do a multi province trip you wouldn't need to have $600 plus tied up in permits. Promotes tourisim in all 3 provinces thats good for everyones economy. Like I said I believe you gotta pay to play but a deal on a multi-province permit I think would generate a lot of extra revenue to each of the province trail associations. I bet if this type of permit was available a ton of people would take advantage of it I know at least 5 guys who would have bought one this year......would you?
  3. Lots of heads where the sun don't shine on this one IMHO. Since the classic permit became available you suddenly see the older hardware out on the trails again WITH A PERMIT on them. For years there were a number of older sleds riding around & if you paid attention the majority of them were running without any permit. Everyone loves to whine every year about the $200.00 it costs to buy a permit (which everyone knows is a good deal anyway) and along comes an idea of enticing all kinds of people who own older sleds to buy a permit at a reduced rate and a whole bunch of whinning starts again. Bottom line we definatly are seeing an increase in older sleds on the trails, sleds that weren't being used cause they were too old for the big 1000km rides or whatever and now the ofsc is seeing some revenue for it. How can this possibly be a bad thing? If the $200 is such a big deal to all the whinners out there why not take up cross country skiing of figure skating or mall walking....sob.sob sniff sniff. This of course is just my Krusty opinion
  4. Wings are great....A tavern is a place you can buy food & beer but doesn't have a pole or naked women.
  5. Pecks In Plattsville was sold this past summer & is now under new ownership. The new owners have sunk a ton of money into this place & completly renovated & updated it. Has a totally new menu, food is great & very reasonably priced a very sled friendly operation & definatly worth checking out if your in the area. Krusty
  6. Krusty

    High Mileage for a 4 Stroke Yammi

    Thanks Sj, filtered out at work so I can't access the site very often anymore & the kid has basically taken over the home lap top. See ya on the trails!
  7. Krusty

    High Mileage for a 4 Stroke Yammi

    I have over 30 000 kms on my Rx-1. Just doing 1st valve adjust, never been in the motor but have changed many bearings as well as 1 drive shaft.
  8. Krusty

    Riding Suggestions?

    A group of us are planning a RAP tour next week & are looking for some recommendations. We want to extent the trip by an extra day & are unsure if we should spend the extra day riding Pembrooke- Ottawa area or Mattawa North Bay area. If anyone could reply with riding experiences in either of these areas it would help us make our decision. Thanks for any input, it is appreciated. Krusty
  9. Krusty

    Dorset to South Portage

    Ride away, lake is pounded flat, good ice at the top end for sure. Last week end even the Dorset narrows were frozen over with tons of sleds running though, something I don't ever remember seeing before.
  10. Krusty

    What to My Wondering EYES!

    It never ceases to amaze me at how.....whats a nice way to put it..."unaware" people can be when it comes to the danger of riding on ice. Thanks for the update on Lake of Bays DwightRx. When in doubt, don't go out!!!!
  11. Krusty

    which 4 stroke to buy

    heaven forbid,,,what will it cost for an overhaul/new engine???? I have near 30 000 kms on my RX-1 & it runs like a top! Many guys running this motor in bikes are well over 100 000kms & in the bikes they rev them out waaaaay higher than you ever could in a sled. I know everyone likes to beat up the Yammy 4 strokes because they are heavy, but since all the majority of riders do is ride trail who really cares. If I had a 2-stroke I would probly be on my 3rd motor by now!
  12. Krusty

    Places to Stay Pembroke?

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks. Krusty
  13. Doing a RAP Tour this year for the first time out of my brothers cottage in Baysville. It looks like Pembroke would be 1st night out & none of our group has ever been there. Any recomendations on decent places to stay would be appreciated & if anyone has done the trip any info would be helpful. Thanks Krusty
  14. Krusty

    NDSC Trail Staking

    Hey Lep I drove by some of the staked trails yesterday & noticed that some of the plowed fields were also packed down between the stakes. Was the entire N.D.S.C packed like that & what did you guys use to pack it? I have seen that done in years past (great idea) in other areas but never around here.
  15. Krusty

    Trip to Northern Ontario

    I second staying at Lillabelle....Great place, people & food. Rod & Kim are very accomodating & reasonable rates to boot!