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  1. Easy Rider


    John was a true ambassador of the sport and a great friend. Every season when reminiscing about past trips, Johnny M's name comes up and we remember all the good times and laughs (and maybe a few pints) that we enjoyed together. He will always be missed and remembered.
  2. Easy Rider

    Fergus / Elora trails limited

    Mitchell opened up. Might have to get the old snow weapon out!
  3. Easy Rider

    Trail pass no longer needed

    You do NOT have to go to the issuing club for replacement. As long as you have the paperwork and permit you are good to go. I have done several over the years that were not issued from our club and there was no problem. Good Luck!
  4. Easy Rider


    I was out mowing the lawn this morning........ I can see a spring trip to BC in the making!
  5. Easy Rider

    etec or 1200 4 stroke

    Very cool sled! If I was buying a 2-stroke, that would be it! Great choice. If it was a 4-stroke, I almost hate to admit this, but I would be buying a Turbo X-Fire Cat. IMHO, Cat has the coolest looking 4-stroke on the snow!
  6. Easy Rider

    Yamaha Sleds IS anyone finding the gas tank small

    I have a 10 gal. trail tank on my Nytro and have a easy fuel range of 250km. I average between 17 and 18 mpg. and have yet to see a 600 SDI get as good of fuel economy as the Nytro. I ride with several e-tecs, the 600's are as good or slightly better on fuel, the 800's always take 2 to 3 litres more on a fill (if they are still running LOL). I rode with a carbed Vector ( I think it was an 08 ) and he used 1 liter more than I did on about a 200km ride segment and said it was the 1st. time another sled had used less fuel than his. He also said it was the fastest 200kms he had ever travelled on a sled....
  7. Easy Rider

    New sled

    If you are buying new, be prepared to take it back to the US for warranty work because there is no warranty here in Canada, at least for Ski-Doo and Yamaha. Can't say that AC and Polaris have the same policy, but it wouldn't suprise me. Used is no problem, warranty can be transfered, if it is still in the warranty period. I have imported a few used sleds over the years and it is a walk in the park. Good luck.
  8. Easy Rider

    for sale 2006 Mach Z

    Not a chance, he wouldn't have any use for all those YELLOW ropes he has for hauling in exploded ROTAX engines....
  9. Easy Rider

    How's eveyones mileage this year?

    That's all part of the game!
  10. Easy Rider

    How's eveyones mileage this year?

    What's work? I've heard it's highly over rated...... On our weekly Wed. ride we average between 450 and 600km in a day. I've done 4 of those so far this season and 3 or 4 week-end rides that were the same kind of K's. Go for the odd solo afternoon rip that will bang on 2 to 300K. It adds up in a hurry. When we have snow that I can ride from home, I usually put on 1,000 to 1,300K a week.
  11. Easy Rider

    How's eveyones mileage this year?

    Put the sled in the garage yesterday with 6983km so far for the season. Hopefully it doesn't warm up as much as the weatherman is forecasting for the end of the week, our trails are in really nice shape. Only 3000km to go for my seasons goal!
  12. Easy Rider

    Burford area crack smokers

    I have to agree with what you are saying. LMV rode with us to Turkey Point a few years ago and I have to be honest with you, if you don't know the area it would be hard to find your way around. It is a lot of work for volunteers to set up trails for a few days of riding. Last year, we never opened our trails in New Dundee. Pretty hard getting new people involved when there is no snow to ride on, but this year is a different story!
  13. Easy Rider

    There goes another one.... piston....

    I broke 10,000km on my Nytro XTX on the weekend. There has been one recall that I took it back to the dealer for a bolt backing out on the right upper A-arm. That's it, done nothing but regular servicing, change oil, grease, etc and I do all of that myself. No exhaust donuts and only on my second set of hyfax. I changed the skis before I ever rode it and it took a lot of time to get it set up to my satisfaction, but that is no different than any other sled I've owned. Gets as good or better fuel economy than any E-tec, 600 or 800, that I ride with and they use oil when you squeeze the throttle to the bar. The 1200 Doo is the really decent sled, but it would be hard to give up the quality and reliability of the Yammy. As far as off trail capability, the Nytro or 1200 Renegade would be the only 4-strokes that fall into the weight catagory to do double duty, IMO. My Nytro is within 15lbs. of my old Rev Renegade 800 and I'll take it anywhere that the guys on the 2-strokes will go.....