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  1. So, three years back I get a new FXR sled jacket at less than half price, as the pattern isn't popular; RealTree Camo White. (I don't care, great price and I had painfully found out my old CHOKO wasn't water proof.) 2018 trip I'm lead, we hit a lot of snow coming down, and I notice that number 2 isn't in my mirror. He can't see me, and can't make out the trail. I guess RealTree Camo white works well in the winter. Last year I start wearing a day-glo green safety vest, both touring and locally. First thing I notice is how often all on-coming traffic slows right down (even in QC
  2. I am new to sledding and am hoping to meet others in my area of Miskwabi Lake who wouldn't mind me tagging along out on the trails this year. I am always a bit worried when I go out on the trails alone, just doesn't seems that safe if I were to break down, etc. So if there's anyone out there who would like an extra person out on trails with them then shot me a message or text me at 416-268-5106. I do have a trailer as well so open to trailering. My machine is a SkiDoo Grand Touring 2010, so I can even take along another person!
  3. I have put on 600 kms between Havelock and Lake Saint Peter over the last few weeks and have not seen a single O.P.P. anywhere , or have I heard from any sledders that have seen them . I own a restaurant on the trail in Havelock and the O.P.P. would usually park their trailer across the street where it was nice and visible .This would happen almost once a week but not once this winter. We have had yellow and green trails for a few weeks and I have met a number of sledders in the restaurant from out of the area and I make it a point to speak to them and not ne have mentioned any Police on trail
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