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  1. For the 2nd consecutive year, the Blue Mountain Snowdrifter's Snowmobile Club in Collingwood, Ontario is again raffling off a Triton XT-11 Trailer. Tickets can be purchased on our website: www.bluemountainsnowdrifters.com by filling out the form, and then someone from the club will be in contact with you. The draw is held on Saturday Feb 2, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. at the New Lowell Pavilion at 5212 County Rd 9. Approx value is $6780 Tickets are $20 each or 3 tickets for $50. Get your tickets now, limited quantity of tickets are available. If you prefer, tickets will be available at the Toronto International Snowmobile Show on Oct 19-20th, visit the Ontario Snowcruisers booth (our club will share the booth with Ontario Snowcruisers). Best of luck everyone. A video of the winner from last year is posted on our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluemountainsnowdrifters/ Follow us on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluemountainsnowdrifters/
  2. cds13ca

    WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    my understanding is limited is exactly that. it's ridable, but many times with marginal snow cover, meaning exposed rocks, balls of frozen dirt, corn stalks, water crossings are usually not yet frozen but you can get across them. Limited usually means there's many more hazards to watch for so use extreme caution. I think Green means that there's really good snow cover, all water crossings are frozen and passable. There's still hazards to watch for so use caution, but less likely to ride across a field with frozen mud balls and exposed rock..
  3. cds13ca

    Creemore, Wasaga B, Midland trail conditions?

    my bad, I just spoke again to one of our groomers and had misunderstood the timing. he said he was out there last week and brought in some snow, it's probably washed away since there isn't much snow to work with... The next groomer pass should hopefully refill that spot with some snow. Use caution as always. Esp with such limited conditions, there's lots of open wet spots right now...
  4. cds13ca

    Creemore, Wasaga B, Midland trail conditions?

    update, if it's the spot i'm thinking about, Just spoke to our groomer who went through and filled the water hole / culvert with snow, should be better now.
  5. cds13ca

    Creemore, Wasaga B, Midland trail conditions?

    Thanks for posting this guys, I'll get some of our guys to take a ride over and see what we can do to fix it. There's a culvert in there that occasionally gets washed away during heavy melts and too much water flowing, my guess without seeing it is that it has probably moved. We'll take a look sometime during the week. Blue Mt. Snowdrifters
  6. cds13ca

    Legal Off Trail Riding Areas

    Well said skidooboy! I know in the collingwood area where newbie is probably talking about. However, that area is monitored by MNR. I know this because I'm a rep from the club and been out personally with the MNR warden for walks to discuss our plans and their plans. Our club has permission to access to trails that are marked but when sleds start going in places that may be "protected areas" or areas they don't have permission to go, it only makes it more and more difficult for us as the club to ask MNR for more permission down the road to use other trails or do "improvement" projects. We're trying to stay in the good books with MNR so please don't start inviting the entire world to go for a free for-all, you're only making things harder for us when the warden comes to see all the tracks everywhere. They've already complained to us about that area that I'm thinking about, between sleds in the winter, and 4x4 trucks and atv's in the summer, they've asked us to stay off trails that are not sanctioned snowmobile trails. There's endangered species that they're protecting. Thx for your cooperation, Blue Mt Snowdrifters
  7. cds13ca

    WIN a NEW 2018 Triton XT-11 Trailer!

    Just two weeks left to get your ticket. The big draw is Sunday Feb 4th, 2018 at 4 p.m. at the Stayner Arena. Tickets are still available, if you'd like to get in on this amazing trailer, PM me and we'll set you up with tickets! Last chance before the big draw. Best of luck everyone, happy trailering!
  8. cds13ca

    WIN a NEW 2018 Triton XT-11 Trailer!

    Thanks everyone for your support! Tickets are still for sale up until the draw Feb 4th. If anyone is interested PM me with: i) Your name ii) Home Address iii) Contact Number iv) Email address Best of luck in the draw!
  9. cds13ca

    WIN a NEW 2018 Triton XT-11 Trailer!

    We will be in the area again on Sunday Jan 7th, 2018 at Mylar & Loretta's in Singhampton between 11 am - 1 p.m. If you're in the area, please drop in say hello, introduce yourselves. If you'd like a raffle ticket, we will have them on hand too. Blue Mt Snowdrifters thanks you for your support!
  10. cds13ca

    Wingham to Collingwood

    Mt. St. Louis Moonstone and Blue Mountain are no where near each other... But I'm glad you were able to go inside for a bite without getting dirty looks. We're all human, LOL.
  11. cds13ca

    Wingham to Collingwood

    At this time, there's no trail to Blue mountain. We are working on one but that will still be a few years down the road. It's more promising. You can always try to run the road there. But skiers and snowmobilers seem to be enemies these days.
  12. cds13ca

    Wingham to Collingwood

    I would assume so, it's just an abandoned boating dock behind the sewage plant. No paid parking or anything. the lot is here: https://goo.gl/maps/GbAs9WZSrbB2 The 703 trail starts on the left side of birch street runs behind mcd's, and to main street then you can split up from there to 703 or 704. If not, we have another lot that we maintain, https://goo.gl/maps/ZtbZzZUcNbE2 with access to the B trail from there. There you can for sure leave your car overnight, that's on ministry land. You can get to Collingwood by trail from there in about 40 min.
  13. cds13ca

    Wingham to Collingwood

    over the years, they've gotten better, imo. there are tonnes of sleds here in town, we've gotten lots of businesses on board for sponsorship, I think as long as people are respectful (i) stay on the marked trail, (ii) respect the 20km/h limit esp around hikers etc, and (iii) if you have pipes on your sled, don't even bother coming into town check out our website www.bluemountainsnowdrifters.com click on TOURISM and at the bottom, be sure to visit our sponsors if you're around the area. Happy riding!
  14. cds13ca

    Wingham to Collingwood

    Yes, the georgian trail is a big no no. There are signs posted, and it's in the bylaws. No snowmobiles on the georgian trail. Too bad, it would be an amazing link between Collingwood and Thornbury though! We don't have an ofsc trail to the Georgian Bay Hotel any more. We used to years ago, but then more and more homes went up along the trail (meaning more an more complaints all the time from the residents) so eventually that trail closed. It took at lot of our man-hours to maintain that swampy trail, and the hotel didn't sponsor us or help us so we stopped wasting our time / energy and volunteer hours. I ride up here all the time, and know the area very well, if you have questions, let me know if I can help out. There is trailer parking down by Birch Street by the water docks (where the boaters park in the summer). https://goo.gl/maps/DFZ9G3yJTFo Trail 703 starts / ends there (it's the broken line on the map)
  15. The Blue Mountain Snowdriter's Snowmobile is raffling off a brand new 2018 Triton XT-11 Double Enclosed Trailer, value $6700. Imagine yourself with a brand new toy trailer that you paid $50 for!! Tickets are $20 for one, or 3 for $50. We will be showing the trailer in Singhampton on Saturday Jan 6th, 2018 at Mylar and Loretta's, of the B111 trail during the day. Tickets will be available there, and at our sponsors, Parkway Yamaha, J&R Cycle in Stayner, Friend's Pub in Stayner and Ken Ferguson Enterprises in Clearview. The draw is being held at the Stayner Arena on Feb 4th, 2018. You don't have to be present to be declared a winner, your information is on the ticket, we will contact you. PM me if you'd like tickets. Send me your name, email, address and contact number and we'll set up an e-transfer.