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  1. The owner has picked it up.. Mission accomplished. Thanks
  2. A couple guys picked up a black and yellow ski doo bag on the Seguin trail on their way to Edgewater Park Lodge. We have it here in the front office waiting, do us a favor and spread the word. It hasn't been opened. It waits for you here safe and sound Thanks Martin Chef at Edgewater Park Lodge Kearney
  3. Quick update. Chef Justin is now working at Locale in King city. A nice little Italian joint. Chef Martin has taken over the kitchen management position at Bush Company in Dwight, and a whole new scratch menu will be implemented by the end of next week. And Chef Kelly is now at Edgewater, and started running a killer breakfast at Suds on Main. Expect some awesome changes at all 3 of these locations. And be sure to hit up Locale if you are in the King City area.
  4. Hey guys. It's true that we have had to shut down. And we did give it an honest go. It pretty much all boiled down to, two missed summers, and an unfortunate accumulation of debt during peak seasons. We thought that we would be able to recover, but a few more speed bumps came along during this winter and finished us off. I will make a post here with what our futures hold, so we can meet up again in the future. I can say that Kelly have moved over to Edgewater Park resort, and Justin is now working at a higher end Italian joint in King City called Locale. I am still in Kearney wor
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