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  1. if anybody ever wondered how trump won the presidency, all you'd have to do is read this thread
  2. 'not buying' climate change is just showing the person's ignorance.
  3. donkey

    Need Advice - Sled Burnt Down

    jesus! did you guys at least make some s'mores? that thing is crispy
  4. donkey

    What to do should you fall through the ice.

    lighten up, it's the internet
  5. donkey

    What to do should you fall through the ice.

    that guy probably got the bj of his life the next day he's going to get away with whatever the hell he wants for the next twenty years
  6. Yes, the accident did occur on a closed trail.
  7. donkey

    Kearney Legion Winter Kitchen

    without Toronto, economically Ontario would be screwed.
  8. donkey

    More On The Snow

    https://www.ontario.ca/page/renew-licence-plate-sticker half price for cars, free for sleds. http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/ncm-tx/rtrn/cmpltng/ddctns/lns248-260/255/prvncs/on-eng.html places in Ontario you can get money off your taxes. lots of sledders up there I'm sure eh 02sled?
  9. donkey

    Studs in a used track

    Doing the RAP three or four years ago a guy we were with did that exact thing. He got picked up in Petawawa and that was that for him.
  10. donkey

    Early Bird Campfire .... sled ride to the lake !!!

    are the trails still open up there?
  11. donkey

    WOWSERS! Lots of idiots

    probably because he's a dummy
  12. nice article! just a heads up though - studs on tires are only legal in northern Ontario, may want to change that in your piece
  13. donkey

    You begin to wonder why you do it

    is somebody having a bad day?
  14. donkey


    foot and a half now guys - this lake effect is just pumping the snow in here
  15. donkey


    10-12" in bracebridge and it's still coming