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    Do you like being an asshat ?

    I am afraid our sport is getting more and more "newbies" on crazy powerful machines that have little or no experience on a snowmobile. Imagine taking up motorcycle riding for the first time - never been on a bike and you go in the showroom and pick out a 1000 ninja race bike. Basically what happens in the sled world now - a plain little "intro sled" 600cc pushes out 125HP now a days and hits 100km/hr in a little bump of the flipper. I met a couple of newbies the other night brand new 1100 Turbos - guy flew over a steep hill - panicked and rolled the machine down the center of the trail - flew off and the machine ended upright parked into some saplings 10 yards off the trail - guy had no idea what to do - asked if he should get a tow truck to get it back on the "skidoo road" . I started it and showed him how to turn it around and pull on the ski to get it moving in deep snow. No clue - first time on a sled ever - yet him and buddy are doing 100+ down the trail Way too common now. After 25 yrs and about 100,000kms of trail riding in Ont I only ride mid week now - weekends are just too dangerous - too many drivers who have no idea how to ride - especially at high speed. As for keep to the right - I ride every day on well tracked trails - yet I am putting down the first tracks of the day ALL THE TIME on the right edge - especially on the left corners with the big piles of loose snow on them that have'nt seen a track up on them since the groomer went by. I estimate 90% -95% ride right down the middle around every corner. Maybe the OPP and STOP should forget the radar on the longest straight stretch they can find and set up on some sharp corners - get the guys coming around out of control - never mind determining their own "safe speed" when they pick out a % of every sled speeding on the great big open straight away Maybe time for one way trails ?
  2. Reelpro

    E trail limited

    rode through there on Fri last week, we came from Bancroft thru to the B trail and E junction- there is a section a couple of kms long plowed for logging - then a larger section maybe 10-12 kms on the east side of that that seems to only have been groomed a couple times - it was maybe plowed earlier in the year ? pretty flat but soft like an early season trail Really not that bad at all - as long as the cold stays it should be OK - if it gets warm the plowed section will be messy. Trails east of that section were amazing down to Bancroft - 109 across Baptiste lake
  3. Reelpro

    replacement permit

    hi anyone know if I can get a $10 replacement sticker at any retailer of Snowcrest permits ? Permit tore off sled - other than a quarter of a scrap Office hours for Gravenhurst ? contact number ?
  4. Maybe having a stack of LOGO signs would be a way to generate $$$ from all the business' that benefit from sledding but are not on a trail. Dealers, Gas pumps, Motel/Hotel off trail, Local Tourism Orgs, Insurance companies, parts suppliers, Canadian Tire, etc, etc
  5. How about local clubs come up with a Sticker/Decal - inexpensive sign a business along the trail could purchase from the club for less $$ than a Map add. Maybe another way to increase revenue and business participation. Restaurant could have it in the window, on the door, or out front on a post. "WE SUPPORT BLANK CLUB" with club LOGO Sell it to them for $100 or $200 might get a bunch more sales when they decline the trail map add Get every trail permit sales person to push permit buyers to look for these signs as well as map adds, might slowly change some business attitiudes
  6. Reelpro

    Rail trail courtesy

    YUP I find it interesting when I am riding after fresh snow. there seems to be always only one track used by dozens - even hundreds of sleds. RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE !! Really makes me wonder when I am going around a right hand corner and EVERY sled track is in the same 1 sled wide path - ON MY SIDE. Was every sled so far on the trail going my same direction - don't think so. I do my best to get way out on those left hand turns in the "slidy soft stuff" and jam another set of tracks on the trail, so maybe the sleds coming after me see there is a whole lot of groomed trail to ride.- other than the center. I see "weekend warriors" out there every day. So I pretty much ride the trails with one ski in the snowbank at all times. I pass way way more sleds riding in the center or even the wrong side, than on their side of the trail. "RIDE ON YOUR SIDE" CHEERS
  7. Reelpro

    Throttle back on trail permit fees

    WE ARE SCREWED BY INSURANCE CO's IN ONTARIO I believe the latest "pie chart" I saw of your trail permit dollars - showed 40% + going to the OFSC liability policy. Yet I have never heard of an actual court case where the OFSC was convicted and required to pay any damages. I think there was one in Montreal where a land owner was paid out a settlement. Can anyone post an actual settlement that has happened ? ANYONE ?
  8. I worked at a ski hill few yrs ago and they have a whole bunch of kms of cross country ski trail. They use a huge roller at the start of the year, looks like 4-5 feet high - like something you would roll a field of sod with. They hook to a sled or Argo and start rolling down the snow on their trails every time there is a few cm's. They roll them quite a few times before putting their big BR180 and drag on them. Build's a base, drives the frost in and firms everything up, without losing any snow like happens when a heavy drag is skidded down an unfrozen trail first few times. Perhaps OFSC should take our extra $10 a permit this yr and buy some of these. I emailed them re this, but they are kinda like the government now - no reply.