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  1. GSX

    Got stopped today

    We where on the rail trail between Shelborne and Owen Sound and got stopped both ways on the 16th.
  2. GSX


    Thanks London for the Up-Date, if not this week-end then we will see you later in the year.
  3. Hello to the St Mary's crew! We are starting to see some trails to the north turning yellow, first thanks for all the hard work! How are you feeling about this weekend for staging out of the club house?
  4. GSX

    K-W Trail conditions

    We ate there yesterday, and yes very yummy! Great trails to the St Clements club, thank-you volunteers!
  5. GSX

    What did you do yesterday ?

    We Dropped at St Agatha near Kitchener rode up the B203, Stopped for lunch at the St Clements club house kept going north a piece and came back down threw Wellelsey and Baden and come from the south back into St.Agatha. Stopped a another club house, i think called the "Sled Shed" had a coffee and enjoyed there out-door fire. Great trails
  6. Sticking with the same area, We are planning to ride that area Friday and wondering if you can still stage at the community centre in St. Agatha? Trail used to be right there but it been a few years since we where there.
  7. I have a 2010GSX 600E-TEC with 2600 miles...advertisied for 8000.00 had some interest but nothing close to concrete.
  8. GSX

    Throttle back on trail permit fees

    I just have posted my sleds and trailer for sale, and it is a hard decision i love the sport but certainly more than 1 thing factored to my decision No riding in D5 or D9 nothing better than a day trip More than once we have planed a trip north and plans had to be changed to due weather conditions. The trail pass i do not find expensive..I feel it is the combination of passes, insurance and general matience and depreciation that are the culprit I feel it make more sence to plan a trip with sled rentals for us southern riders, if you have a cottage than there is a obvious advantage. Mike
  9. I am kinda partial to scrap bookin Mike! Congrats on the sale Winter.
  10. 2010 GSX 600 E-TECH Sled has 2657 miles with pic's and the 2013 trail pass 8000.00 2004 GSX 500 SS This is my wifes sled and only has 2694 miles on it. I have owned it since 2005 Sled is a 500 cc with pics and again 2013 trail pass 4500.00 2007 Trition Elite trailer 12' with the big door and all the options. i bought this trailer new in 2007 3000.00 Everything is very well maintained, both sleds have been out and had some shake down miles this year. If there is interest in the package the price that would include 2 covers, jugs of oil, box of tools with jack and wrench in the trailer please call me and we can discuss a discounted price. Mike Morris mike-morris@shaw.ca Hamilton/Niagara/Haldimand border 905-928-1120 Always best to call as i am not always on the computer If pics are needed please send your e-mail address and can be sent..sorry but i do not know how to post them here.