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  1. Pstn head

    groomer guy

    Get well soon Luc
  2. Pstn head

    Beer cans on trails

    I don't get it...but that's just me.
  3. Pstn head

    Cochrane Update..

    Make sure your carbides, sliders and scratchers are up to snuff.
  4. Pstn head

    Clearing the D trail Huntsville

    Thanks for all the hard work
  5. Pstn head

    Parry Sound Area Trails

    That is fantastic news, thanks to all for your efforts.
  6. Pstn head


    So stupid, but I believe it totally. I had a similar situation when a deer hit the front end of my car...all I can say is good thing I didn't have a chance to avoid it and avoided the ditch. I
  7. Pstn head

    Helmet of choice

    Something comfortable, warm lightweight and parts like visors readily available
  8. Pstn head

    Tatachikapika Lodge

    Great place, best of luck hope to see you soon
  9. Pstn head

    Last ride of the season

    Looks like fun Blake... Very tempting
  10. Pstn head

    Halfway Haven Fuel Grade?

    91 great quality fuel at Halfway
  11. Pstn head

    Matheson - gas and food?

    She's the best!!! And the food is good.
  12. Pstn head

    Wawa or Cochrane

    Go to Wawa, 6ft of snow and unlimited areas for off trail.
  13. Pstn head

    White River/Marathon

    Searchmount...Driftwood Chalets and like 1049 said... Stay in Sault St. Marie and trailer to Searchmount in the morning. You can park at Driftwood for a small fee (I'd consider that first) or there's a staging area also. You NEED to do this ride whatever it takes!!!!
  14. Pstn head

    White River/Marathon

    Rode to Marathon last weekend, amazing ride and scenery. Not sure how many in your group. It was two of us and we started that day from Wawa to Marathon, so Dueberville to Marathon is very doable. Imo speed is not a factor... The trails from Deuberville to the White River turn around are fairly easy going (especially becouse there meticulously groomed) thanks to Luc, Danny nd there crew. Now... the trail from White River to Marathon was groomed the days prior to us riding them, we were the first and only sleds from White River to Marathon and back the next day, yup 2-tracks in and our 2-tracks back. Speed is not a factor from White River to Marathon after you gas up at the Esso in White River there is one speed and that speed is steady and enjoy the scenery speed because you just can't help but stop and take it all in, bring a camara or be sure your phone is fully charged becouse ther will be a lot of picture taking opportunities. Having said that the whole trail is groomed by one groomer, and by the Marathon club, the whole distance, so not sure how often it's groomed but I dont believe it's heavily traveled and will be in great shape. My recomindations are as follows: Do it! Do it! Do it! go and do the ride!!! it's a fantastic area of this province and the trail is a "Challenge" the scenery is second to none and if you do go...you won't want to come back home. Stay at Marathon Harbour inn Regular gas is across the street from Marathon Harbour inn if premium is required continue past that gas station in the westerly direction to the mall (first main street) turn left cross the road and it'll be on your right. Food.... We chickened out and avoided the local bar (was dark out) (just being two of us) we opted to eat at the A&W Try your darnedest to arrive in Marathon early as possible, pretty much everything closes at 8pm Again my #1 recommendation is DO IT !!! Go have fun, enjoy.
  15. Pstn head