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  1. Can anyone recommend a great place to stop for eats in either town. Was hoping to not stop at Rocky's. It's a great place but sometimes depending on when you get there it can take along time to get served. Thanks
  2. Stayed there last year while on the RAP. It was a great place. We arrived late and cleaned them out of snacks and frozen pizzas LOL. Cottage was like new. Highly recommend staying there. Hope to go back some day.
  3. Last weekend i had a steak at Zanti's that was excellent. Great food nice staff. Short walk from the Quality Inn. Talked to the new owner and she said they are getting a trail to the back door next year and sponsoring the club.
  4. Our group did small loops on Saturday as it was bitter cold. I see lots of people having trouble starting their sleds. Lucky for us all of ours started. From the Quality Inn we rode south on A. Then looped back north on 186 then across 185. This was a small loop but it was table top smooth. Hardly a track on it. Wow is all i can say. On Sunday we took the A down to Timagami and back. Again this trail was almost perfect. Amazing scenery along what must be a fire road. It was wide and smooth. Thanks to the local clubs for a great time. Would love to go back again.
  5. Even more great info thanks. Can't wait to get up there and ride.
  6. Thank you for the great input. Looks to be a little chilly this weekend. Can't wait to get out on some great trails.
  7. A group of us are going to the Quality Inn in New Liskeard on Family day weekend. We've never ridden in that are before. Can anyone recommend some nice day loops from there. Say 200 - 300 kms. I see the trail heading to North Bay is yellow. What is that trail like? Can you make time on it or is it a slow go? Any advise would be helpful thanks
  8. A group of use are looking to stay around the Mattawa area? Can anyone recommend a great place to stay with reasonable rates. It's just a bunch of guys so it doesn't need to be 5 star. Thanks
  9. Did those tarts come from Harley's? Always looking for a great place to stop along the way. Looking at the sign on the side of the building, I'm guessing it's in Mildmay. Stopped in Teeswater on Saturday. The restaurant was only open till 2:00. We were lucky to get served. Was told they got hammered with customers and they looked a little stressed out by the time we got there. Burger was pretty good.
  10. Anyone else try to stage from the Teviotdale truck stop on Saturday. We got there at 9:30 am and the place was jammed and the parade of trucks just kept coming. People were parking all over the place. We decided to park elsewhere. Hope the owner of the truck stop wasn't po'd. The parking lot was complete chaos.
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