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  1. Carry a spare Dess Key in my jacket. Needed it once. Also wanted to mention about the tools that are stored on the outside of the clutch cover. Always thought it was a bad idea, so I’ve kept them in the glovebox. Saw the evidence at a repair shop a month ago what happens when tool drops off the cover. The torsion spring adjustment tool feel off, bounced up into the primary clutch and you can imagine the damage. Just a heads up to all current Doo owners and new owners. You might want to keep the tools somewhere else.

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  2. 18 hours ago, AC+YA said:

    I will PM you this fall about the lights you put in.  Just too busy right now and it may be a while before the sled gets here. 
    Seems SkiDoo told my dealer that all the Spring Order sleds will be later than usual and it could be as late as next January before they arrive here in Michigan.  
    Not a good start on my first 4-stroke SkiDoo.  I have had 5 SkiDoo sleds over the years.  My first was a 1969 Olympic.  This should be a great sled. 

    Paige and I have had both Covid shots and are hoping that can open the border to us by next season?

    Really going to hurt if we can’t ride in Canada another season.......  

    Take Care. 

    Congrats again Scott on the new sled. PM anytime.

  3. On 4/1/2021 at 6:00 PM, AC+YA said:

    I have ordered my first NOTACAT since 1998 and it is like those you have ordered.  (XR-S Renegade Turbo 900 R)

    Congratulations on the new sled Scott. Really happy with my 21 of the same model. Will definitely be strange to see you on a Doo. Hopefully see you next season.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Turbo Doo said:

    Spot on Fire242. Making memories is what its all about. Good seeing all you guys again..

    Great seeing you, Mrs. TD and Frank also. Have a great summer. Can’t wait for your posts of the new 22’s. 

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  5. Great four days of riding. We were on every trail west of Moonbeam to Hearst. Great to ride with WD and the crew again. The miles of smiles and laughs sure makes up for what went on at the Super8 in Kap. Great to meet up with all the fellow OC members. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Turbo Doo said:

    As I stated before.  Kap Super 8. Great place, great trail access, decent parking.  As of right now, the GM, needs to go. And how she handled and approached the parking was a turn off for us. 

    Totally agree 

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  7. Many members of our group had also stayed here before and had left trucks and trailers with no issues. Our group even got a call on Thursday evening from manager who was at home asking us to move trucks to offsite parking then at 9:00 Thursday night. She was told no way. Couple of us did move Friday morning, manager told us parking area had been plowed. Yea right plowed, she must have a different interpretation of plowed than the rest of us. Got back Saturday and parked vehicles in the exact same spots we were in Friday morning when we had moved. Manager checked two of us in for another 2 night stay. Bookings were totally screwed up. Told me we needed someone who knew what they were doing when calling in to book rooms and laughed. Told her well you were the one who did our bookings right here at the counter. All I got was oh, no apology. Should of walked but rest of group was already checked in. Rooms are definitely nice but Super8 Kapuskasing will never get any of my money again. Riding was great!
    Great laughs and a perfect way to end season.

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  8. On 3/2/2021 at 10:37 PM, Candubrain said:

    Yup,  I put them down in the morning and ran all day with them down.   They're the Doo ones that mount to the tunnel with double springs so you can run in reverse with them.

    The also have the replaceable carbide tip, when one side wears down you spin them 180 degrees and continue using them.   No fear of breaking, snagging or wearing them out.

    Just like AC&YA says about flat spot. Tips will not stay. This is my 3rd sled with them. Always use loctite on set screw even from new install. Just have to heat screw up a bit to change tip.

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  9. Stoney, I’m really loving this 900T. Lots of research and talks with TD before I jumped over to the 4 stroke side.

    No regrets after the first 1100 kms. The 1.5IR track is very comparable to the 1.25 with aftermarket studs I had on my 850.

    Everyone says you lose some top end but with the full pull across Couch last week I don’t see why you would want to go any faster. This sled is more predictable as to what it’s going to do in the corners. Could be the added weight in the front end and also the new suspension which is making it ride alot flatter out of the corners. The 850 could be twitchy out of the corners but that’s the way I had the suspension set and my riding style, not sure what it would be like with the new suspension. I’ve left the rear suspension at factory setting of less transfer. Skis are moved out to the widest setting, moved stock carbides to outside and 6” Woody Ace carbides down centre. Usually run Shaper Bars but trying Woodys version. I’ve got my rear suspension set on 3 for the torsion spring adjustment, that lets snow flap just touch snow which is norm with this new suspension according to what I’ve researched. Also original torsion springs from factory. I’m about 20 pounds lighter than you. Last 4 sleds have been XRS platforms. I like the shock adjustability, the wider running boards and the rack steering, comes in handy with the guys I usually ride with. Getting use to the throttle has been no issue and I run it in sport mode all the time expect for in and out of the trailer, where I use eco. Took the 4 year warranty option and paid extra for the track upgrade. 
    Now to your question about which dealer to use. I’ve always used St.Onge. They don’t seem to be the most popular but they’ve always been great to me.

    Sorry for the long response. Hope this helps you decide.

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  10. 12 hours ago, scottyr said:

    Other than the cost, I dont think that the OEM belt for an 850 can be beat.   


    12 hours ago, Turbo Doo said:

    Same here. Keeping up on belt adjustment,  and knowing that those 850s like to be warmed up before hammering on them, ( motor, belt),  and i did find the oem Doo belt was best, not the cheapest,  but good. Between my '18 and my '19, 5000kms on each, original belt on each. Never an issue. Even had a few other fellows ride the sleds also, never an issue. 

    Totally agree with you both. My 18 Doo came with the 531 belt. Switched to the 571 as recommended by Doo.

    OEM belts aren’t cheap but they’re all I’ll use or recommend.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Ms SJ said:

    I always laughed with Dad about the name ‘Sledjunk’ – it was never meant to be a “name”. He liked to have different email addresses for his hobbies and interests to keep things separate, ending in junk, and so for sledding it was sledjunk. When he joined the forum many years ago, he thought of it as a resource to help plan trips that him and Adrian could take; and so out of laziness just used sledjunk as his avatar name, thinking he would just post the odd question or comment here and there.

    When he told me that he was meeting someone IRL from the forum for the first time, we joked around about the danger of meeting random strangers from the internet – to stay in a public place, and don’t be shy to scream for help if they try to lure you away somewhere. Sorry to whoever it was that he was meeting – we didn’t know if you were a serial killer or not. From there, Dad got to meet many more of you and have the privilege of riding with you.

    I can barely remember a time that Dad didn’t have a computer hooked up in his car, so of course he would have gadgets on his sled. And it was annoying for him to run into a situation on a trail that required a tool or two and him not having it, knowing full well he had several sitting in his garage – so he started accruing more and more tools in his saddlebags to be prepared for anything. To Adrian and I – this was Dad being Dad. To you, this was “Sledjunk”. It’s all of you that made a lazy avatar name an identity.

    Without this forum, and more importantly the people on this forum, it’s hard to say whether Dad would have loved sledding as much as he did. He wouldn’t have racked up the many kilometers that he did each season both with the sled and trailer. I wouldn’t have tried sledding if it wasn’t for all the stories I heard about his adventures – sledding would’ve stayed a father-son activity that occurred a few times each winter. Thank you for looking out and keeping Dad safe on the trails all these years. It’s comforting to know that there is a large community that loved Dad as much as we did and is grieving with us. Thank you.




    Sledjunk reading the forum

    Ms SJ. My condolences to you, your Mom and brother.

    I had the privilege to meet your Dad and ride with him a few times.

    The sport we all love has lost a great ambassador.

    RIP Dave 



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  12. I wear the Tekvest Freestyle model. I find it not as bulky as others but that’s just my opinion. They can be warm but the protection they offer definitely out ways that. Wearing them sure isn’t the norm by some of the looks I get when I take it off in restaurants. I’m a retired firefighter and have seen the injuries to people involved in the smallest of vehicle accidents. Sleds don’t offer the protection a car does, so all the protection I can get I’m in. Also always clip on the tether.

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  13. 19 minutes ago, scottyr said:

    I left New Liskeard this am.   The trails are OK around there.   There is quite a bit more snow once you get to Earlton.    The trails from Elk Lake to timmins are mint.   

    X2. We missed the yellow area on the A out of Elk Lake by taking L161 and L162. 

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  14. 8 minutes ago, TURBO DOO said:

    Looks like you cant avoid the logging north of Angliers, cause 84 south from Notre dame is red i see. How was the section?

    It was okay today. It had snowed a few inches and they must not work on the weekend so it wasn’t plowed off. There was another area north of that don’t remember if it was on the 303 or 83. They’re logging you pass through it but trail isn’t used as a road. 

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