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  1. turbojamie

    Shining Tree to Timmins and back

    Wonder what he's going to do with himself all day now?
  2. turbojamie

    Zrtkat in Temiscaming Quebec

    The QUEBEC side is NOT OPEN to Larder lake I got to experience that first hand last weekend. What a mess that goat path is. Avoid it or take the shoulder of the road to Kearns.
  3. turbojamie

    Shining Tree to Timmins and back

    I guess its put up or shut up time. Here is how to post a picture
  4. turbojamie

    New Liskeard ride suggestions

    I'm hoping all the people from the South remember GEM, Eco, Tri Town, Golden (kirkland) for their permits next season since they will be doing 2x the work now with the lack of snow in the south the grooming $ will run out sooner.
  5. turbojamie

    New Liskeard ride suggestions

    Trails have been great in the area but keep a look out for a lot of traffic. No snow in the south has the northern trails seeing 10x the sleds we usually do. Passed too many hot rods on the weekend to count. A lot as usual over their heads and on the wrong side. Never understood how people take the middle of each corner...
  6. turbojamie

    Shining Tree....very, very close call today!

    Trails are super busy up north with the lack of snow in the south. I see more guys stopped for a "pop" on the trails that I care to admit. Its down right scary when you have lunch somewhere that serves alcohol how many people have multiple drinks then hit the trails. I have been of the mind set for a while if you walk in wearing a helmet and suit they should be be legally allowed to serve you.
  7. turbojamie

    Shining tree to Timmins

    Thank you for the update. Was hoping to get a gold rush tour in this year but still might if they get it open for March. What a crappy season in general with weather and washouts and road problems etc...
  8. turbojamie

    Shining tree to Timmins

    Anyone know the status of this trail? Will it be open, or it is being open? Thanks
  9. turbojamie

    2015 - 2016 is almost here in the GEM.

    Not much for snow yet going on. Ron usually posts some updates but he hasn't been on here. The lake I think has been 1/2 frozen and thawed a few times now. Not much in the forecast but that could change in a matter of hours. Matachewan might be awkward again this season L136 was littered with brush last season from the ice / wet snow storm xmas eve. I was through with the ATV this spring and we spent a lot of time cutting to get through. Not sure if the club was in there or not brushing. With L136 not opening last season Metatch wasn't much of a destination because it was one way in and one way out and Golden Eagle wasn't participating in any grooming as far as I know they went South. So they were down on man power last season.
  10. turbojamie

    2015 - 2016 is almost here in the GEM.

    Ours is around 30' long I can't remember exactly but two sxs cars fit inside it. Ours has the old school shackle springs in it and its junk. Same with the never adjust brakes. It's built ok but twists alot vs the Wells Cargo it replaced there is no comparison.
  11. turbojamie

    2015 - 2016 is almost here in the GEM.

    6 x 12 is likely ok. No Torflex axles is the big thing.
  12. turbojamie

    2015 - 2016 is almost here in the GEM.

    It's not a very good trailer. Looks nice but tows awful.
  13. We have put in some long hours and a lot of time between Long point lodge and Elk Lake this fall. Brushing, trimming, widening the trails out. We purchased a new mower that really helped widen the trails out in some area's I think guys will be in for a big surprise. I planned to take more pictures of some of the brushing work but my phone died on the last run. Still some tree's are down between Long Point and Gowganda, not sure yet on the clubs intentions if they plan to use the road or the trail this winter. The road is always my favorite if no one is logging in the area. Won't be too long now. Here is the mower it makes quick work of tag alders and small tree's. http://www.inotechcanada.com/en/bruleur-bleuetiere/ Still some devastation from last winter
  14. turbojamie

    A107C has something going on...

    Were headed up for a final Boo this weekend as well. Thursday night to Monday are the plans. One more rip over to QC for a day trip then we'll probably focus on some ice fishing and bobbing around with the kiddies. Approaching 9,000 km ridden this season and 90% of it from the area, never thought I would say it but I am about ready to hang up my gear for the summer. I have no doubt there is 2 -3 weeks of riding opportunity in the area, maybe not all on the trails in the coming weeks but if you know where you are going there is a lot of free land up there to explore.
  15. And its fantastic! Sunset cruise Saturday March 28, 2015 I heard more snow fell Sunday evening I hope there is some $ left in the pot to dial it in again for Easter weekend the area just keeps on giving. Club has done a fantastic job on the A107C this winter.