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  1. Yep, another lunchbag letdown.... I'll take it though, hoping for some lake effect now!
  2. Rumor I heard today was 11 Arctic Cat/Textron dealers were being squeezed out in Ontario very shortly... Will be interesting to see who and how the dealer network will be spaced out when all is said and done. Not unlike the auto industry restructuring that occurred during the last recession a decade ago in the US
  3. We need all we can get at the north end of town to smooth out the trails. Was out for a few hours on Sunday, snow's thin... Lots of frost in the ground and wont take much to make a big improvement. Fingers crossed we get what they are forecasting.
  4. 2010 ATC trailer & sleds stolen from Carling township Contents; 2017 Arctic Cat Thundercat, 2016 ZR5000LXR, 2000 Polaris 800XCR These were stolen sometime between 10/12/18 & 10/19/18 from a self storage yard in Carling township. Would appreciate hearing if anyone has seen this trailer in their travels please. They are likely long gone and not looking forward to the upcoming battle with the insurance company. Thx
  5. I'm guessing the Rockstar booth...
  6. Got hit hard here, gonna be a while to recover with very little snow in the forecast. The 2+ feet we had in the front yard is now down to about 6" and still melting...
  7. Had the pleasure of driving through that yesterday on our way home from Christmas in Ohio....fun times...
  8. Topic should be pinned imo... Not a webcam, but useful; http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/traveller/trip/road_closures.shtml And I use track my plow as well. As I travel the north for work these are very useful.
  9. Thanks for your reply, I will have to check it out!
  10. Thanks Bill, I am fully aware of what Carling is trying to accomplish. And where is this "new" free parking lot located? FTR, I have been parking at the Seguin Trail info centre since the mid 80's.
  11. This is not good news, with the trail issues to the north and now the parking issue @ Seguin Trail, I hope we are not headed toward the "Not snowmobile friendly" designation....
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