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  1. Slomo, I have pictures on my iphone. If I got step by step instructions and by that i mean do this then this then this etc I could put them on here. I usually share them via facebook as its as easy as the push of a button. I would love to show you guys how much saplings \ brush tags I had to ride through to get to Hammer Lake on the D trail out of Dville. about a 75 km ride on the newly reconnected trail. Many times my riding buddy wanted me to turn around, but I would convince him that there would be more of the awesome logging roads that are also on this trail. I did not take pi
  2. Well, it's officially the end of this season's riding for me. 3009 km on a crap season isn't too bad. The weather turned on me in a hurry, and as such I was not able to ride the giant northern loop aka the Mooseback. I did ride from Kapuskasing to Dubreuilville and back with some off trail riding around Dville and as a consolation I was able to ride some of the newly reconnected toward Marathon. I made it to just shy of White River, but the road grader ended the journey at Hammer lake. A new owner with cottages for rent, an LCBO and restaurant forewarned me. Nice to meet th
  3. Good to see some clubs here in the south being able to help out northern clubs with groomers and operators at this time of year. ( I remember when Glencoe sent a groomer to Mattawa a couple years back) I know that a groomer already went to district 14 and one is going to Mattawa with an operator too. (operator is the brother of a buddy I ride with a lot) Just throwing it out there that what if the funds that were currently accumulated in groomer replacement reserve were used to cover trucking and operator wages and fuel. I know additional or newer groomers are required, but could th
  4. Wish I could get up there for that ride. However, this just in from Denis in Hearst. D trail to Marathon now open limited from Dubreuilville. This is absolutely HUGE HUGE HUGE in my opinion. Right up there with the connection from Cochrane to Halfway through Folyet and Chapleau. It is my intention to ride both of these trails during my March break. I have a very ambitious route planned on the giant north loop with an out and back to Marathon from Dubreuilville included. (second goal......rubber side down always.....lol........BRRAAAPPPP ) Way to go Marathon cl
  5. Hey Denis, better than average chance I will be your way again for my march break March 12-19. have you heard if people have ridden to Longlac/ Geraldton as some had last year? and if so would you consider the endeavour?
  6. Has there been any further progress on connecting Marathon to Dubreuilleville ? or for that matter Geraldton / Longlac to Hearst ? Perhaps those are long term projects or for next winter after El Nino dies (I wish she would) Also if there are those from southern ontario who want to ride in and around Dub, Wawa, Halfway, Hornepayne, Hearst in mid March get in touch with me. The tentative plan is to drive up on Saturday, March 13 and ride Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri and drive back on Saturday, March 20 The specifics will be worked out closer to the date.
  7. Hey Ted, how about taking some vacation March 12-19 or maybe 5 days. Head north. Oh, and I ran into Huey on the trails on Sunday.
  8. I spoke with Luc last night after reading this and it was a district decision, key word being was. He said district has now given the ok. He didn't say exactly what each clubs share would be. I'm thinking now that I might head to Dub for my March Break instead of Cochrane where I usually go. I'm not sure what District 13 has arranged with their gps units. ie if they have imposed limits. As for new rules, Our district trails committee is actually going the other way, where we are looking sharing more trail and doing away with artificial club boundaries. Our district wide association m
  9. At the ofsc AGM this year and under the more on the snow proposal, Shaugnessy said that with the upcoming new district grooming model (a synopsis of more on the snow) he said the districts would be in charge and not the ofsc. I'll have to talk with Graham Snyder (first vp ) at our next district meeting perhaps there is more to this. I'll message Luc as well. And I do have to get back to Denis Burns who is charge of the trans ontario trail. As long as its sustainable there should be no limiting.
  10. So looking today at the ITG I just noticed that D trail connects all the way to Marathon now. I keep getting side tracked with work and for at least the third time now, I've let this thread go stale. I knew about connecting the Soo to Wawa and the reopening through Chapleau to Timmins but not this. Thank you Thank you Thank you to Dubreillville and Marathon for connecting this. It may be part of my annual March Break Pilgramage north.
  11. So to follow up on my email last night here is the reply I received Merry Christmas ad a Happy New Year Rick Please call me to discuss early in the new year The TCST is very much alive and well in many parts of Canada - it is estimated that we currently have over 14,000 kms of trail in place - yes we have some holes but it is still the longest snowmobile in the world - many will argue the longest trail but a few links in the chain are now broken Perhaps you can stir the interest to again get Ontario actively talking about it to "re-kinder the interest" Connecting is a problem - I live
  12. Yet again I must apologize for being inactive on this site and in particular on this thread. I sit here extremely bummed out by the lack of winter weather on my holidays and look to the weather forecasts each night before going to bed. First thing I want to say is that I emailed CCSO (Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations) about the interest and status of their Trans Canada Snowmobile Trail. I just did this tonight, so no I have not gotten a response yet. For those of you who don't know there was once such a trail. The idea originated I believe in 1998 and in 2002 a trai
  13. Akron, I stayed at Valentine Farms before. The president of my local club is really close friend of their son. (he is a fireman in London) Anyway, I know that the B&B was sold and I'm not sure if it is still in operation or not. (i thought i heard it was sold to be used as housing for local workers.....I could be wrong......best to check)
  14. Does anyone know if the trails that are planning to reopen, are the same ones that once existed. Particularly up through Halfway Haven and the trail through Chapleau to Timmins.
  15. Just wondering who would be interested in a 5 day trip to Wawa or Dubreilville area for the week of March 14 -18 (5 days of riding, 7 days total with driving on either end leave Sunday March 13 and home on Sat March 19) Probably best to send me a personal message.
  16. So I dedicated Dubreilville as the club for my second permit, as I did not hear who best could use it. I figure they all could in one way or another, and it's only one permit. The Relais Magpie is such an awesome place to stay and Pat the owner is in my opinion a truly fantastic person. He saved my butt BIGTIME last winter. I intend to return there as often as I can and bring buddies. Hopefully I can ride with Luc too, I wasn't able to before. I really though about Longlac in the hopes they would groom to Hearst (since that was kind of the idea by starting this thread......connecti
  17. Nobody wants one of those rides from ORNGE at any point in any trip. I'm crossing my fingers about grooming between Hearst and Geraldton. (and just to confirm as has already been done, Longlac and Geraldton are part of D15 and Marathon is part of D13.)
  18. Yes, I understand this. Last year was the first time I went north after Christmas. That was only to do the break in on a new sled. I will of course go where the snow is and make no complaints. I was just putting it out there to see if there was any interest. Last minute notification is fine with me. It's possible I may not even go at that time. ( In some years, I've even been able to ride in District 9 from my parents place at Sauble Beach) I'm just going to hope for the best.
  19. I just wanted to say again that I'm back and reading this topic that I started after another long hiatous, sorry guys. Awesome to see how it has continued. It was good to see many of you at the ofsc agm again. if anyone knows of a club that is hovering just around the 50 permit mark and could use another let me know. I had intended it to go to Dub, but would rather see it strategically used. (the other goes to my world record holding club of Science Hill drifters......had to put that plug in there again.....lol) All great news about the reallocation of Marathon to D13 and Longlac
  20. I'm just rejoining this thread now, which I started several months ago. I'm very glad to see it still going strong ! I completely understand all the realities, but unfortunately I did not have the means to ride in these districts in 1997 and only started riding these areas a few years ago. Now at age 45, married with two kids, I make snowmobiling a priority in my life and for my family. I just want to remain optimistic that it can return to what it was once. EVERYWHERE No, I don't have the answer, but this simple thread is proof that there are others who want the same as I do
  21. I did not mean to imply that D16 is in any shape or form likely to reopen. Although, I wish it would, or I wouldn't have started this thread. And as Akron said, I'm buying one of my two permits from a north club, maybe Hornepayne, Longlac, Geraldton, or Dubreuilville. One permit does not help much but its a start. I just mentioned accurate information about the reallocation of a couple clubs into active districts. Some may infer this to mean, the reopening of D16 is as dead as ever or maybe more so. I don't want to believe this. I plan to make one guaranteed trip north ev
  22. Just take the seat off, put on some wider skis and ride really really fast while standing up the whole way. But on a serious side I know on good authority that the island clubs of Longlac, Geraldton, and Marathon have been reassigned with Marathon now part of District 13 and Longlac and Geraldton now part of District 15. Could this be a prelude to those clubs connecting their trail to the rest of each of district 13 and 15 ? I sure hope so.. Maybe it will be the spark to ignite greater interest to reconnect the entire province. (west of Geraldton to Thunder Bay remains no
  23. I like Matt, Denis, and Akron's optimism. I like that there is at least interest beyond sledders. Its a start instead of an end which those places are currently. Light traffic can be partially attributed to lack of access. (lack of loops) I have only been north of Timmins half a dozen times myself. (its a long way from london, but I make it a yearly ritual now) I just can't help but think that linking the province was once possible, so why can't it be again. Perhaps there are other usable logging roads as Denis has mentioned. I am well aware that the economy is dif
  24. I totally agree with skidooboy about Chapleau and Dubreuilville. I do also want to make it possible for Thunder Bay to come east or from the Manitoba border. Complete access from every direction into Ontario snowmobile trails.
  25. There are few paid volunteers anywhere here in the province. Some groomer operators in our district are paid because we have found that a degree of accountability comes along with it. That is all that I know of. As I said several clubs groom on a volunteer basis and they donate wages to their club. The pay is nothing that an individual can survive on, but it helps out with some extra money for farmers in the winter or seasonal workers. Training is required and this is volunteer.
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