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  1. The last 3 years I’ve bought 2 Quebec and Ontario passes last year I didn’t use the Ontario ones. This year I may have to forgo the Ontario ones . In the big scheme of things the passes are a small part of the deal I’ve put 400 dollars worth of gas and oil though the two sleds in one day before .

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  2. 54 minutes ago, J Feces said:

    When I rode Gaspe on sled I used BRP Go app. No cell service in a lot of the area but gps in phone tracks your position and updates as you go…Was awesome..I thought those same trails were atv-sxs trails during the rest of year. I have not seen it but I think Quebec has an atv trail map website same sort of thing as the Quebec snowmobile trail website?

    I’ve looked into it a bit more they have IQuad very similar to I moto niege . Most of the trails don’t open till may 15 so there’s not much showing up get . 

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  3. Yes it currently can be . the group I watched had mostly big horn tires there just a 4 ply we have 8 ply tires you can still puncture them but you’re  odds are better. I carry a spare and lots of tire plugs 

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  4. I watched a You tube guy that has done this a couple times this is his route. Most of the group he is with are even older than me lol and it’s a fairly large group and they had a host of problems . Most of the tails are fairy good pace and there’s only 2 couples going I think it should be ok . I’ve rode Gaspe 4 times by sled but have never been there in the summer 

  5. Has anyone done the Gaspe loop by SXS just wondering what maps to use ? Planning on leaving end of July starting in Amqui . Tentative route so far .


             Amqui to Point a la croix - 219 km

            Point a la croix to New Carlisle - 245 km   
            New Carlisle to Perce  183 km

            Perce to Murdochville 235 km 

            Murdochville to Mount-Saint-Pierre 75 km

            Mont-Saint -Pierre to Cap Chat  149 km 

            Cap Chat to Amqui 164 km 

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  6. 2 hours ago, Strong Farmer said:

    Do you spilt some of savings with buyer or do yoy keep it all.
    Does dealer add on a pass thru fee of some sort too to cover there time? Thanks  

    I keep the tax savings. My dealer charges me $200 per sled to run them through and the buyer pays $149 licensing fee plus his taxes 

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  7. The dealer I normally deal with has no problem running a sled through them but he also hasn’t been taking trades . He  doesn’t sell X3 s SXS so I bought from another dealer they would take my sled on trade at a ridiculous low price plus the new sled was 400 more and would not let me run my sled through them . 

  8. I’ve sold my last 10 sleds private but run them through the dealer to save on the tax it’s worked well so far but getting tougher to sell them . The one I sold this spring really surprised me only took one day to sell .

  9. 23 hours ago, CaraHickman said:

    This Gaspe trip thread is getting me excited for summer road trips! Planning a trip out east myself, and trying to figure out the best route.While soaking up all the tips on places to stay and things to see, it got me thinking about safety too. I always like to "forewarned is forearmed" before a trip, you know?

    There a lot good information in this thread can’t really think of anything to add done this trip 4 times by sled but never in the summer . We are planning a trip for the end of July with our SXS this summer starting in Amqui but haven’t done much planning yet probably 7 days to do the loop . As far as safety I don’t really think there will be many issues in the summer .

  10. 8 hours ago, scottyr said:


    That sled has been for sale since last fall.     The decals are not the correct ones for the machine.    My spidey sense is telling me there is a story about that sled.   

    I think you’re probably right it looked pretty dirty in the picture’s. I thought the decals looked odd but I wasn’t sure .

  11. 2022 Skidoo XRS 600R, 1694kms, electric start and reverse. Heated grips, 1.25 x 129 studded tracks.  RAS-X front suspension.  Asking $10,950 plus HST

    For more information email [hidden information]

    Hammer Equipment and Powersports Inc


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  12. 28 minutes ago, tricky said:

    Congratulations! That is a pleasant surprise. I thought only giveaway prices would see sleds changing hands this spring. Can I hire you to sell some motorcycles for me?😉

    Haha I thought the same as you . I had it priced fair and a few dollars worth of SC1 and I can sell everything 🤣🤣

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  13. 2 hours ago, RAMSOMAIR said:

    Just received a quote from a QC dealer $3500 off a 24 900 XRS full jam sled that listed at $26,800.

    Automotive Paquin Ltee Saint Bruno -de-Guigues ?

  14. 9 minutes ago, tricky said:

    400 km over 3 short days for me this season, and I think my season is over when it has barely started. On the up side there are plenty of 2 wheelers in my garage hoping to get more use this season.

    It’s been a rough one Rick my lowest year since 1998 (1200km) already looking forward to some SXS trips . Hopefully you have a great summer on two wheels !


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  15. 1 hour ago, scottyr said:

    We are supposed to go to Quebec from the 8th-13th and even that is looking questionable by the looks of the long range.     Early next week is really mild everywhere in Quebec followed by zero snow.   


    I am seriously tempted to go to Cochrane or somewhere on Thursday, ride Friday and Sat and come home Sunday, by myself.    

    I think going to Cochrane is probably the right choice it’s melting like crazy now 

  16. 37 minutes ago, Steve F6 said:

    It was decent leaving temis, ville marie to la tulipe was thin but rideable, la tulip was sweet half way to la force was icey on lower route 63 and up. La force up 309 was minty to the shelter the whole length. Stopped for lunch at rapid 7. Malartic to amos on 83, 307, 93 was choppy but met the groomer just south of town. 400 clicks. Excellent day🫠







    I think I met you guys just east of Lorrainville around 11 there were 4 of you ?

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