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  1. 35 minutes ago, Steve F6 said:

    So im assuming temiscaming, ville marie took a beating today with that warmth and sun? Amos should be ok its just getting there.

    We are in Senneterre tonight so not sure how things are Fugereville im sure we can at least get back there .trails are still really good here 




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  2. 7 minutes ago, Steve F6 said:

    We use these for carrying oil. Never a drop spilt. 2 fit inside a freezer bag.  Holds a litre i think. 


    Unfortunately this is what i use on big trips 2 850s take alot of oil on this trip I brought 2 four litre jugs and I bought one today to get back to the cottage tomorrow 


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  3. 16 minutes ago, stoney said:

    Likely saw the most sleds so far today. 
    not busy on the trails though. 
    it’s odd, stop for food, see more sleds, but on the trails, much fewer. 




    edit: talking to some Americans today and they said why is it the last few years there are so many more Ontario folks riding in QC than years past. 

    Only seen 6 sleds on the trail today but it was a short day we were at the room at 3 but by the look of this parking lot things are about to get busy . Probably seen 20 trailers pulling in the last hour 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, tricky said:

    Didn't you put her on (through) a Viper before that? Maybe that was someone else. Most, but not all the sledding wives, I have ridden with were very happy when they finally got a 600 class sled after years of 800s. This is even more so true for anyone now on a Poo 650 - all most will need. Lots of women were on 800/850 sleds because the male partner bought the sleds and he wanted a back-up to his sled. 

    Yes I did she hated the Viper and before that it was a 2008 Nytro that she loved we had 3 Nytros most hated them but it was probably the most fun sled I ever rode at least at the time lol My son rides one of our sleds when he is able to go so we have always had two identical sleds but Pam also said she’s not riding a 600 🤣🤣

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  5. 13 minutes ago, Oggy said:

    Im thinking the same, lighter and easier to ride. I think they would keep up fine other than long lakes.

    Don’t discount a 850 there harder on oil but good on gas and easy to ride my wife went from a Sidewinder to the 850 a few years ago . She said why the hell did you put me through that with the Sidewinder lol 

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  6. 26 minutes ago, blackjack1 said:

    Thank-you for the reply, much appreciated..i think i going to give it a shot from temc, sunday morning..just seen  a couple of snow pictures 20 miles south of ValD'or.  on the 309 .looked da--n good suprisingly..if your up 6;00am and out the door 7;00 you can give us the real stats,😅🤣🤣...Thanks again..Mark

    There’s a pretty good chance im not going to be on the trail at 7am 🤣🤣🤣

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  7. 53 minutes ago, blackjack1 said:

    Good afternoon 10-0  4--9🙂 have you reached the city lights of down town Fugereville yet😄or done any trail rider interviews😃...probably out wearing the carbides off your sons sled,😁good thinking...

    Haha just got in the cottage had to get the neighbour to blow the lane way out . Looks like about 8 inches of new snow here from what I can see trails look pretty good . There was only 3 trucks and trailers at the gas station in Temiscaming and none at the Canadian motel I didn’t see any sleds on the trail but there were a few tracks . Hopefully I can get my work done in the morning and get out for a ride 






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  8. 2 hours ago, blackjack1 said:

    Anyone leaving from Temiscaming heading north in the next couple days,I would appreciate a trail report,I see they groomed last night..cant imagine,but anything is possible..I see its snowing good in Vald'or next couple days..

    I’m driving to the cottage tomorrow in Fugereville I will check things out and let you know . So far my plan is to trailer to Val-for on Monday and start riding from there but if it looks good enough I will ride right from the cottage 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Steve F6 said:

    Any trouble finding rooms? How big of a group?

    Just my wife and I on this one . I had to move things around to get rooms 

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  10. I booked a Gaspie trip for the end of next week tonight wasn’t planning on going there this year but it’s time to do something before it’s over 

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