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  1. f3 800

    Owen Sound trails

    Port Elgin is not very sled friendly and as one of the snowiest places in D9 I never got that. The businesses there certainly are though. Every time I'm up that way a stop at the Queens Hotel is a must. They are very snowmobile friendly there and have great food. When will towns like this realize how much $$$ snowmobiling can bring in? This season has been one of the best ever and I'm sure the revenue brought into communities like Port Elgin has be substantial.
  2. f3 800

    Hanover & Neustadt trails

    best chicken wings on the trail anywhere! Havent gotten there this season unfortunately
  3. f3 800

    Fatal crash near Listowel

    sad to hear, rode that trail many times too
  4. f3 800

    300031 kms of avaiable trails

    and in less than 24 hours we lose close 7,000 kms of open trails with rain and mild temps in quite a few districts, might just be the end of the season for some too if more snow does not come after next weeks refreeze
  5. f3 800

    Some sections open

    lots of dirt showing on the trail that goes across the road at Delta in Watford, need more snow with no wind
  6. the meltdown a couple weekends ago killed most of the snow here in southwestern Ontario....now everything is frozen hard as a rock again but not much new snow with it...gotta head north I guess
  7. f3 800


    last thing we need is a thaw, especially with temps in the 40's and rain...gonna ruin a lot of trails in district 5 and 9 where I do my riding....how can we go from record low temps to 40 and rain a couple days later? Mother nature is DRUNK!
  8. f3 800


    warm and rain this coming weekend, I think mother nature is drunk again!
  9. f3 800

    More Stupidity

    so a man is walking on the shoulder of a road in the dark and its the snowmobilers fault? No matter how fast he was going I don't see it that way at all. What if it was a car? If its me I am not walking after dark on the snow covered shoulder of a road.
  10. f3 800

    Windsor - Grand Bend

    coming from Windsor the closest trail to you would probably be Glencoe or a little further west to Wyoming. There are no trails any further south towards Windsor than that.
  11. f3 800

    2013-2014 permits

    Id like to know why its 7.50 postage and handling....isn't a stamp around 50 cents? where does the other 7 bucks go?..... I'd be happy with even a buck p&h.....if you buy a permit through a club they don't charge "handing fees"
  12. f3 800

    D5 or D9

    there were just two of us..me and a black apex
  13. f3 800

    Thank You District 9

    Hats off to all clubs in District 9 for some great trails this season. Especially Wingham and District and B&W trailblazers for grooming well into March. Dont get to ride this area too often on good trails in the 2nd week of March. Permit dollars well spent. Lets hope for an even better season next year.
  14. f3 800

    D5 or D9

    Nope we parked behind the arena around 930 or so and sadly stopped at the Dunkeld near Walkerton for lunch....two days later it burns down
  15. f3 800

    R.I.P. Dunkeld Inn

    just had lunch there last thursday.....first and last time there...so sad