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  1. Received my replacement permit Feb 5th. Submitted on Jan 7th.
  2. Anyone else waiting for a replacement/transfer permit from OFSC? Email response I received from OFSC yesterday below. I submitted my request for replacement of a damaged permit on Jan 7. So technically I cannot ride OFSC trails until I receive my “Temporary Permit” that OFSC will email me after they call me to get the $15 fee? Hello XxxxI am sorry for the wait we are the only office in the province and we are working as fast as humanly possible on replacements and transfers we will contact you shortly. Thank you for patience XxxxKindest Regards
  3. Thanks gobills. They are south on Leisure Lane. Looks like a bit of road running to get to the B.
  4. Have friends that bought a place on Kushog this summer. What is the trail number on Kushog?
  5. 201 was one of my favourites.
  6. Hi Mike...stayed at the B&B in Rosseau...gal running the place went to same high school as I did. After breakfast Cindy and I would waddle back up stairs for a nap...sled for a bit...make it back for cocktails at 4pm...and after that my memory gets a little vague lol

  7. Hey Mikey:

    Hope you had a great weekend. We rode the C102 on Saturday...It was in great shape. Met up with another Oc member at Crossroads....Scrummage...from N.F's

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