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  1. apex_gt

    NBSC Friday, February 26th

    Thanks sled junk..will let you know if I'm in the area and have the time off..
  2. apex_gt

    NBSC Friday, February 26th

    Bf201 was awesome..talon lake is pretty cool and scenic, 308 was getting bumpy but still very enjoyable..same for a102q..A/D trail rocked..nice and speedy..Ate at Tomiko restaurant..Hot Dog and fries were yummy..that's as far as we got..came back to lake Nosbonsing (home) and had a nap at 3 lol...not sure if I'm working tonight.. Great Day..you always want one more ride.... Might have to do Cochrane as I'm only 400kms away from 20,000 on my Apex
  3. apex_gt

    NBSC Friday, February 26th

    Yeah it looks like the end..thanks sooo much for the info..looking forward to this ride...gonna make it a good one..
  4. apex_gt

    NBSC Friday, February 26th

    Hey Brian, any grooming tonight (sat) thinking about going to temagami tomorrow but not sure as there's a ton of sledders out right now..Any other suggestions if you think that main trail might be bad?. Thanks
  5. apex_gt


  6. apex_gt

    2016 Snowcrest Riders Pancake Brunch

    thanks for the update..sounds ok..glad you guys are riding down there..
  7. apex_gt

    2016 Snowcrest Riders Pancake Brunch

    Looks like fun..vid was too short though..lol wanted to see the trails as I haven't been able to get down to that area for a while now
  8. apex_gt

    Muskoka Ice?

    When I was younger I use to skip the water to get out on the ice from shore..coming off of it was tricky as you needed enough speed to glide over it but not too much as there was no snow on the land..Once the sun gets really hot on it the ice weakens A lot (obviously). I once wore a wet suit and swam to it..crawling out on it..then running across it..in the middle my foot would go through a foot of ice and I'd roll..
  9. apex_gt

    Muskoka Ice?

    how was the food? Was surprised they were open every weekend...seen sooooooooooo many different restaurants there.. Think my fav was canadiana Cafe
  10. apex_gt

    Season ender ... and then some.

    You should get an ice ripper track and not have studs
  11. apex_gt

    Haliburton Forest .. thread #2

    Great day for a ride there..thanks for posting vid
  12. Need some snow on the roads for that one...next year Blake ...but your close..you just have to keep going and not get on the c102d
  13. Yeah the community Center trail is a huge short cut..you can make Boston pizza to Bass Lake very quickly when conditions are right..up through Mortimers..lil road..then lake Joe .. Helps that my cottage is in your x no go line..lol
  14. Most of my sledding is south of your line..lol And someone's a Facebook friend with Lisa ..lol
  15. apex_gt


    The north bay side was waaaaaaay fun..such a great roller coaster ride..be nice to somehow have nbsc do the whole trail as I don't think the French have much interest in it...which is weird cause the sled tourism should be important to temiscaming...I think that's my favourite trail around here..