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  1. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    I did see your machine there later Fri nite/Sat am,,,I thnk we were only a couple rooms apart. Btw thats a good looking Yammy.
  2. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    Good times had this weekend,put about 260 miles on between Fri afternoon and Sat afternoon,great trails on Fri turned to beat up Sat afternoon and tons of deer like previously warned. Looks to be the last weekend for the area with the coming temps?
  3. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    Maybe we will cross paths this weekend or r u staying at the Algonquin also?
  4. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    Wow that is qwicker than I woulda thought,,thx for the heads up about the wildlife and the route.
  5. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    Thx slomo
  6. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    Hey snowowl,,how long was your ride last Friday with the route you took there and back assuming you left from Southriver area?
  7. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    Cool thx for the help guys,,sounds like it should be a good time,and I will keep an eye on their facebook page. O yeah,anywhere nearby to eat or have a beer or r we commited to the motel?
  8. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    Thx for the update guys,we haven't stayed at the Algonquin in over 10 years,,wont be there till probably after 10am Friday. Is there any food/gas nearby that sells fresh premium. I think the beer store was just down the road too? Any recommended direction of travel and are the lakes safe for crossing?
  9. firecat7

    Southriver and area

    Thinking of heading up this area on Friday and wondering about trail conditions?
  10. So did we,,,4 of us left from Markdale and rode up to Allenford for a qwik rip,trails were still decent in my eyes.
  11. Condolences to family and friends,,,RIP!
  12. Harley's,,too early on Sat am to stop for grub, good food there,drive by there almost every weekend on the way to the cottage in the summer.
  13. firecat7

    Barbed wire across trails: Grey County

    This is absolutely discusting to hear this,,,this A hole should be shot immediately when found and nothing less!!!!!
  14. firecat7


    We were the first ones there Sat am at about 7:30,by the time we left about 3 ish we had to do some fancy maneuvering to get the hell out !