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  1. Nunz- Thank you. If only all Dealers were like Rickwards !!!!!!!
  2. Thanks to all that replied.I will check them all out and seeing I have handguards don't think the Polaris OEM will work.I do see that coming in the Fall Polaris has a pair of mirrors that fir t on the side of the hood but just says for the Matrix sled, no mention of anthing new for the Ayxss.
  3. Thank you.I will put them on seeing youre alot taller than I am and they work for you.
  4. Rickwards in Kearney is the best dealer I have been to in Ontario.While on a sadlebag trip my new sleds brake lite quit working.We stopped by there Nad Mike the Owners Son came out and looked at it. He said he would take it into the shop and let me know what he found.The sled was brand new and waraanty work in Ontario is not honored on a US sled.he said I could pay for a new one and turn the bill into Polaris when I got home.I said ok.He looked and did not have one in stock as it was a new model.20 minutes later he returned riding my ,sled with the brake lite working! He said the original lite was burnt out and as they are 1 piece he had to replace the the entire assembly.I asked him what my bill came to and he said nothing! He said he took a brand new lite off one of the showroom sleds to help me out.When ever our crew is in the area we always stop and buy something from them.Great Dealer! If you see this post Rickwards Family THANK YOU for the help!
  5. Need to put a set of mirrors on my 2017 Axys and can only find the Polaris ones that bolt onto the hood.I am told by some that if your a taller rider these mirrors get blocked by the handlebar and the brake and throttle controls. Anyone else find a better aftermarket mirror for these sleds? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Gobills.I didn't see it.Pretty disgusting !
  7. I am just passing this along as to what was posted this morning along with pics of the riders injured arm.This was posted on Facebook.Seems theres 2 jerks riding around Halibuton area 2 up. First they try to run you off the trail and then as they go by you the passenger hit the rider they just passed with a ballbat or something.He said he was knocked right off his sled in a lot of pain.He shows a pic of his arm and how red and swollen it was. These guys took off to parts unknown.All he remembers is they were riding double and both had black suits on. Hope someone finds these jerks and get what they have coming to them.
  8. Infernobuster.I have been on 3 trips with Brian the owner of Come Play in the Snow.2 Atv trips and a long 7 day snowmobile trip.Mind you this was a few years back and all I will say is that he runs or ran a very good business. He had you lodging at nice places with great meals and each nite your gear was in your room at the end of the day.He used to put 10000 miles a Season on his sled doing these tours. We now do our own saddlebag trips but its getting that its hard to find riders who can be gone for more than a weekend.I just tonite tried to see if he had anything current on his website but like others it old but I did see he has 2 trips for 2020.He used to do one awhile back all the way up to James Bay where they had gas caches along the way.I remember one trip a rider had a BN Arctic Cat that had less than 100 miles on it and it broke down.Rusty Brian's co-worker who drives the truck and trailer took this guys sled 200 miles that night to a Dealer and had it back for him to ride that next morning.Our last trip with him, he carried a spare sled for someone just in case.Myself if I ever wanted to do another guided trip I would go again with him in a heartbeat.His prices are alittle high but but this sport isn't cheap and getting higher each year.Lastly if anyone is thinking of going, I would call him on the phone to get the latest itinerary for those 2 trips.
  9. I bought a set (used) off Ebay ( Fixmytoys) for $180 US Shipped to my door. These are the Polaris Hard Lock N Ride saddlebags with the removeable liners. Snapped right on to my rear rack in a few seconds. New these are $350 US.
  10. I have been using the Almaquin SC website page for a very long time and always buy my Permits using their Club. Their trail status was always very helpful but I go to their webpage and theres a message saying it no longer supports this page, Any ideas of why and if they have a new website? Thank you.
  11. I to was charged 2 times on my Credit card. I sent them a message ( before they shut this Contact form down) telling them this. I got a speedy reply that I would be getting both my permit and a refund. 3 days later the credit showed up and a week later had my Permit. Very decent Ladies whom I dealt with.
  12. Thank you for the replies. We re-rented the Cottage for the Winter hopefully. People aren't snowmo people. Have a great riding season.
  13. Thank you. We have been renting for many Years a nice 3 bedroom house right across from Dayspring cottages. The Owner just sold it and we are awaiting the new owners decision on whether they are going to rent it out. The buyers are from TO so I assume they be snowbobilers also and that would be it. We are aware of the trail problems ( like elsewhere) and hopefully it can be resolved. Thanks again.
  14. Hello. We are looking to rent for the Winter a house or cottage that's nearby the trails. There are 4 of us. The Lodges and Motels are to expensive to rent for the Winter. Anyone locally that may have a place to rent please email me at pkkaminski@hotmail.com.Thank you.
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