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  1. Using the OFSC trip planner it comes up with approx 275km. I say approx because there is a small stretch on Top A west of the A/D108A junction the trip planner that will not let you use when planning a trip. You have to create 2 trips(1 on either side of this unusable section) and add them up plus the small unusable section. Hearst---> A/D108A junction(Mooseland) 75km A/D108A junction(Mooseland)---> Geraldton 200km _____________________________________________________ Hearst---> Longlac 235km Hearst---> Calstock 50 km (chec
  2. I had to get a new battery as well this year. The battery place where I got it said to use a 2A charger rather than a 10A charger. It pays to have a good charger. I bought the one shown below. Crappy will have them on sale for $69 occasionally.
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