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Found 4 results

  1. We used to do Kirkland-Timmins-Folyet-Chapleau-Dubereville-Caramat-Longlac-Hearst-Cochrane-KL back in the 2000's. Now that we don't drive Two strokes since 2012 (yes I'm still bitter - two pistons in 3 years), and we can again loop around, we will re-trace part of our old ride. If anyone has already ridden into Folyet and Chapleau this season and has any input, please share your thoughts on the first season of the trail being open again. I'm good for fuel and hotel stops. (I guess Folyet is still only the General Store for a sandwich and gas pumps.) Driving Saturday- SLed trip starts Sunday. IF you see me, say hello - Can't miss me - I'm the white and black Real-Tree guy with 4 other Yamaha's. Cheers Gadgetman...
  2. white dragon

    last ride of yr

    crew of us going to trailer to Cochrane mar 23 then ride to kap & stay at super 8.ride to hearst 24th & stay at queens.back to kap super 8 for 25th.ride back to Cochrane sunday morning & trailer home.bill is taking carter & I am bringing lily anyone who is interested is welcome to join.hearst has a hockey tourney so be aware.both places have pools & hot tubs
  3. Well we made it to Hornepayne & back today, nice ride, perfect temperatures for the sleds and for us .... scratchers mandatory at 9 am .... trail was like cement. No overheating or slider issues. One oops all day, Doris parked her sled on top of a brush pile .... by the time I turned around and found her, she had backed off it and parked on the trail, giggling her arse off .... so no action pics but a good chuckle though ! One or 2 spots where moisture is starting to cause issues with the trail, along Hwy 11, on the North side. Pics show it below .... Other than road crossings this is the only significant bare spot I could find .... right next to a dip in the trail, same one I found 3 weeks ago ... Here`s the dip, not serious yet, but you can tell it`s starting to sag again .... Another little water hazard .... you could fish in that hole I think .... I won`t be the first sucker to go on it though ... Pipeline on the South side of the 11, where the trail turns back into the bush towards the highway ... gettin`pretty skinny ...... Here`s the offending pile of brush, a coupla branches went flying, she just mashed the brakes and parked right up on the side of it .... from left to right. Backed off it and pulled away..... Nothing but cosmetic damage, coupla pieces of debris for proof .... and off we went again ... Here`s the only wildlife we saw ..... a snowbear riding on a Husky ..... Nice new looking unit .... don`t know why it was stalled on the side of the trail in the middle of nowhere .... Lots of lights, but not a single reflector to be found .... it`d be a grizzly surprise to mash into this at night !!! She`s got the MX-wannabe helmet, the backpack, she`s standing up .... just missing the handlebar risers and a can ..... Stopped at the warm-up shack on the return trip, heading out ..... .... waiting for me while I play Chinese Tourist ...... taking lots of pictures .... I almost missed it, I was passing a transport along the 11, for the second time after a stop-n-go road crossing .... then I remembered, and had to stop for this .... Total mileage after today, 2627 km for the season !!! So two milestones were reached this year.... 1 was to pass 2000km, did that with the help of IQTurbo, Sledjunk and apeXMAN; 2nd was to roll the old Bologne-slicer 670 over the 10,000km mark, with the help of my awesome wifie and very capable rider, Doris26 !!! Thanks to everyone who`s help made this an extra-ordinary season for me, whether it was just to chat online, or meet and have a drink together, or even to spend a weekend at a motel an hour from home, just because you`re so incredibly awesome to be around ... If this was to be our last ride of the year (and I hope we have one weekend left) it will have made a great season ending ride, a 330km day to end it all.... until next year !!!!
  4. white dragon

    OC ride in kap march 26-29

    left Orillia at 7:30 on thurs morning with bill,carter & lily.i slept half way so was a decent ride up.took bill's new truck,front seats like lazy boy chair..cochrane was alittle cool when we arrived,still winter up there about to start our ride, trails were sweet right from the start our first stop,checking to see if my sticker made it another yr bill tellin lily that the brake is most important & carter sayin throttle is more important the fresh snow made it perfect & worth the 6 hr ride we made it to moonbeam clubhouse,lily told ladies her hands were cold.they went to work to warm her hands right away.in return lily helped the ladies clean the kitchen up...what agreat place that is we had the run of the place on thurs,lily donated $ 10 & is now a member of moonbeam club with her name on the board we carried on to the super 8 in kap...guess who was first in the pool.we we arrived the water was off due to watermain break down road...it was on later that nite...luckly the pool has a great slide & was about 85...kept kids busy when we were at hotel the entire time.. next day on our ride we went back thru moonbeam trail around clubhouse lily having one of many chocolate bars on trail the trails were in great shape in all direction,bill tellin a story to the boys nice straight away lily pretended to be a deer spotted a local groomer we ran into some groomed trails with 6" of fresh powder & no tracks lily doing some recon further up trail to make sure its not some kind of sledder trap giving us the ok lily explaining how things should go couple of shots of team Hopkins by lily next day we headed out again trail were great shot of group think this shot is where we told kids -no... & they fainted out of disbelieve some pics around hearst stopped here for bit across from lake...peaceful until piped sled came across lake...braaap couple shots on way home the super 8 was great to us,front desk ladies let lily run the place.cleaning ladies went way beyond their duty cleanin & organizing our room while we were out sledding.pool & hot tub were in perfect order,hot breaky every morning was sweet.little bar set up at nite.will return there for sure was great to ride with sledjunk,apexman & of7...we met denis,his wife & kids on sat nite in meeting room for drinks.even though denis kids speak only French & lily only English...they played without barriers...very nice to meet you all.our sled ride to Cochrane on way home was too short & truck ride too long,but all worth it.carter is a great kid & took lily under his wing without a problem....apexman has a eyewatering story about keepin up & ridin like carter...had a great last ride