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  1. where do you enter to get to the club house.


  2. Hey Viperules700 


    I want to head out riding either now or Sunday are you interested.


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    2. Viperules700


      Cool I am 40 and have been riding trails around here since I was 15. You ride evenings during week once trails are good? Calling for mild weather again middle of week, hope base can handle it. May improve things if everything freezes rock hard, instead of melting away. Love going to listowel and back in evenings, nice ride. 

    3. snown


      what time do you leave during the week.

    4. Viperules700


      Just depends on day some days middle of afternoon, others leave later. Only have my dad to ride with now and he doesn't ride at night. All my buddies quit. looks like have to trailer again soon. 

  3. snown


    Hi I'm new to this forum, I live in Waterloo and am looking for someone to ride with . I am 50yrs old have been riding for 40yrs in the mainly conestoga lake area, I am a casual rider as my youngest son is still in hockey and i get out when i can. All of my friends have stopped riding the last two winters fearing climate change.