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  1. RT Performance

    Trailer decision

    I definitely need to do this drain pipe thing roughly what size pipe are you using? any photos ?
  2. RT Performance

    SOO Trail condtions?

    Nothing like scrolling through and finding a picture of yourself and your wife LOL We were with Eric and Lynne on the magpie that afternoon hoping to go back up in a couple weekends bought my wife a 15 xf6 cross country like mine she is ready to put some miles on. Was great to meet you all
  3. RT Performance

    Dubreuilville to Halfway Haven to Timmins

    that sounds like a awesome ride. I hadn't found snowmobiles or Canada when the train was running . sounds like great memories
  4. RT Performance

    Halfway haven to chapleau..

    ROFL!!!! waits to see if they chime in
  5. RT Performance

    SOO Trail condtions?

    how are the trails and are there some off trail areas? I see the map has some trails marked yellow and will be in the up in Michigan mid week we would like to come ride around the soo even though we have never ridden in that area. Normally we go with Skidoo boy up to Dubreuilville but he says the condition's there are worse than the soo currently. so we have Canada Trail permits and looking at staying at the Fairfield inn possibly . I see only a small part opened but we would like to ride sat,sun and part of Monday than head home if theres plenty of fun to be had. thanks in advanced and Merry Christmas Rob
  6. RT Performance


    Merry Christmas everyone
  7. RT Performance

    Lets see your new sleds !

    Bought a new to me 2015 Artic Cat xf6000 cross country sno pro last weekend. Just Broke in with 900 Miles. In the process of making it more mine ditching the huge windshield and the 20# expedition rack later this week
  8. RT Performance

    New member here Skidooboy introduced me to Dubreuilville

    thanks Everyone for the warm welcome was just up last weekend and got a few more miles on the sled.
  9. RT Performance

    New member here Skidooboy introduced me to Dubreuilville

    I literally am in tears laughing !!!!! Di thought I was having a stroke from laughing so loud
  10. RT Performance

    New member here Skidooboy introduced me to Dubreuilville

    Yes my wife has a very bright personality. We Met Eric(skidooboy) and Lynne from ride sportbike track days. Last season I decide to get ride of my plow truck freeing up some time for snowmobiles. Dubreuilville is a great little town I have really enjoyed our trips to visit
  11. Hi everyone my name is Rob I live in west Michigan and have made serval trips to Dubreuilville . I run a auto repair shop and have bought a couple sleds for my wife and I older yamaha's but there in great mechanical shape